How to Remove Rust from Your Quartz Countertop (Full Guide)

How to Remove Rust from Your Quartz Countertop

Quartz countertops are popular for a number of reasons; quartz is far more durable than granite, for instance, and because it isn’t porous it is far easier to keep bacteria-free. However, getting rust stains on your quartz countertop can pose a bit of a problem because it’s not all that easy to clean and get … Read more

Glade vs Febreze | What’s the Better Air Freshener?

Glade vs Febreze

Air fresheners are excellent products that help eliminate odors and provide fresh, appealing fragrances in your home. Glade and Febreze are two iconic names in the air freshener world and with so many people raving about each brand, it can be challenging to determine which is the better air freshener. When debating between Glade vs … Read more

Can You Use a Steam Mop on Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Can You Use a Steam Mop on Vinyl Plank Flooring

The growing popularity of vinyl flooring has made it a staple in many modern homes. It looks deceptively like wood flooring but is not. Because it is different, you need to keep the specific rules of vinyl flooring in mind when you clean it. Like vinyl flooring, steam mops are also growing in popularity due … Read more

Hoover Cleanslate vs Bissell SpotClean ProHeat (Comparison)

Difference Between Hoover Cleanslate and Bissell SpotClean ProHeat

Adding a spot cleaner to your army of cleaning tools is a great way to keep your home clean. Spot cleaners are excellent for cleaning up everyday messes like tracked-in mud and spilled food or wine. They’re also the perfect tool for tackling those ground-in messes hidden under your coffee table or couch. Hoover Cleanslate … Read more

Can You Wash Ugg Slippers in the Washing Machine?

Can you wash Ugg Slippers in the washing machine

Uggs are the calling card of a stereotype due to their popularity. To capitalize on this popularity, the brand has begun selling house slippers which are quickly gaining traction. However, wearing them day in and day out can lead to dirty shoes. How can you keep them looking new? The brand does not suggest machine … Read more

Bissell vs Tineco | Who Makes the Better Vacuums?

bissell vs tineco vacuums

Carpeting is a popular flooring choice for living rooms, bedrooms, playrooms, and plenty of other spaces throughout a home. Finding the best vacuum is essential for homeowners to keep their spaces looking and feeling clean, which is why we’ve created this detailed guide! Bissell makes better vacuums than Tineco. While Tineco has some promising units … Read more

Downy Unstopables vs Downy Infusions (Comparison Guide)

Downy Unstopables vs Downy Infusions

Finding the best scent-boosting products for your laundry is easy with Downy. They have several lines of products that provide your clothes with enhanced and long-lasting freshness. Downy Unstopables and Downy Infusions are products that aim to give your clothes an extra boost of freshness, but there’s more to it than that. Downy Unstopables are … Read more

Dirt Devil Vs Bissell | Who Makes Better Vacuums?

Dirt Devil Vs Bissell Who Makes the Better Vacuums

When homeowners think about vacuum brands, Dirt Devil and Bissell should be the first two that come to mind. These iconic brands are big names in the vacuum industry, and both have loyal followings. Bissell is known for their pet-focused vacuums, while Dirt Devil is well known for their eye-catching advertisements that feel like short … Read more

Can You Wash Birkenstocks in the Washing Machine?

Can You Wash Birkenstocks in the Washing Machine

Birkenstock shoes are a staple because of their simple yet fashionable design. Notorious for being comfortable, your Birkenstocks can handle a lot of situations. However, can they be machine washed? Not usually. While Birkenstock makes a selection of machine-washable shoes, these are limited, and most Birkenstocks are not machine-washable. What are Birkenstocks Made of? Birkenstocks … Read more