Windex vs Glass Plus | What’s the Better Glass Cleaner?

There are a ton of glass items in most homes that need to be cleaned, and most noticeably are the windows. There are also glass tables, mirrors, electronic pieces, and other glass items in the home that need to be wiped down regularly. Having a reliable and effective glass cleaner in the home is a top priority.

Most people rely on either Windex or Glass Plus to keep their windows streak-free and squeaky clean, but which is the better glass cleaner? Windex is a reliable product that offers a variety of formulas to help you keep everything in your home clean. It’s time-tested and highly reviewed, and is the superior glass cleaner compared to Glass Plus.

When it comes to finding the best glass cleaner, you’ll want to look at the products offered, active ingredients, effectiveness, and affordability. Is Windex or Glass Plus the better glass cleaner? Read on to learn everything you need to know about these two products and which is best for you.

What’s the Difference Between Windex and Glass Plus?

As it turns out there are quite a few differences between these two products. Windex can be found more easily than Glass Plus as it’s stocked in most stores and available online. Glass Plus can be harder to find, which makes it a less convenient option than Windex.

Another difference between these two cleaners is the products they have available. Windex has a variety of products designed for different purposes, while Glass Plus relies on a single formula to meet their customer’s needs.

Their ingredients are slightly different as well. Windex has several different products that have slightly different compositions, and Glass Plus only sells one product that lacks one of Windex’s main ingredients.

What Products Does Windex Offer?

Windex offers a variety of products for their customers. Read on to learn more about the products that Windex offers and how they can help you keep your home clean.

Windex Original Glass Cleaner Windex Glass Cleaner, Original Blue, Spray Bottle, 23 fl oz (Pack of 2)

The original Windex glass cleaner is a staple in most people’s homes. This product is designed to allow you to easily wipe away dirt, grime, and smudges from your windows and other glass surfaces. It’s quick-acting and leaves you with streak-free clean glass surfaces.

Windex Disinfectant Cleaner Windex Disinfectant Cleaner - Multisurface Spray Bundle, Includes a 23 fl oz Spray and a 32 fl oz Refill, Works on Kitchen and Bathroom Counters and More, Citrus Fresh Scent

This disinfectant cleaner from Windex can kill up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria when used correctly. It’s ammonia-free and can be used on a variety of surfaces including glass, countertops, kitchen tables, and glass stovetops.

Windex With Vinegar Glass Cleaner Windex with Vinegar Glass Cleaner, Spray Bottle, 23 fl oz

This product contains all the power of Windex’s original formula with an extra boost from vinegar’s natural cleaning abilities. The Windex with vinegar cleaner works well to remove dirt, bacteria, germs, and smudges from all of your glass surfaces.

Windex Glass and Surface Pre-Moistened Wipes Windex Glass and Surface Pre-Moistened Wipes, Original, 38 Count (Pack of 6)

These pre-moistened wipes Windex offers cuts out the middle man so you don’t need to worry about having a paper towel or rag handy. They provide all the same cleaning power as Windex’s original glass cleaner and are great for touch-ups and smaller surfaces such as picture frames, microwave doors, and bathroom mirrors.

Windex Outdoor Glass & Patio Concentrated Cleaner Windex Outdoor Glass & Patio Concentrated Cleaner, 2 ct, 32 fl oz

If you need a strong cleaner for your outdoor glass, patio furniture, or playscapes then this Windex Outdoor Cleaner is for you. You can attach it to your garden hose and all you need to do is spray down the surfaces that need cleaning, rinse them off, and allow them to air dry.

Windex Electronics Screen Wipes Windex Electronics Screen Wipes for Computers, Phones, Televisions and More, 25 count - Pack of 3 (75 Total Wipes)

Sometimes your phone, television, or computer screens need a good wipe-down. They accumulate tons of dust, fingerprints, and germs, and these Windex screen wipes are designed to clean your electronics screens in seconds. You can carry these pouches around with you and quickly wipe down your screens on-the-go if need be.

Windex Foaming Glass Cleaner Windex Foaming Glass Cleaner With Ammonia D, Provides Unbeatable Streak-Free Shine, 19.7 Ounce Aerosol

Windex also offers their original glass cleaning solution in an aerosol spray that foams when it comes into contact with surfaces. This is a great product for cleaning tall mirrors and other vertical surfaces because the foam will cling to the surface and allow for an easier and more spot-on clean. The Windex foaming glass cleaner is great for removing smudges, fingerprints, and other debris from your glass surfaces.

What Products Does Glass Plus Offer?

Glass Plus is a powerful cleaner that’s designed to remove smudges, dirt, and germs from your glass surfaces. They only offer one product for their customers.

Glass Plus Glass Cleaner Windex Foaming Glass Cleaner With Ammonia D, Provides Unbeatable Streak-Free Shine, 19.7 Ounce Aerosol

The Glass Plus glass cleaner is ammonia free and will work to clean all of your glass surfaces. It’s designed to leave behind a streak-free shine and is safe to use on mirrors, windows, computer screens, fiberglass, plexiglass, and clear plastic.

Are the Ingredients Different in Windex and Glass Plus?

These two products have the same active ingredients. The only real difference is that Glass Plus’s formula doesn’t include ammonia, while most of Windex’s products do contain ammonia-D as a main active ingredient.

However, Windex sells several products that are ammonia-free, including a version of their original glass cleaner that excludes that chemical. In short, there is no real difference between these two brands.

Can You Mix Glass Plus and Windex Together in the Same Bottle?

You can absolutely mix Glass Plus and Windex together in the same bottle if you’d like. Since both products are made of the same ingredients, there’s no harm in mixing these two brands together.

There’s also no benefit to mixing them together. You’ll get the same clean and streak-free result from both products and mixing them together to clean won’t affect the result.

Which is the More Affordable Cleaner?

In addition to their ingredients similarities, the price of these two products are very close. Windex costs slightly less than Glass Plus, but neither is an expensive product.

Windex does offer more options than Glass Plus so if you’re buying more of their cleaning products than that’s going to be more costly than buying a single bottle of Glass Plus.

What Glass Cleaner Performs Better?

Since both Glass Plus and Windex use a similar formula for their cleaners, you’re not going to see a big difference when cleaning with them. They’re both well-reviewed and advertised to clean and brighten your glass surfaces and leave them streak-free.

However, when it comes to cleaning a variety of surfaces, Windex beats out Glass Plus. Windex offers several products that are designed to clean specific surfaces such as your electronics screens and outdoor furniture.

The Verdict- Which Glass Cleaner Should I Buy?

While Glass Plus is a good glass cleaner in it’s own right, Windex is the superior cleaner. They offer a range of products that can clean all of your glass surfaces inside and outside, as well as your electronics. They also offer pre-moistened wipes for touch-ups and small surfaces.

Windex is going to be the more affordable and convenient option. It’s easier to find in-store and has a cleaner for every situation. If you need a solid glass cleaner that’s affordable, easy to find, and multi-purpose then you should always go with Windex.