Is Aquaphor Flammable? (All You Need to Know)

A fire hazard is the last thing all of us want in our lives. But there are a lot of things in our home that are unknowingly a fire threat if only we heed their labels. Among these products are cosmetics, ointments, and fragrances containing flammable ingredients. It always pays to be cautious. Having said that, you may wonder whether Aquaphor is flammable or not.

Is Aquaphor Flammable?

Aquaphor ointment is a non-flammable emollient made from a mixture of petrolatum, mineral oil, and glycerin among others. Petrolatum is derived from petroleum, which is a highly flammable substance. Fortunately, ointments like Aquaphor were scientifically designed not to self-ignite in many heated situations.

Emollient ointments such as Aquaphor do not necessarily light up on their own unless they are exposed to naked fire. The flammability of the product is tested with its reaction when put near a heat source. Aquaphor will not react to fire this way, thus, it is classified as a non-flammable product.

However, when Aquaphor is impregnated in a combustible product like a fabric, it increases the chance of combustion. Aquaphor can act as an accelerant that increases the speed of ignition and intensity of the fire. It can be observed that when fabrics with dried emollient residue ignite, it may create a powerful blaze.

Why Doesn’t Aquaphor Catch Fire On Its Own?

Aquaphor will not always catch fire alone because of its chemical composition and viscosity of its form. Petroleum jelly has a long hydrocarbon that needs extreme temperature to ignite. As an ointment or jelly, Aquaphor needs to melt or liquefy first before it can catch fire. That is why even if it is classified as non-flammable, it doesn’t mean that Aquaphor will not burn.

Is Aquaphor Flammable When Deposited In Fabrics?

One of the major concerns of the fire department is the fire risk that mineral oil deposits in beddings can cause. Aquaphor paraffin or mineral oil residue can soak into the fabric of the bedding or clothing and dries up. When it comes in contact with a heat source, the fabric can ignite a fire fueled by the paraffin.

You can avoid any fire hazards when using Aquaphor by simply changing clothes and washing the bedding regularly. Avoid smoking or getting near an open flame when using the product to avoid an untoward accident from happening.

What Happens If You Light Aquaphor In Fire?

If you light Aquaphor in flame or hold it to the matchstick, the product will melt and may burn a little. When placed under a very high temperature, however, it will turn to liquid and boil. Boiling Aquaphor will release flammable fuel into the air. This is what cause it to burn larger as the fire consumes the gas.

Dousing a combustible fabric in Aquaphor before lighting will produce instant burning. It may start a powerful flame since the fabric sustains the fire and the paraffin is fueling it. Simply saying, Aquaphor and fabric behaves like candle wax and wick.

Is The Aquaphor Container Flammable?

Aquaphor Healing Ointment Advanced Therapy Skin Protectant, Dry Skin Body Moisturizer, 14 Oz Jar

The plastic containers that Aquaphor comes with will not start a fire when placed near the source. But when put in naked flame, the plastic will definitely burn. In fact, it may burn and get consumed faster than the product inside it.

What Happens If You Left Aquaphor in the Sun?

Under the extreme heat of the sun, Aquaphor ointment can turn into a watery substance. It still does not pose a fire hazard unless it is exposed to a naked flame. The problem with Aquaphor melting is that its components will disintegrate and separate, which can be a messy thing that you need to clean up afterward.

Is Burning Aquaphor Bad For The Environment?

The safety of Aquaphor and other emollient is still a subject for study in most researches. While it is considered non-flammable and non-explosive, most data regarding its thermal decomposition is still undetermined. Thus, the environmental effect of a massive Aquaphor smoke also remains under observation.

Is It Dangerous To Inhale Burning Aquaphor Smoke?

The general product information does not provide further data on the safety of Aquaphor. But, in case of a fire, exposed persons should wear protective equipment and take precautions to avoid compromising their health.

Related Questions

Is Aquaphor flammable as Vaseline?

Vaseline and Aquaphor are almost similar products but they contain different ingredients. Vaseline is 100% petroleum jelly, while Aquaphor includes other ingredients like mineral oils. It makes Aquaphor more of a fire hazard than Vaseline.

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Is Aquaphor ointment body spray flammable?

Products in spray cans pose a high fire threat. They are extremely flammable since their contents are under pressure. When exposed to heat, the product will expand and burst out. So, unlike the healing ointment, Aquaphor spray needs a cool and dry storage area below 120⁰F temperature.

Final Thoughts

Aquaphor is a cream for healing various skin problems. The product is generally considered non-flammable on its own or when applied to the body. But when it comes in contact with combustible materials, Aquaphor may support burning. As its safety is yet to be established, proper precaution is needed in handling the product. So, do not use Aquaphor near a heat source, open flame, or when smoking.

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