How to Get Rid of Pink Mold in Your Toilet

Get Rid of Pink Mold in Your Toilet

Keeping your home clean is a never-ending job. Removing buildup from your toilet is one of these jobs that needs to be done every so often. Build up can be many things, but a common issue is pink mold. To remove pink mold from your toilet you will first need to use mix baking soda … Read more

10 Best Toilet Paper Holders for Mega Rolls

10 Best Toilet Paper Holders for Mega Rolls

If you’re the type of person or business that deals with a lot of people occupying one space, then it probably makes more economical sense to invest in mega rolls of toilet paper. This way you ensure that your guests (or employees) never run out of supply when duty calls. The issue is how hard … Read more

How to Clean Pink Mold from Shower? (With Video Guide)

how to clean pink mold guide

Have you ever noticed a pink, or even red, residue clinging to the wall of your shower, or perhaps around the drain, or on the tiles in your bathtub? If you have, you might be wondering just what in the world this pink residue is! The common name for this residue is pink mold. Despite … Read more

Are Fabric Shower Curtains Waterproof?

Are Fabric Shower Curtains Waterproof

Shower curtains are a subtle but important part of your bathroom. They prevent excess water from damaging your floor, walls, and furniture. There are several types of shower curtains on the market, including Fabric Shower Curtains. These may be attractive due to their more varied appearance, pleasant texture, and environmentally friendly construction. However, can they … Read more