Is Mr. Clean Flammable? (All You Need to Know)

All-purpose cleaners are trusty products that are indispensable in every kitchen. From cleaning the floors, countertops and baths, cleaning agents always deserve a spot in the kitchen cabinet. But more than their handy use, they are also hounded with issues like starting a house fire.

If you are particular with the cleaning solution you are using, it is not uncommon to ask, “Is Mr. Clean flammable?”. Is it a ticking bomb that will set your house on fire anytime it gets heated or somehow comes close to a flame?

Here is the deal about the flammability of Mr. Clean.

Is Mr. Clean Flammable?

Mr. Clean is a non-flammable cleaning agent and disinfectant. However, it does contain surfactants that are combustible. To put it simply, Mr. Clean will burn but it will need heat to ignite.

Flammable and combustible are terms used interchangeably but are actually different, scientifically speaking. It is differentiated by the flashpoints of the product, which is their minimum working temperature to start a fire. A product is flammable if its flashpoint is below 100⁰F and combustible if beyond it.

Mr. Clean has a flashpoint of over 200⁰F, making it a combustible but non-flammable product. Although it will not catch fire on the ignition, it is still a potential fire hazard once it starts burning.

Why Is Mr. Clean Combustible? Mr. Clean 23124 Multipurpose Cleaning Solution with Febreze 128 oz Bottle Meadows & Rain Scent

The combustibility of a substance depends on its ingredients or mixture of ingredients. Mr. Clean All Purpose Cleaner has alcohol ethoxylates as an active ingredient or surfactant. It is a chemical that can strip away oil and grease from the surface without producing soap scum or suds.

Alcohol ethoxylate is a highly combustible substance with a flashpoint greater than 179⁰F. However, it is not concentrated enough for ignition and will auto-ignite only at about 450⁰F temperature.

What Happens If You Light Mr. Clean On Fire?

When introduced to a naked flame, Mr. Clean will release flammable vapors. These vapors are what propels the product to burn even more. When the fire comes in contact with other combustible materials, it can fuel them to create a massive fire.

Is Mr. Clean Container Flammable?

The plastic packaging of Mr. Clean is non-flammable but combustible. It will burn along with the product when ignited. Even when it is empty, Mr. Clean’s residue can still react and release its flammable gas that may worsen a flame.

Will A Mr. Clean Container Explode If Heated?

Products containing alcohol ethoxylates will explode when their container is heated, especially if it does not have enough ventilation. That is why Mr. Clean is considered a low to moderate fire hazard since it may explode at an extreme temperature in a closed container.

Is Burning Mr. Clean Bad For The Environment?

The vapor of alcohol ethoxylates will produce toxic and corrosive gases. While it may not affect the environment in small amounts, massive fire is a risk of air pollution. Runoff that comes from fire control is also detrimental to the environment, especially to the marine ecosystem.

Is It Dangerous To Inhale Burning Mr. Clean Smoke?

Fumes from any burning materials release irritating and toxic fumes. When inhaled, it can flare up respiratory problems and cause lung irritations.

Is Mr. Clean Flammable When Combined With Bleach?

Mr. Clean and bleach are two powerful cleaning agents that are non-flammable. While it will not ignite a fire, Mr. Clean and bleach are still a hazardous combination to try. It will produce chlorine gas that can cause irritations when inhaled even in a small amount.

What Is The Extinguishing Media For Burning Mr. Clean?

Dry chemicals, carbon dioxide, alcohol-resistant foam, and water spray can successfully extinguish Mr. Clean.

Related Questions

Is Mr. Clean Freak Spray Flammable? Mr Clean & Dawn Deep Cleaning Spray Kit: Mr Clean Clean Freak Multi Surface Cleaner (3x16oz) with Dawn Platinum Powerwash Dish Spay (4x16oz)

Mr. Clean Freak Spray contains triethanolamine, also a non-flammable but combustible substance. It will not ignite unless introduced to an open flame. However, it will support spontaneous combustion.

Is Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Flammable? Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, Extra Durable Pro Version, Shoe, Bathroom, and Shower Cleaner, Cleaning Pads with Durafoam, 10 Count

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is made of melamine foam with a high fire safety performance. The material is non-flammable and non-combustible. It has a flashpoint of over 200⁰F and will not release any hazardous vapors when heated.

Is Mr. Clean Eraser Disposable Sheets Flammable?

Mr. Clean MDS has a National Fire Protection Flammability rating of 2. It means that Mr. Clean wipes are non-flammable and may need to be moderately heated before they can ignite. It is also non-reactive and stable without any specific hazards arising from thermal decomposition.

Final Thoughts

Mr. Clean liquid cleaners are non-flammable but combustible products that need proper safekeeping at home. Although they will not ignite flames unless introduced to naked fire, they still need to be stored properly. Keep the product in a cool and dry place away from other flammable products. Mr. Clean is combustible, and in event of leakage and fire, it can fuel it up to a massive blaze.

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