Can You Use a Magic Eraser on Glass?

Magic erasers are a multipurpose cleaning tool that has gained popularity over the decade. Thanks to its convenience and catch-all cleaning practicality, the magic eraser reduces the tediousness of cleaning many surfaces. But, is it really safe on all surfaces including delicate ones like glass? Wondering if you can use Mr. Clean Magic Erasers on glass? Our guide lets you know all you need to understand about magic erasers on glass.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is a safe and effective agent for cleaning glass surfaces when used properly. Magic erasers are abrasive cleaners that can work similarly to sandpaper. But if you handle it the right way, it can effectively scrub off glass surfaces without leaving a scratch. 

Too much pressure when scrubbing or reusing a magic eraser does risks scraping the surface. So, can you use magic eraser on glass of varying types? Here are our straightforward answers.

Can You Use a Magic Eraser On Glass Windows?

Yes, you can use magic eraser on windows to clean all the accumulated dust. Removing the buildups off your glass window without leaving scratches is possible with magic erasers. Before scrubbing it with the magic eraser, it is best to wipe away all particles using a microfiber cloth. These particles, if not removed, will scratch across the glass surface and not the abrasives of the magic eraser.

Can You Use a Magic Eraser on Mirrors?

Ugly stains, fatty marks, and smoky grime defeat the purpose of a mirror. A magic eraser is a useful tool for reviving a mirror’s surface to its prime, making it squeaky clean. The melamine foam, which makes up the magic eraser, can swipe across the surface without damaging it with friction. After using the magic eraser, it might help to polish it with a lint-free cloth to give a dull mirror its gleam back.

Can You Use a Magic Eraser on Shower Doors? Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, Bathroom, Shower, and Shoe Cleaner with Febreze Lavender Scent, Cleaning Pads with Durafoam, 10 Count

You can absolutely remove hard water stains from your shower door with the magic eraser. The buildup of soap scum and hard water on glass is hard to break sometimes. Using an ordinary glass cleaner and abrasive sponge alone may not do the job successfully. But Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Bath Scrubber can take on these hard stains to clear the surface of your shower doors.

Can You Use a Magic Eraser On Frosted Glass?

Yes, the magic eraser is safe for use on frosted glass. All the scuffs that are gathered in the frosted glass can be safely eliminated by the magic eraser. As long as you are gentle with the scrubbing, the magic eraser can clean its surface without trouble. It will only remove the buildup of grimes and dirt, but without damaging the frosted spray.

To make a frosted glass sparkle and shine better, spray it with window cleaner after using the magic eraser.

Can You Use a Magic Eraser On a Glass Stove Top?

Can You Use a Magic Eraser On a Glass Stove Top

If you have a glass stovetop, you know how grease and foodstuff can be quite tricky to remove. Using glass cleaners and other abrasives will also have you worrying about their flammability. (Don’t worry, most glass cleaners or the baking soda you may use will not catch fire). But then, the issue is still on its thorough cleaning capacity and safety on the delicate glass surface.

All these dilemmas are solved if you use Magic Eraser on your glass cooking equipment. It is a non-flammable foam that provides gentle but thorough degreasing without leaving awful scratches and streaks.

Will Magic Eraser Ever Scratch a Glass Surface?

Magic Eraser is made of melamine foam that is like a soft sponge but can be as abrasive as fine sandpaper. However, it only works by agitating the substrate on the surface to loosen and absorb it. If you apply firm pressure while scrubbing, and there is large dirt debris embedded in the magic eraser, it may leave a scratch.

That is why the best way of using the magic eraser is to wet it first. It will not only activate the micro-scrubbers but also allow the sponge to better absorb the impurities. So, brush lightly. And it will be much better if you lightly dust off the surface before cleaning it.

When NOT to use a Magic Eraser on Glass?

Magic Eraser is pretty safe for use on all types of glass. It agitates the substrates along the surface to remove stubborn stains and dirt. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is ingeniously designed to clean glass without scraping it. However, there is a fair chance that it may leave abrasive marks.

If you are working on a glass surface with plenty of dust particles, these particles will mingle with the sponge. As you scrub and press on the sponge, these impurities will press on the surface, ultimately damaging it. Thus, do not work on a speckled surface without wiping it down. Most importantly, do not use a magic eraser on anything without doing a spot test first.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to cleaning glass windows, mirrors, and even windshields, streaks can be frustrating. The same goes with the scratches that come from an abrasive sponge and cleaner. Magic eraser is an innovative product to take the hassle off the elbow grease in glass cleaning works. It leaves the glass surface clean and bright but without the frustration of ugly scratch marks.

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