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MyHomeDwelling is your source for home cleaning, home maintenance, laundry, home décor, and furniture care.

Why My Home Dwelling?

My name is Jamie and I want to help you with your home. I was a Realtor in Halifax, NS for 2 years but I have been a homeowner for 5 years, but I recently just purchased a new construction home. I have a lot of information I want to share with you to help with your home. Whether it’s about laundry products, cleaning floors, or choosing the best furniture for your home, I am here to provide you with nothing but the best possible information!

Also, don’t forget to check out my YouTube channel where I will teach you about various home products and provide you with home cleaning tips!

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jamie in front of for sale sold sign of a new constructed home.

Jamie Penney

Founder, CEO and Writer

Jamie is the founder of MyHomeDwelling. He’s the chief home maintenance writer. He lives in Halifax, NS in his new construction home. Most of the time you can find Jamie doing small or large projects around the house.


More About Me

You may want to know a little about me. I am Jamie Penney, I was born in Newfoundland, Canada. I grew up playing numerous sports but hockey was my main focus, I actually have a hockey blog if you wanted to check it out. I no longer play competitive sports but I still enjoy a casual game of hockey or going biking, skiing, and hiking.

I have a few hobbies, my favorite hobby is refinishing furniture! I actually started flipping furniture for fun when covid shut down the world, but I continue to do it today. I have a Youtube channel where I show you my flips, you can see my other furniture flipping YouTube Channel here

Thanks so much for stopping in! If you have any questions please email myhomedwelling(at)gmail.com or head over to my contact page.


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