Suavitel vs Downy | What’s the Better Fabric Softener?

Soft, clean, and smelling great is all most people ask of their freshly laundered clothes. Fabric softener can help keep your clothes soft, discourage wrinkling, and even protect your clothes from washing related damage. That makes finding the perfect fabric softener a very important task.

When comparing Suavitel vs Downy, it’s easy to see that Downy is the better fabric softener. They have a larger selection of products, more fragrance options, and some eco-friendly options Suavitel lacks.

Do you have more questions about Suavitel and Downy fabric softeners? Wondering what exactly makes blank the better product? Keep on reading because we’re going to explore both fabric softener brands in detail in this comprehensive guide.

What’s the Difference Between Suavitel and Downy?

The difference between Suavitel and Downy is easy to see once you look at their products. Downy offers a lot more products than Suavitel, and they have some great eco-friendly options Suavitel doesn’t have. We’re going to dive deeper into both of these issues further in this guide.


Suavitel first launched its fabric softener in 1979 in Mexico, where it quickly became a household favorite. Their product quickly grew in popularity and eventually became just as favored in the US as it is in Latin America.

This brand dedicated itself to producing fabric softeners with unique, refreshing scents that lasted longer than other brands. They launched their breakthrough product, Suavitel Complete, in 2018. It contains a superior formula to enhance colors and provide long-lasting fresh scents.

They continue to produce new products aimed at eliminating their customers’ laundry headaches, such as the addition of stain-shielding to their Complete formula.

What Products Does Suavitel Offer?

Suavitel offers a wide variety of fabric softeners and dryer sheets to help make their customers’ laundry experience more pleasant. Here’s a comprehensive list of the products they have available.

Suavitel Fabric Softener Suavitel Fabric Softener, Field Flowers, 276 Loads Total, Laundry Supplies, Long Lasting, 46 Oz Bottle (Pack of 6) (US06522A)

The original Suavitel Fabric Softener comes in a field flowers fragrance, but you can also get it with a soothing lavender or morning sun fragrance. This fabric softener is guaranteed to leave your clothes soft, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and keep your clothes smelling fresh for up to 45 days!

Suavitel Fabric Softener Complete Suavitel - US07026A SUAVITEL Fabric Softener, Complete, Soothing Lavender, 356 Loads Total, Laundry Supplies, Long Lasting, 105 Oz Bottle (Pack of 4) (US06526A)

The Suavitel Complete fabric softeners have a superior formula that maximizes the benefits your clothes will experience. The complete softeners will encourage the appearance of even fewer wrinkles, protect the colors of your clothes, and easily remove stains. You can get the complete softener in a soothing lavender, garden breeze, field flowers, morning sun, sunshine bloom, waterfall mist, or floral burst fragrances.

Suavitel Complete Gentle Care

This Gentle Care fabric softener is the perfect option for someone with sensitive skin. This formula has been dermatologist-tested to be safe for people with sensitivities and is completely dye, paraben, and phosphate free.

Suavitel Complete Hygiene Fresh

Along with all the benefits you receive from Suavitel Complete’s superior formula, their Hygiene Fresh product eliminates odors and provides all day odor protection.

How to Use Suavitel Fabric Softener?

Suavitel understands their customers have busy lives and need simple solutions. That’s why they’ve made their fabric softeners so easy to use. All you need to do is measure out the proper amount using the lines on the cap of your bottle, add it to your washer’s dispenser or drum, and run your load as normal.

What Are The Ingredients in Suavitel?

The ingredients in Suavitel might vary by product. Here are the ingredients in their original field flowers fabric softener.

  • Colors
  • Tri ethanol amine quate
  • Fragrance
  • Polyacrylates
  • Aminotrimethylene phosphonic acid
  • Calcium Chloride, dihydrate
  • Water
  • Lactic acid

Suavitel Fabric Softener vs Suavitel Fabric Softener Complete

Suavitel updated their fabric softener formula to provide superior softness and freshness in 2008, which is when they came out with the Complete line. Their original formula focuses on making your clothes soft and imparting them with a long-lasting fragrance, while the Complete version provides your clothes with additional benefits.

The Complete formula also protects your clothes’ colors, easily removes stains, and prevents the appearance of wrinkles.

Is Suavitel Fabric Softener Toxic?

Suavitel fabric softener isn’t necessarily toxic, but it does contain multiple chemicals that can pose certain dangers. You should only use their products as directed, and contact a poison control center if the fabric softener comes in contact with your eyes, mouth, nose, or if you have a reaction.


Downy released its first fabric softener in 1961 and followed that up with their first dryer sheet nearly 25 years later. Their focus was originally on producing products that could combat the harsh stiffness that detergent would leave clothes with. Over time, their focus expanded to solving other laundry related headaches.

This company stands for safety and sustainability. They list all of their ingredients on their website and work to create new products that use fewer resources. They’re partnered with companies to come with up recycling solutions for 100% of their products, and make those products in facilities that use clean, renewable energy sources.

What Products Does Downy Offer?

Downy offers a huge variety of products for their customer’s laundry needs. Here’s a detailed list of all the products this brand has to offer.

Downy Wrinkleguard Laundry Fabric Softener Liquid Downy Wrinkleguard Laundry Fabric Softener Liquid, Fresh Scent, 192 Total Loads (Pack of 2)

This product offers all the benefits you normally get with Downy fabric softener, such as reduced fuzz, odor elimination, fade protection, wash-related damage protection, and wonderful fragrance, with an added benefit. The wrinkleguard fabric softener reduces the appearance of wrinkles after washing and while you’re wearing your clothes. You can get this fabric softener unscented or with a fresh scent or floral fragrance.

Downy Intense Scent + Freshness Laundry Liquid Fabric Softener Downy Intense Scent + Freshness Laundry Liquid Fabric Softener, Spring Rush Scent, 166 Total Loads (Pack of 2)

This product elevates the fragrance while still protecting your clothes from washing-related damage, fuzz, and color fading. The Downy Instense Scent comes in two invigorating fragrances; spring rush and wildflower bloom.

Downy Ultra Plus Laundry Fabric Softener Liquid Downy Ultra Plus Laundry Fabric Softener Liquid, April Fresh Scent, 152 Total Loads (Pack of 2)

Downy Ultra Plus brings its A-game by eliminating odors, fuzz, and wrinkles while imparting pleasant fragrances that are guaranteed to last. Your clothes will come out perfectly soft, unwrinkled, and scented by one of the many fragrances available for this product. You can choose between April fresh, cool cotton, mountain spring, clean breeze, and sun blossom for fragrances.

Downy Ultra Free & Gentle Liquid Fabric Conditioner Downy Ultra Free & Gentle Liquid Fabric Conditioner (Fabric Softener), 34 Oz Bottles, 6 Pack, 240 Loads Total

For people with sensitive skin, Downy Ultra Free & Gentle is the perfect product. It’s free of any perfumes or dyes and is dermatologist-tested to be safe. This product will still protect your clothes and eliminate odors, while also being super gentle on your skin.

Downy Infusions Fabric Softener Liquid Downy Infusions Laundry Fabric Softener Liquid, Calm Scent, Lavender & Vanilla Bean, 166 Total Loads (Pack of 2)

Downy Infusions brings powerful natural scents into your laundry room and your clothes. This fabric softener will still protect your clothes and eliminate odors, while imparting a wonderful fragrance that’s guaranteed to last. You can get this product in a variety of fragrances, including romantic (white tea + peony), calm (lavender + vanilla bean), bliss (amber + rose), and refresh (birch water + botanicals).

Downy Nature Blends Laundry Softener Liquid Downy Nature Blends Laundry Fabric Softener Liquid, Honey Lavender, 44 Oz Bottles, 2 Pack, 104 Loads Total

Downy Nature Blends are perfect for people who prefer gentler, all-natural fragrances. This fabric softener will provide your clothes with protection from fading, fuzz, and washing related damage while imparting them with either honey lavender or rosewater and aloe fragrances. This fabric softener is 70% plant-based.

Downy Defy Damage Conditioning Beads Downy Defy Damage Total-wash Fabric Conditioning Beads, Fabric Softener, Unscented, 24.6 Ounce

These conditioning beads will give your clothes all the protection they need against washing related damage, fading, fuzz, and stretching. Your clothes will come out feeling soft and smelling great after using these conditioning beads. You can get them in a floral or fresh fragrance, or unscented.

Eco-Boxes Downy Eco-box Ultra Concentrated Liquid Fabric Conditioner (fabric Softener), Free & Gentle, 180 Loads, 105 Fl Oz

Downy also has eco-boxes available for their customers. These boxes are made with 75% less plastic and are the perfect choice for customers focused on sustainability. You can get their eco-boxes in any fragrance that Downy offers.

How to Use Downy Fabric Softener?

Downy fabric softener is very simple to use. All you need to do is use the cap from your fabric softener bottle to measure out the correct amount of liquid for your load, and add it to your washer’s dispenser or drum.

For the conditioning beads, you simply toss a handful straight into your washers drum. Then set a load to run as normal and let Downy do the work for you!

What Are The Ingredients in Downy Fabric Softener?

The ingredients in Downy fabric softener might vary based on product, but here’s a list of ingredients found in their original formula.

  • Water
  • Fragrance
  • Formic Acid
  • Pentasodium Pentetate
  • Diethylester Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride
  • Polyquaternium- 33
  • Colorant

Downy Infusions vs Downy Nature Blends

Downy Infusions contain essential oils of fragrances to make those scents more potent and help them last longer. Those essential oils are added to their original formula, so you’re getting all the benefits of their fabric softener with an enhanced fragrance.

Downy Nature Blends are a new formula that is 70% plant based. The Nature Blends use all-natural scents to bring the pleasant fragrance of nature into your laundry room, and your clothes.

Is Downy Fabric Softener Toxic?

Downy fabric softener isn’t necessarily toxic, but it does contain tough chemicals that can cause some adverse health reactions if used inappropriately. Only use this product as directed and contact a poison control center if it comes into contact with sensitive areas, or you develop a reaction after using it.

Comparison Questions (Suavitel vs Downy)

Is Suavitel or Downy More Affordable?

An important question in the Suavitel vs Downy debate is which is the more affordable brand. In this instance, we’re going to compare the price of their original fabric softeners by breaking it down by the price per fluid ounce so you can see for yourself that Downy is the more affordable fabric softener.

Brand Price Per Fluid Ounce
Suavitel $0.70
Downy $0.25

Which Fabric Softener is More Powerful?

Downy is more powerful than Suavitel. While Suavitel’s products are effective at softening clothes and eliminating odors, Downy’s products provide far more benefits. Downy Fabric Softener also protects against fading, fuzz, and washing related damages, which makes it the more powerful fabric softener.

Which Provides A Larger Variety of Products?

Both brands provide a solid range of products for their customers, but Downy out performs Suavitel in this category. Downy offers more fragrances and lines of fabric softener than Suavitel. Downy also offers conditioning beads as an easier alternative to liquid fabric softener, while Suavitel doesn’t have any comparable products.

Are Both Cruelty Free?

Downy is 100% cruelty free, and has worked to ensure that their products are safe for their customers without testing on animals. It’s unclear whether Suavitel’s products are 100% cruelty free, as they’ve so far refused to publicly state whether they test on animals.

Which Fabric Softener is More Environmentally Friendly?

While both brands have made strides to be more environmentally friendly, Downy is the clear winner in this category. They have a driven focus on coming up with recyclable solutions for all their products, using only clean and renewable energy sources, and have eco-boxes that are made with far less plastic.

Related Questions

Is Fabric Softener The Same As Downy Fabric Conditioner?

While Downy does market their products as fabric conditioners, it’s really just another way of saying fabric softener. This was done intentionally to set their product apart from the other fabric softeners on the market, but it is still a fabric softener.

Is Suavitel A Good Fabric Softener?

Suavitel is a good fabric softener in its own right. Customer reviews show that it is effective at keeping your clothes soft, eliminating odors, and leaving your clothes with a pleasant fragrance afterward.

Does Suavitel Have Dryer Sheets?

Suavitel does make dryer sheets as well as fabric softeners. You can get them in any of the fragrances included in their Complete line, and they’ll work to reduce static and fuzz on your clothes.

The Verdict – Which Is Better?

In the debate between Suavitel vs Downy, it’s clear that Downy is the better fabric softener. Not only do they offer a wider variety of products, but they’re also more environmentally friendly and affordable. If you want an amazing smelling fabric softener that protects your clothes from becoming damaged in the wash, then it’s time to grab a bottle of Downy!