10 Most Comfortable Reclining Sofas in 2023

Everybody knows that your sofa is one of the first things that people notice when they enter the home, but beyond this, they also act as the primary source of comfort after a long day. And while even the most basic of sofas can bring about tremendous levels of comfort and relaxation, there’s nothing better or more inviting than a reclining sofa.

With the touch of a button or the pull of a lever, you can kick up your feet and watch your favorite TV show, read a good book, or even just take a much-needed rest. Although, because they are so incredibly versatile, and comfortable, they also tend to be rather expensive. Especially since they often come with so many sensational features, like adjustable headrests, additional padding, cushioned armrests, cupholders, USB ports, and much more.

Since reclining sofas come in all shapes and sizes, this means that there is so much to consider when you’re in the market to buy one. Luckily, we’ve put together the following guide to help you through the process of choosing the perfect and most comfortable reclining sofa for you.

What to Consider Before Buying a Recliner Sofa

Is it Comfortable

The first and arguably most important factor to consider is whether or not it will be comfortable, since there’s no point in investing money in a sofa that you won’t use. Thankfully, reclining sofas are made up of certain springs and mechanisms that enable you to reach a variety of different reclining positions. Allowing you to adjust everything to your own comfortability. So, the reclining feature in and of itself will make it far comfier than the average sofa.

That being said, you should also account for things like upholstery, and padding materials to ensure that you’re getting maximum comfort. Especially since one of the key factors that makes reclining sofas so enjoyable is their thick and soft padding. Just make sure that it is made up of high-density foam and covered in a smooth leather or microfiber material. Both of which are comfortable and long-lasting.

Overall Size

Another very important thing to consider is the overall size of the recliner and the space you will be putting it in. Make sure to measure everything carefully to determine how much room you have for the recliner, as well as the recliner itself to make sure that there won’t be any complications. This is especially important for reclining sofas because even though it will spend most of its time in the upright position, it will also spend a large amount of time reclined.

So, you will need to ensure that there is adequate space for it to push back and recline fully without knocking anything over, or damaging your walls. Also, there should ideally be enough space remaining for others in the room to move around comfortably when the seat is reclined.

The Style and Design

As with any purchase, you will want to make sure that the reclining sofa you buy matches your individual style, and is conducive with your current living space. Much of this will come down to the color and material you choose, as leather will have a much different appeal to it than fabric. But also the style and type of recliner as well. For example, there are pushback recliners, which do not come with any lever or button to recline, and instead operate by holding the arms and pushing against the back.

Then there are power recliners which can recline (sometimes into zero-gravity positions) at the touch of a button. Furthermore, some reclining sofas offer a more traditional and casual aesthetic, generally providing you with more comfort and padding. While others are more sleek and contemporary, with tailored lines and angular edges. Take into account how you want your sofa to look, and what would work best with your current interior décor.

The Price

The final thing you will want to consider is the overall price of the reclining sofa. While there are so many different and unique types of furniture around the world, there is no question that a large part of the global furniture market comes from reclining sofas. Since they aren’t particularly cheap to buy, and can account for a large portion of your finances.

This is why it is so important to make a budget, especially when it comes to reclining sofas. That being said, regardless of your budget, there are so many fantastic sofas all with incredible features that can be purchased at a very reasonable price. Some of which we will touch on further in the following section.

10 Most Comfortable Reclining Sofas

1. Signature Design by Ashley – Game Zone Contemporary Faux Leather Power Reclining Sofa Signature Design by Ashley - Game Zone Contemporary Faux Leather Power Reclining Sofa - Adjustable Headrest, Dark Brown

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Stealing the show as the most comfortable reclining sofa on the market is the Signature Design by Ashley – Game Zone Contemporary Faux Leather Power Reclining Sofa. Crafted from a rustic polyester polyurethane upholstery material, and featuring incredible details with cross hash stitching and a nail head trim.

This stylish faux leather reclining sofa has two reclining bucket seats with one-touch power control on each end, and adjustable headrests helping to provide personalized comfort. As well as a convenient center drop-down table with a docking station, cup holders, built-in power buttons with a USB port on the control panel and flip-up padded armrests with hidden storage underneath.

Plus, the center seat can remain stationary or be converted into a handy table to store all of your belongings, and there’s even a flip-up light located under each headrest for gamers and book-lovers alike. Altogether forming one of the most versatile, comfortable, and stylish reclining sofas on the market.

2. Lexicon Baluze Double Reclining Sofa Lexicon Baluze Double Reclining Sofa, Black

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Another fantastic option is the Lexicon Baluze Double Reclining Sofa. Bolstering a stunning yet breathable leatherette exterior, this reclining sofa is built with comfort and style in mind. With manual motion mechanisms on each end, all you need to do is pull down on the side-mounted tab and lay back in full relaxation.

Plus, the sofa features a drop-down center seatback that comes with cup-holders, electrical outlets, a USB port, and sufficient tabletop space big enough for any book, magazine, or personal device. While the entire sofa is made from solid wood with a plywood frame and strong metal reinforcing each seat, as well as high-density foam padding over the top of pocket coils for unbeatable comfort and support.

3. NOUHAUS Power Reclining Sofa NOUHAUS Power Reclining Sofa - Sectional Electric Recliner Couch. Modern Couch for Theater Seating, Living Room Couch, Bedroom Couch, Gaming Couch, Game Room Furniture.

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The NOUHAUS Power Reclining Sofa is the ultimate zero-gravity recliner that comes with all the bells and whistles guaranteed to keep you satisfied for years to come. First and foremost, this luxury power recliner comes available in either a gorgeous pebble white top grain leather material infused with PVC, as well as a stylish blue or grey suede. All of which are built to blend with any home décor, and last for generations to come.

Furthermore, the NOUHAUS Power Reclining Sofa provides zero gravity positioning with the touch of a button, and unrestricted reclining that naturally conforms to the body. As well as six-level adjustable headrests, supportive armrests and generous hip width of 32” per seat. Plus, the three-seater comes with a removable center piece and an in-chair charging port so that you never have to be too far away from any one of your personal devices.

4. Roundhill Furniture Elkton Manual Motion Reclining Sofa Roundhill Furniture Elkton Manual Motion Reclining Sofa with Storage Console, Taupe

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Another exceptional design is the Roundhill Furniture Elkton Manual Motion Reclining Sofa. With cushioned headrests, pillow top arms, and conveniently located manual recline levers, you don’t have to look far to see the comfort oozing out of this pick. Not to mention the aesthetic exterior that features bold stitching, as well as charcoal trips on the side and back of the seats. While the back of the middle seat features two sleek stainless steel cupholders, as well as a power station with outlets for all of your favorite devices.

Plus, the entire reclining sofa is made from 100% polyester upholstery that comes available in either a beautiful taupe or dark chestnut colour. Both of which are neutral enough to match with any interior set up, and resilient enough to handle extended periods of use.

5. Madrona Burke Zoey Chocolate Brown Power Sofa Madrona Burke Zoey Chocolate Brown 84" Power Sofa with Dual Recliners, Microsuede Upholstery, and USB Charging Station

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Sliding into our 5th spot on the list we have the Madrona Burke Zoey Chocolate Brown Power Sofa. This rustic design masterfully mixes contemporary style with class thanks to its chocolate brown 100% polyester fabric exterior. While still offering immense comfort due to its electric reclining function, and dense foam padding in the back, head and armrests.

As well as the sinuous spring frame and pocketed coil cushions. With its solid wood base ensuring that the recliner will be incredibly durable and long-lasting. Also featured with the Madrona Burke Zoey Chocolate Brown Power Sofa is a center console that features additional storage space, a USB charging port and dual stainless steel cupholders.

6. Signature Design by Ashley – Earhart Faux Leather Manual Double Reclining Loveseat Signature DESIGN BY ASHLEY Earhart Faux Leather Manual Double Reclining Loveseat with Storage Console, Brown.

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The Signature Design by Ashley – Earhard Faux Leather Manual Double Reclining Loveseat is another amazing solution for any homeowner. Constructed with both suede-like seating and faux leather along the exterior, as well as contrast jumbo stitching. This unique reclining sofa is both comfortable and chic.

Furthermore, it also features deep seating, a tall back, and plushy padded arm and headrests, helping to form one of the coziest sofas available. Plus, the center console features convenient storage and two cup holders, while the reclining function can be activated using the pull levers on each side of the sofa.

7. Blackjack Furniture Winthrop Microfiber Modern Reclining Living Room Sofa Blackjack Furniture Winthrop Microfiber Modern Reclining Living Room Sofa, Khaki

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Next up is the Blackjack Furniture Winthrop Microfiber Modern Reclining Living Room Sofa. Crafted out of durable plywood and a solid metal frame, while also being covered in a smooth and breathable microfiber fabric, this represents one of the more rugged yet charming designs available.

Not only is each seat generously padded with a soft and durable foam material, but it also features a tall back and finely upholstered seating. Plus, the entire sofa comfortably reclines allowing for maximum comfort with the simple pull of the lever located on either side.

8. Lexicon Carter Double Reclining Sofa. Lexicon Carter Double Reclining Sofa, Brownish Gray

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Another fantastic solution is the Lexicon Carter Double Reclining Sofa. This traditional design features brownish gray (or sandy brown) polished microfiber upholstery along the exterior that is supported by a solid wood frame, and sturdy metal base. With each chair being reinforced with dozens of pocket coils, as well as dense foam padding, and pillow-top cushioning.

Moreover, the smooth and quiet manual reclining motion can be activated with the simple use of the lever along each end of the sofa. While the thick head and backrest help to provide optimal neck and lumbar support.

9. Flash Furniture Harmony Series LeatherSoft Sofa with Two Built-In Recliners Flash Furniture Harmony Series Black LeatherSoft Sofa with Two Built-In Recliners

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Next up we have the Flash Furniture Harmony Series LeatherSoft Sofa with Two Built-In Recliners. Covered in LeatherSoft upholstery with plush arms and pillow back cushions that feature dense and entirely CAL 117 fire retardant foam. This reclining sofa is not only soothing  but sturdy and robust as well.

Not only are the armrests generously padded, but the headrest offers extraordinary neck and lower lumbar support, while the entire base is reinforced with a sturdy wood material. Moreover, you can easily activate the reclining function by pulling back on the recessed lever, and the entire sofa is easy to assemble in just minutes.

10. Greyson Living Austin Reclining Sofa Greyson Living Austin Reclining Sofa by Brown

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Finally, there’s the Greyson Living Austin Reclining Sofa. Bolstering 56 pocketed coils and gel-topped memory foam in each seat, not only does it stand as one of the comfier designs on the market, but one of the more stylish as well. The entire sofa is reinforced with solid pine, and plywood, while the exterior is covered in a cozy polyester microfiber upholstered material that is both comfortable and easy to clean.

With the sinuous spring system helping to ensure maximum support and relaxation. Moreover, the smooth reclining function can be easily activated with the simple pull of the manual lever on either end of the sofa. While the foam padding on the head, arm, and backrests features extremely dense padding designed to ensure premium comfort.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it, those are the 10 most comfortable reclining sofas on the market right now.

There’s no denying that a great sofa is the centerpiece of any living room, and one of the first thing that your guests will notice. It can either become the focal point or the talking piece of any interior space, which is why it’s so important to choose carefully, and not settle for anything less.

Ultimately, which reclining sofa you choose will come down to things like budget, necessity, and individual preference. But so long as you keep this guide by your side throughout the process, you should be able to find the perfect solution in no time.

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