Are Fabric Shower Curtains Waterproof?

Shower curtains are a subtle but important part of your bathroom. They prevent excess water from damaging your floor, walls, and furniture. There are several types of shower curtains on the market, including Fabric Shower Curtains. These may be attractive due to their more varied appearance, pleasant texture, and environmentally friendly construction.

However, can they really replace traditional plastic shower liners? Fabric Shower Curtains do an excellent job preventing water from spraying across your bathroom. Fabric Shower Curtains are effective and waterproof.

Are Fabric Shower Curtains Waterproof?

Fabric Shower Curtains can be made in a variety of fabrics, which will of course affect their properties. The majority of Fabric Shower Curtains are waterproof. Fabric Shower Curtains act like wicks, absorbing the water and sending it down into the tub. With proper care, you can count on a Fabric Shower Curtain to feel and look luxurious for a long time.

What Fabrics are Waterproof?

The wide variety of fabrics available for use as shower curtains means you will need to read your label carefully to know how to care for the curtain. Heavy fabrics with tight weaves are most suited to be used as shower curtains because they are waterproof. Some common waterproof choices are Heavy cotton or hemp canvas, Polyester, or microfiber.

What Can Happen When a Non-Waterproof Fabric Shower Curtain Gets Wet?

If you happen to have a Fabric Shower Curtain which is not waterproof, you will of course want to keep it from getting wet. If it does get wet, you will notice leakage or spray from the shower on your bathroom floor. You might also notice that the design is damaged, or that the texture is poor once it dries (especially if it gotten wet repeatedly). A worst-case scenario is that mildew forms on the curtain, which can be difficult to remove from a non-waterproof curtain.

How Can You Clean Mold from a Shower Curtain?

Once mold gets into your shower curtain, getting it out can be tricky. However, it is possible. Bleach or Hydrogen Peroxide can be used but may bleach your curtain if it is not white. Vinegar or baking soda are better choices for most fabric curtains. Read more information about getting pink mold out of your shower curtain here.

If you have pink mold in your shower or tub check out our Youtube video and article here on how to properly clean it out!

Do Fabric Shower Curtains Need a Liner?

Despite the popularity of using liners with Fabric Shower curtains, you do not need them. A high-quality curtain will be perfectly capable of keeping your bathroom dry without the help of a liner. However, a cheaper curtain may not be waterproof – check to make sure you have purchased a waterproof curtain before using it without a liner.

Even though your Fabric Shower Curtain will not need a liner, they require a bit of care to stay in good condition. You cannot simply wipe them down like a plastic liner, they must be washed. Every six months, you can throw it in the machine and wash it with warm water. Additionally, you will want to keep the curtain closed between uses so it can dry.

What are the Best Waterproof Shower Curtains with No Liner Needed?

1.  N&Y Home Ultimate Waterproof Fabric Shower Curtain  Ultimate Waterproof Fabric Shower Curtain or Liner, Machine Washable, Breathable Fabric TPU Lining Bath Tub Shower Liner, White, 72x72 inch

The N&Y Fabric Shower Curtain is an affordable, plain polyester curtain. It claims to be hotel grade, with reinforced shower curtain holes for extra durability. The fabric is soft, and it is sized well for the standard bathtub. The corners have weighted magnets to stop it from billowing – a nice touch – and it is waterproof because of the TPU coating. TPU coatings slightly change the texture of the fabric but are nontoxic and environmentally friendly.

Overall, this is an excellent choice for those who want the luxurious feel of the Fabric Shower Curtain but are not overly concerned about all natural fibers.

2. Eforcurtain Modern Chic Waffle Shower Curtain Eforcurtain Modern Chic Waffle Shower Curtain for Hotel, Waterproof Bathroom Curtain Heavy Duty Fabric White, 72 by 72Inch

The Eforcurtain Shower Curtain is a more stylish version of the previous number, with a slightly higher price tag. It is waffle design gives it a pleasant geometric pattern, and it comes in several colors. The metal grommets and polyester fabric seem like many other Fabric Shower Curtains.

However, I see no mention of a TPU coating, which may make the fabric softer and/or environmentally friendly. Instead, the company claims that the waffle weave is what gives the curtain its’ waterproof qualities. Despite this, it is still a synthetic fabric which may be a con for some consumers.

3. Adwaita Marble Pattern-Fabric Shower Curtain Heavy Duty Waterproof Fabric Bathroom Shower Curtain Bath Curtain Weighted 100 Percent Polyester, Machine Washable, 72 x 72 Inches (Grey Marble)

The Adwaita Shower Curtain is a coated, screen-printed polyester Shower Curtain. The features are very standard, with rust resistant grommets and a weighted bottom. They claim the fabric is water repellent rather than water resistant, which typically means there is some type of coating. However, I do not see anywhere what exactly this coating is. This makes it impossible to comment on whether it is nontoxic or eco friendly – a big concern for many consumers. Overall, this curtain is pretty, but makes be feel suspicious.

4. MICRODRY Deluxe Quick Dry Water Repellent Fabric Embossed Bathroom Shower Curtain MICRODRY Deluxe Quick Dry Water Repellent Fabric Embossed Bathroom Shower Curtain / Liner – Superior Fabric Quality, Piling Resistant, Fade Resistant and Durable| 72” x 72” (Chrome)

The MICRODRY Shower Curtain is the only natural fiber option on this list. This shower curtain is about twice as expensive as the others but is still one of the cheaper natural fiber options. It is made of 100% cotton, with a tight, heavy weave to repel water. It can be used without a liner, but you will want to avoid washing it with hot water to avoid damaging the weave.

How Often Should You Clean a Fabric Shower Curtain?

Ideally, you should wash your Fabric Shower Curtain every 4-6 months to prevent mold. If you wash it less frequently, you may notice pink, orange, or red discoloration – this is mold.

Can You Machine Wash a Fabric Shower Curtain?

Not only can you wash a Fabric Shower Curtain by hand, but you can also machine wash it. Waterproof curtains are made of heavy fabric, so they do not need special settings in the washer. Warm or hot water at normal speeds should be sufficient to avoid damage. For extra safety, throw a couple towels in with the curtain.

Final Thoughts

Fabric Shower Curtains are a luxurious, environmentally friendly alternative to plastic shower liners. You can find several fabric types which are waterproof – both synthetic and natural fibers. Despite their more expensive feel, Fabric Shower Curtains are not much more difficult to care for than a traditional shower curtain. Simply machine wash every 4-6 months and let dry in between uses. Take diligent care of your Fabric Shower Curtain, and it can last you several years.

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