Tide vs Seventh Generation | What’s the Better Detergent?

When it comes to choosing a reliable laundry detergent, have you looked into all of the differences between Tide vs Seventh Generation? Both of these products are well-known for their cleaning capabilities as well as their dedication to environmental efforts. But which product is better overall?

What’s a better detergent, Tide or Seventh Generation? When it comes to cleaning power and efficiency, Tide outranks Seventh Generation, but only by a little bit. Overall, Seventh Generation accomplishes many of the same cleaning tasks as Tide, and Seventh Generation is better for the environment when compared to Tide. It may mean that Seventh Generation is better for you, though it may cost slightly more than Tide.

But what are the primary differences between Tide and Seventh Generation? What other products do both of these companies offer, and what product suits your lifestyle best? In this article, we will endeavour to answer all of these questions for you. Let’s get started and talk about Tide and Seventh Generation now!

What’s the Difference Between Tide and Seventh Generation?

The primary difference between Tide and Seventh Generation is their commitment to environmental sustainability. Additionally, Seventh Generation’s plant-based formula is 97% biobased and 100% biodegradable, which is something that cannot be said about Tide. Seventh Generation’s formula is also dye free and fragranced with natural and essential oils.

While both of these companies offer comparable products with fantastic cleaning capabilities, Seventh Generation has always remained committed to sustainable resources and products, while Tide has not. Tide is not as biodegradable as Seventh Generation is.

This isn’t to say that Tide doesn’t offer a fragrance free or even a plant based detergent. In fact, let’s take a closer look at the product offerings from both Tide and Seventh Generation.

What Products Does Tide Offer?

Tide High Efficiency, Ultra Concentrated Original Liquid Laundry Detergent 4.87 L/165 Fl. Oz - 131 Loads


Tide has been one of the top names in laundry detergents and cleaners since the product’s inception in 1946. They only offer laundry soaps and cleaners, and some of their most popular options.

  • Tide Liquid Detergent (available in a variety of scents)
  • Tide Pods (available in many scents and with boosted cleaning properties)
  • Tide Powder Detergents
  • Tide Free and Gentle (free of dyes and scents)
  • Tide Zero (free of phosphates, dyes, and chlorine)
  • Tide purclean (plant based laundry detergent)

As you can see, Tide offers a wide variety of products, including ones that have plant based ingredients and offerings. Tide also has a number of different scents, styles, and specific detergents to tackle whatever cleaning job you need.

What Products Does Seventh Generation Offer?

Seventh Generation Dish Soap Liquid Refill Free and Clear Fragrance Free 128 oz 2 Pack

Seventh Generation has been committed to plant based and eco-friendly products since the company’s inception over 30 years ago. They offer the following laundry products, as well as many other household cleaning products.

  • 97% biobased laundry detergent
  • Ultra concentrated laundry detergent formula

They offer a variety of other commonly used cleaning supplies, all plant based. 

  • Dish liquid (available in a variety of scents)
  • Dishwasher packs (available in a variety of scents)
  • Disinfectant spray and wipes
  • All purpose cleaner
  • Wood cleaner
  • Glass cleaner
  • Stone and tile cleaner
  • Hand soap (available in a variety of scents)
  • Baby care
  • Deodorant and body wash
  • Paper products

As you can see, Seventh Generation produces products far beyond the laundry room. However, they can still make a competitive and useful laundry soap, alongside a variety of other natural products that you can use daily in your home!

Which Laundry Detergent Has More Cleaning Power?

When it comes to cleaning power, you may be wondering which detergent has more: Tide, or Seventh Generation. Tide is renowned for its fantastic cleaning power, and even its standard formula is potent for a variety of stains. Plus, Tide offers more laundry detergents with specific cleaning abilities, such as oxygen based cleaning and boosted cleaning powers.

On the other hand, Seventh Generation has great reviews for its laundry products as well. However, they don’t offer quite as many products as Tide, and their cleaning power may not be as powerful. Based on customer reviews, the two brand names seem equally matched, especially since Seventh Generation offers a highly concentrated cleaning formula for any tough or caked on stains.

Which Laundry Detergent Is More Expensive?

When it comes down to comparing the cost of Tide versus the cost of Seventh Generation, it seems as if Seventh Generation is slightly more expensive. However, it depends on the style or formula of both products, as some Tide offerings are more expensive than some Seventh Generation offerings.

Given that Seventh Generation has a commitment to sustainability and plant based or eco-friendly materials, the extra cost is likely worth it in the long run. However, you may want that extra cost to go into the overall cleaning power of the product, which is where some specialty Tide offerings may come in handy.

How Many Fragrances Does Tide Offer?

Tide offers a large number of fragrances. Depending on the specific product that you are looking at, Tide offers over 20 scents. They even have a partnership with Febreze, offering a select few detergents with added scent boosts. 

  • Honey Lavender
  • Daybreak Fresh
  • Berry Blossom
  • Refreshing Breeze
  • Original Scent
  • Mountain Spring
  • Spring and Renewal
  • Fresh Coral Blast
  • Clean Breeze
  • April Fresh
  • Spring Meadow

Tide also offers completely unscented options as well, for those of you looking for something without fragrance.

How Many Fragrances Does Seventh Generation Offer?

Given its limited product line, Seventh Generation only offers a select few scents for their laundry detergent. Some of those scents include:

  • Fresh Lavender
  • Tropical Grove
  • Alpine Falls
  • Fresh Citrus
  • Geranium Blossoms and Vanilla
  • Morning Meadow

Seventh Generation also offers a Free and Clear option, which is completely free of all scents or dyes used in the production of many other laundry soaps.

What is Seventh Generation’s Mission?

Seventh Generation has a pretty clear mission that lends to its chosen company name: they want to create a world that is safe, sustainable, and equitable for humanity, and up to the next seven generations worth of humanity! They are committed to eco-friendly and sustainable products. This doesn’t just mean that their soaps and cleaning products are plant based; their packaging is also made to be recycled and made with recycled ingredients.

Is Seventh Generation More Eco-Friendly than Tide?

Despite Tide offering a plant-based detergent as well as a few other limited ingredient detergents, Seventh Generation is more eco-friendly than Tide. This is because the entire company of Seventh Generation is committed to sustainability, while Tide does not reflect the same values. Having a plant-based laundry soap packaged in recycled materials is fantastic, but Tide only offers one product like this. Seventh Generation ensures that all of their products are made in this manner.

Seventh Generation also has transparent ingredients and business practices that lead to a more eco-friendly company, while Tide’s company and product information is a bit more difficult to find. However, Tide offers detergents that work well in cold water, which can help reduce energy consumption on a consumer level.

The Verdict – Which Should I Buy?

When it comes to choosing between Tide and Seventh Generation, the product that you should buy depends on your needs as an individual. Both of these brands cost a similar amount, so it all comes down to efficiency versus eco-friendly ingredients.

If you need a powerful cleaning product that may or may not be plant-based, check out Tide. If you want to commit to a sustainable and eco-friendly product from top to bottom, check out Seventh Generation. Both come highly rated and reviewed, so you won’t be making a bad call with either of these two brands!