Suavitel vs Downy | What’s the Better Fabric Softener?

Whats the Better Fabric Softener

Soft, clean, and smelling great is all most people ask of their freshly laundered clothes. Fabric softener can help keep your clothes soft, discourage wrinkling, and even protect your clothes from washing related damage. That makes finding the perfect fabric softener a very important task. When comparing Suavitel vs Downy, it’s easy to see that … Read more

Tide vs Seventh Generation | What’s the Better Detergent?

Whats the Better Detergent

When it comes to choosing a reliable laundry detergent, have you looked into all of the differences between Tide vs Seventh Generation? Both of these products are well-known for their cleaning capabilities as well as their dedication to environmental efforts. But which product is better overall? What’s a better detergent, Tide or Seventh Generation? When … Read more

SOS Pads vs Brillo Pads | Which is Better?

SOS Pads vs Brillo Pads

When your cookware has tough cooked-on food residue, dried grease, and other tough messes, you’re likely reaching for an SOS or Billo pad. Both of these products work wonders at removing the worst messes from pots, pans, and other cookware. But, which is better? Debating between SOS pads and Brillo pads requires taking an in-depth … Read more

Puffs vs Kleenex | What’s the Better Tissue?

Whats the Better Tissue

Whether it’s allergy season or you have a cold, choosing the best tissue is a necessity. You’re going to want something that’s soft, absorbent, and won’t leave your nose red and raw. Most people are familiar with Puffs and Kleenex, and many people rely on one of these brands to see them through colds or … Read more

Method Glass Cleaner vs Windex | What’s the Difference?

Method Glass Cleaner vs Windex

When you research the best glass cleaners, you’re likely to find Method Glass Cleaner and Windex mentioned the most. These two iconic brands are leaders in the glass cleaning industry. They both have a range of products with time-tested formulas that customers feel they can trust. But, when comparing Method Glass Cleaner vs Windex, what’s … Read more

Is Sunscreen Flammable?

Is Sunscreen Flammable

Did you ever think that some of the things you apply on your skin can cause you to burn? By burning we mean being engulfed in flames, and not just the usual sunburn. There are products that we use every day, which can implicitly hold these hazards. As the summer season approaches, sunscreens are a … Read more

Is Food Grade Mineral Oil Flammable? (Answered)

Is Food Grade Mineral Oil Flammable

Food grade mineral oil has a lot of uses in the kitchen. It is primarily used for oiling cutting boards and wooden bowls, and it can also be used to lubricate cooking equipment and sharpen knives. But if you are using a substance in the kitchen around open flames, it’s important to consider fire safety. … Read more