Dove vs Pantene | What’s the Better Self Care Product?

Dove vs Pantene

Dove and Pantene are some of the most well-known hair and skincare brands. Available in a multitude of countries, both brands have a product for most any kind of hair. However, which one is better? Dove is better for those with dandruff or dry scalp. Pantene is more focused on promoting hair growth or reversing … Read more

Batiste vs Dove Dry Shampoo | What’s Better?

Have you ever noticed your hair feeling oily or unkempt, even a few hours after you shower? Or, have you ever needed to freshen up your hair on the go? Dry shampoo is a great product that cleans, freshens, and brightens your hair within minutes! Batiste and Dove dry shampoo are two similar products. They … Read more

Gillette vs Schick | What’s the Better Razor?

Gillette vs Schick

Finding the perfect razor is a necessity for most people. Whether you want to be clean-shaven or just neaten up certain areas, you want to find a product that gets the job done without irritating your skin. Gillette and Schick are two of the biggest razor brands on the market, and their products have long … Read more

Gillette vs Bic | What’s the Better Razor?

Gillette and Bic are two of the most popular razor brands in the US! If you haven’t tried one brand then you’ve almost definitely tried the other. These brands offer a similar variety of products and accomplish the same tasks. So, which is the better razor? We’re going to provide you with an in-depth review … Read more

Olay vs L’Oreal | Which is the Better Self-Care Product?

olay vs l'oreal comparison

Olay and L’Oreal are two skincare giants that dominate store shelves. They also have products in hair care, cosmetics, and anti-aging. Which product is best for you? Olay outperforms other brands in moisturizing, while L’Oreal makes high-quality cosmetics. If you are looking for body washes and lotions Olay is the better choice. If you are … Read more

Does Gillette Shaving Cream Expire?

Does Gillette Shaving Cream Expire?

So you are in the process of cleaning out your travel kit or the bathroom cupboards and stumble upon shaving cream that has been in there for over a year. You are likely wondering if it needs to be thrown out and if shaving cream even expires. Gillette shaving cream technically does not come with … Read more