Puffs vs Kleenex | What’s the Better Tissue?

Whether it’s allergy season or you have a cold, choosing the best tissue is a necessity. You’re going to want something that’s soft, absorbent, and won’t leave your nose red and raw. Most people are familiar with Puffs and Kleenex, and many people rely on one of these brands to see them through colds or allergies. But, when it comes to Puffs vs Kleenex, which is the better tissue?

Kleenex is the superior tissue. They’re softer than Puffs, more absorbent, and more affordable. They also offer unique products that Puffs doesn’t, such as their anti-viral tissues. When you find yourself at the store choosing between Puffs vs Kleenex, you can’t go wrong with a box of Kleenex.

Are you wondering what the difference between these two tissues is and what makes Kleenex the better tissue? Read on as this detailed guide breaks down 2 of the best and most well-known tissues on the market.

What’s the Difference Between Puffs and Kleenex Tissues?

Puffs and Kleenex have a lot of similarities, but there are some differences that can help determine which is the better tissue. Both brands are eco-conscious and obtain their ingredients through sustainably sourced and managed forests. Their packaging is also recyclable and made from recycled materials.

The main difference between these two brands is their thickness and the products they offer. Kleenex products are 3-ply, while Puffs products are 2-ply. That extra cushioning gives Kleenex tissues a softer feel and better absorbency.

They also offer a wide range of different products, which we’ll break down for you further below.

What Products Does Puffs Offer?

Here’s a quick brief on the range of products that Puffs has to offer.

Puffs Ultra Soft Non-Lotion Facial Tissues, 8 Family Boxes, 120 Tissues Per Box (960 Tissues Total)

Puffs Ultra Soft Non-lotion Facial Tissues- Puffs Ultra Soft tissues without lotion are a great option for people with sensitive skin because they’re free of any fragrances. They’re soft, strong, and absorbent.

Puffs Plus Lotion Facial Tissues, 8 Family Boxes, 120 Tissues per Box (960 Tissues Total)

Puffs Plus Lotion Facial Tissues- Puffs Plus Lotion Facial Tissues are extra cushiony and infused with a drop of lotion that will soothe dry or irritated skin and encourage healing.

Puffs Basic Facial Tissues, 2 Ply - Assorted - Durable - For Face - 180 Quantity Per Box - 3 Boxes Per Pack

Puffs Basic Facial Tissues (AKA Puffs Simple Softness)- Puffs Basic Facial Tissues are 2-ply and free of any harsh chemicals or additives. They’re dermatologist tested to be safe even on sensitive skin.

Puffs Plus Lotion with Vicks Facial Tissues, 24 Cubes, 48 Tissues per Box (1152 Tissues Total)

Puffs Plus Lotion with Vicks Facial Tissues- These Puff’s tissues bring you all the comfort and strength of their original tissues with the added comfort of lotion and Vick’s scent.

Puffs Plus Lotion Travel-Size Pocket Facial Tissues 10 Tissues per Pack (10 To Go Packs)

Puffs TO GO- This TO GO box Puffs offers contains 10 travel packs of Puffs Plus Lotion Facial Tissues. There are 10 tissues in each travel pack, and they’re the perfect size for your purse, bag, or glovebox.

What Products Does Kleenex Offer?

Here’s a rundown of the array of products that Kleenex has available.

Kleenex Ultra Soft Facial Tissues, 8 Flat Boxes, 120 Tissues per Box (960 Total Tissues)

Kleenex Ultra Soft Facial Tissues- These Ultra Soft tissues by Kleenex are 3-ply, strong, and extra cushiony. They’re free of any dyes or harsh chemicals and are safe for use on all skin types.

Kleenex Soothing Lotion Facial Tissues with Coconut Oil, Aloe & Vitamin E, 65 Count (Pack of 8)

Kleenex Soothing Lotion- These tissues by Kleenex are also 3-ply, and they’re infused with coconut oil, aloe vera, and vitamin E. These additions will help protect, heal, and moisturize your skin.

Kleenex Expressions Trusted Care Facial Tissues, 18 Flat Boxes, 144 Tissues per Box, 2592 Total Tissues

Kleenex Expressions Trusted Care- Kleenex Expressions Trusted Care tissues are soft, strong, and durable enough to clean up little spills around the house. It’s free of harsh chemicals or additives and safe to use for all skin types.

Kleenex Anti-Viral Facial Tissues, 18 Cube Boxes, 60 Tissues per Box (1080 Total Tissues)

Kleenex Anti-Viral Facial Tissues- Kleenex Anti-Viral Tissues are a unique product that’s designed to be soft, absorbent, and kill up to 99.9% of germs and viruses. They’re 3-ply and a great choice for cold and flu season.

Kleenex On-The-Go Packs Facial Tissues, 10 Count (Pack of 72)

Kleenex On-The-Go Packs- Kleenex on-the-go packs contain 10 tissues each, and a box of on-the-go packs contains 8 packages. These packs are great for your purse, bag, or car.

Kleenex Expressions Hand Towels, Single-Use Disposable Paper Towels, 60 Towels Per Box (360 Towels Total), (Pack of 6)

Kleenex Disposable Hand Towels- These disposable hand towels are perfect for keeping in your bathroom for guests or use during cold and flu season. No need to reach for a germy cloth towel when you can have 6 boxes of 60 Kleenex disposable hand towels on hand.

Let’s Look at a Cost Per Tissue Comparison

It can be hard to tell which is the better deal between Puffs and Kleenex. They’re priced differently, and each brand offers a different number of tissues in each box. The best way to determine which brand gives you the best bang for your buck is to look at the cost per tissue.

Brand of Tissues Cost Per Tissue
Puffs Ultra Soft Non-Lotion Facial Tissues $0.017
Kleenex Ultra Soft Facial Tissues $0.011
Puffs Plus Lotion with Vicks Facial Tissues $0.046
Kleenex Soothing Lotion Facial Tissues $0.035
Puffs TO GO $0.14
Kleenex On-The-Go Packs $0.058

What’s the More Affordable Tissue?

By comparing the data above, it’s easy to see that Kleenex is the more affordable tissue. We compared three similar products between Puffs and Kleenex, and broke down the cost per tissue.

In every comparison, Kleenex came out as costing less per tissue than Puffs. Kleenex’s On-The-Go Packs are especially more affordable than Puffs TO GO packs. This shows Kleenex to be the more affordable option in every scenario.

Which is the Softer Tissue?

One of the biggest factors you may be wondering about when choosing between Puffs vs Kleenex is which tissue is softer. In this case, it’s easy to tell which brand offers the softer tissue.

Kleenex is once again the clear winner here. Their tissues are made of 3-ply, while Puffs are only 2-ply. This extra cushioning will help give you the gentle touch that you need. Also, their soothing tissues are infused with lotion, aloe, and vitamin E. All of those will help the tissue feel soft and provide the moisture that the sensitive skin around your nose needs.

Which Tissue Has the Most Strength?

Puffs and Kleenex tissues are made from very similar ingredients. They’re both produced with water and wood fiber or pulp from sustainably managed forests. In this way, both products will deliver a similar strength.

However, because Kleenex’s tissues are 3-ply, they offer an extra layer of durability over Puffs. That extra layer will cause them to have more strength than Puffs tissues and more absorbency.

Which Offers the Best Options for Colds and Allergies?

Both brands have products that are marketed toward helping your manage your symptoms during cold and allergy seasons. Puffs Plus Lotion with Vicks is a great option for someone suffering from a cold or blocked nostrils due to allergies, but Kleenex beats Puffs out once again with their products.

Kleenex offers an anti-viral tissue that helps kill 99.9% of germs and viruses. This can really help when you’re suffering from a cold, and their soothing tissues contain ingredients designed to protect your skin from becoming raw and irritated from repeated wiping.

History of Puffs

Puffs was introduced to the market in 1960 after P&G bought what was then known as the Charmin Paper Company. Puffs Basic Facial Tissues were created and released to replace Charmin Facial Tissues.

Puffs released their Puffs Plus with Lotion tissues in 1987 and that was soon followed in the late ‘90s by a new and improved design for thicker tissues. Puffs upped their advertising game in the early 2000’s with the introduction of the Puffs Pals.

From there, Puffs continued improving their products and producing new items such as Puffs Plus Lotion with the scent of Vicks. After that, Puffs worked with dermatologists in 2013 to show that their products were safe for use with all skin types and improved their lotioned tissues to be extra gentle on sensitive skin.

They’ve continued updating the softness of their products since then, and have added new characters to their advertisements.

History of Kleenex

Kleenex has an interesting history and was created by the Kimberly-Clark corporation during World War 2. Kleenex was released on the market in the US in 1924 and was subsequently released in the UK the following year.

It was originally promoted and used as a makeup remover for women. However, after Kimberly-Clark’s head researcher fell ill in 1929 he began using the tissues in place of his handkerchief.

Kleenex continued being advertised as a way to remove makeup and cold cream for several years. In 1956, Kleenex for men was released, which sealed the brand’s transition to fully functional facial tissues rather than a make-up removing wipe.

After that, Kleenex continued improving its tissues and releasing new products. Most notably, in 1992 Kleenex was the first facial tissue brand to release a tissue containing calendula to help prevent your nose from becoming red and raw.

Since then, they’ve continued improving their existing products and releasing new innovations, as well as new designs for their products.

Related Questions

Are you still curious about Puffs and Kleenex? Have some questions that we didn’t already answer? Read on to learn more about these two iconic facial tissue brands.

What’s the Difference Between Kleenex Expressions and Regular Kleenex?

The difference between Kleenex Expressions and regular Kleenex is all in the design. The tissues are the same, but the designs of the boxes are very different. Kleenex Expressions are newer and have a tall, sleek look compared to the regular Kleenex boxes.

Puffs Lotion vs Kleenex Lotion (What’s Better?)

Puffs and Kleenex both offer facial tissues infused with soothing lotion to help prevent your nose from becoming raw and sore, as well as heal the skin around your nose if it has become damaged.

However, Kleenex’s tissues with lotion also contain coconut oil, aloe vera, and vitamin E. These extra ingredients put their tissues in a league above Puffs. The aloe, coconut oil, and vitamin E will help moisturize the sensitive skin around your nose so that it heals quicker and is more protected than Puffs tissues.

Are Kirkland Tissues Comparable to Puffs and Kleenex?

Kirkland tissues are comparable to Puffs and Kleenex. They’re also made from eco-conscious ingredients and are affordable. They’re more similar to Puffs in that they’re 2-ply, so the strength and softness of Kirkland tissues will be more similar to Puffs than Kleenex.

The Verdict- What’s The Better Facial Tissue?

When comparing big name brands such as Puff and Kleenex, there are a lot of factors to consider. We’ve looked at their products, strength, softness, and affordability. On all of these counts, Kleenex is the clear winner.

With their unique products such as anti-viral tissues and the extra care that’s gone into their soothing lotion tissues, it’s easy to see that Kleenex has the superior products. They’re also more affordable than Puffs, and their 3-ply tissues are going to feel softer and perform stronger.