Is Mrs. Meyer’s Cleaner Flammable?

When it comes to house fires, no one wants to compromise. That is why knowing the household products that can cause fire is important. As long as you exercise caution in handling it, you can dodge an imminent danger. Of all household stuff, our biggest fear is rooted in the obvious combustible fuel and gas.

But, how about our cleaning solutions? If you have one in your cabinet, have you come to ask if Mrs. Meyer’s Cleaner is flammable or not? Is it safe to use around sources of heat?

Knowing the details about the fire hazard possibility of Mrs. Meyer’s Cleaner is important so that you know how to handle this cleaning agent properly.

Is Mrs. Meyer’s Cleaner Flammable?

Mrs. Meyer’s Cleaner is a non-flammable cleaning solution that will not sustain combustion. Thus, it is safe to sit on your countertop and will not burst into flame near an ignition.

A liquid cleaner like Mrs. Meyer’s is only classified as flammable depending on its flashpoint. The flashpoint is the minimum temperature needed for vapors to form and ignite.  A product is flammable if it has a flashpoint below 100⁰F.

Mrs. Meyer’s Cleaner luckily does not have a flashpoint to be even considered flammable. The different types of Mrs. Meyer’s Cleaners are safe from catching fire. Any Mrs. Meyer’s Cleaner products have the same non-flammable liquid you can use for your household chores.

Why Mrs. Meyer’s Will Not Catch Fire?

Mrs. Meyer’s Cleaner comes in many different variants. You can get the multi-surface concentrate, Vinegar Gel No Rinse, Baking Soda Cream, and Non-Streaking Glass Cleaners.

All of these variants contain a surfactant called alkyl polyglycoside, a highly flammable and combustible liquid. Fortunately, such chemical surfactants are only flammable when used alone. With other ingredients and in low concentration, it will not risk igniting into flames.

What Happens If You Light Mrs. Meyer’s Cleaner On Fire?

Mrs. Meyer’s Cleaner may light up, but it will not support combustion. It means that it is not capable of catching and spreading fire.

Is Mrs. Meyer’s Cleaner Container Flammable? Mrs. Meyer's Multi-Surface Cleaner Spray, Everyday Cleaning Solution for Countertops, Floors, Walls and More, Lavender, 16 fl oz - Pack of 3 Spray Bottles

When involved in a fire, Mrs. Meyer’s container may melt and leak. But it will not, in any way, explode or support spontaneous combustion.

Can Mrs. Meyer’s Cleaner Explode?

Even if you leave a Mrs. Meyer’s Cleaner under the extreme heat of the sun or near a fire, it will not explode. Its ingredients are stable, non-reactive, and non-oxidizing.

A product will only react vigorously and explode if it has oxidizing compounds. These compounds supply their own oxygen and ignite when in contact with organic compounds. Luckily, these compounds are not found in Mrs. Meyer’s Cleaners.

Is Burning Mrs. Meyer’s Cleaner Bad For The Environment?

The thermal decomposition of any product releases toxic gases into the atmosphere. It is negligible in small amounts, but a high volume of burning Mrs. Meyer’s Cleaner can cause air pollution. Additionally, the components in Mrs. Meyer’s formula have no adverse effect on the environment when used properly.

Is It Dangerous To Inhale Burning Mrs. Meyer’s Smoke?

Hazardous combustion vapors from a burning product can cause respiratory irritations.

Is Mrs. Meyer’s Cleaner Flammable With Bleach?

Both the bleach and Mrs. Meyer’s Cleaner are strong bases that will not react with each other nor ignite a fire. However, the bleach can produce chlorine gas that is harmful when inhaled. Contrary to common belief, chlorine gas is non-flammable. However, it is oxidizing and can explode when in contact with other chemicals and organic compounds.

Related Questions

Is Mrs. Meyer’s Room Freshener Flammable?

Fragrance sprays from Mrs. Meyer’s are flammable because of their high ethanol concentration. The room fresheners in all variants and fragrances have a flashpoint of 93⁰F, making them susceptible to catching flames.

Can you use Mrs. Meyer’s Cleaner to Clean the Stove?

Can you use Mrs. Meyer’s cleaner in cleaning the stove

Mrs. Meyer’s is an excellent product for cleaning ovens, microwaves, and stoves. It is safe and will not catch fire even if there are product residues left on the cleaning surface. Still, it is a good idea to rinse and wipe it to avoid contaminating your food with cleaning agents.

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Final Thoughts

Our cleaning cabinet may contain a flammable product or two, but it does not count Mrs. Meyer’s Cleaner. Its flammable surfactants are added in low concentration and does not react to flame. Mrs. Meyer’s is also a non-combustible product that will only burn on its own but will not spread the fire.

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