Daylight vs Bright White LED Bulbs | What’s the Difference?

Daylight vs Bright White LED Bulbs | What’s the Difference?

Choosing the right lighting for the rooms in your home is essential for setting the right ambiance. When you’re shopping for LED bulbs, it’s pretty easy to know what the ones labeled as “soft white” will look like. However, some of the other options, like daylight and bright white, might be confusing. The main difference … Read more

Do You Need to Seal Ceramic Tile? (All You Need to Know)

Do You Need to Seal Ceramic Tile

There are a variety of tiles on the market such as stone, ceramic, porcelain, and terracotta. Each has different properties and needs. Ceramic is a favorite due to its classic look and variety of patterns. However, do you need still need to seal ceramic tiles? Yes, I always suggest at least sealing the grout on … Read more

The 5 Best Laminate Floor Repair Kits in 2023

laminate flooring tips best repair kits

Sometimes damage to our home is unavoidable, but we do not want to shell out for a renovation every time something happens. Many minor damages can be fixed with paint or epoxy, but what about laminate flooring? Yes, there are kits on the market to repair damaged Laminate. Some, however, are better than others. What … Read more

Which Is Brighter Cool White or Daylight Bulbs?

Which Is Brighter Cool White or Daylight Bulbs

Light plays an essential role inside a home. The right light can transform a room and provide a great atmosphere or enhance your work productivity. Today, there is a wide choice of bulbs on the market, and the naming can be confusing. Is there a difference between cool white and daylight bulbs? Which is brighter: … Read more

Can You Use Fabuloso on Laminate Floors?

Can You Use Fabuloso on laminate Floors answered guide thumbnail

Laminate floors and laminate furniture have quickly become one of the most popular home décor staples. It combines the homey look of wood with the mass producibility of a manufactured material at affordable prices. With the many homeowners with laminate flooring many wonder what cleaners are safe on laminate? In this article we talk about … Read more