Swiss Madison vs Kohler | Which is Better?

Whether you’re designing a new home or remodeling an old one, finding the best bathroom and kitchen fixtures is a must! With so many companies out there supplying the market with toilets, showers, and tubs, how do you determine which is the best company?

Swiss Madison and Kohler are two well-known brands in the bathroom fixture world. Both companies are well-rated online, so we’re going to look at the products they offer and answer some important comparison questions to determine which is better.

Are you curious about what makes Swiss Madison and Kohler different? Do you want to know more about the products these two companies offer? Well, you’re in the right place! Read on to learn everything you ever wanted to know about these two companies!

What’s the Difference Between Swiss Madison and Kohler?

Swiss Madison and Kohler are both very similar companies. They offer many similar products and for a very similar price point. So, what’s the difference?

The difference is that Swiss Madison has only been around for a handful of years, while Kohler got their start back in the 1800s. Kohler has a long-standing history of producing high-quality and long-lasting products, while Swiss Madison is still working on building up their reputation.

Swiss Madison

Swiss Madison is a company that prides itself on improving their customers bath experience through superior products and excellent customer service. This family-owned company was established in 2015. While they’re still new to the bathroom and kitchen fixtures world, they’ve quickly made a name for themselves with high-quality products.

This company was founded by Mendel Greisman, and their headquarters is located in New Jersey. They’re still a small company with less than 50 employees, but they are quickly growing to become one of the leading companies in this industry.

What Products Does Swiss Madison Offer?

Despite being such as relatively young company, Swiss Madison has already established a large variety of bathroom and kitchen plumbing products and fixtures. We’re going to take a look at the different products they offer, so let’s get into it!


This company features an impressive variety of bathroom products on their website. They have everything from toilets & bidet seats to vanities and medicine cabinets! Let’s take a closet look at the products they offer.

Toilets & Bidets

Swiss Madison Well Made Forever SM-BSA01 Aqua Non-Electric Toilet Bidet Seat Attachment, White


Swiss Madison is a company that truly values and appreciates having a variety of products to choose from. They have a large selection of toilets and bidets available, so let’s break it down even further.

Here are the different types of toilets they have available.

  • One-Piece
  • Back to Wall
  • Wall-Hung
  • Two-Piece
  • Smart Toilets
  • Urinals
  • Toilet Seats
  • Toilet Accessories

If you’re looking for a bidet or bidet seat, then Swiss Madison has these options available for you.

  • Classic Bidets
  • Bidet Faucets
  • Smart Bidet Seats

Some of their toilets and bidets have awesome special features aimed at improving and simplifying your bathroom experience. Here are some of the best features you can choose with their products.

  • Touchless Dual-Flush (Smart Toilets)
  • Adjustable Water Pressure
  • Adjustable Seat Heating
  • Night Light
  • Nozzle Cleaning
  • And more!

Many of their touchless products also come with a wireless remote control so you can always adjust the settings easily and without getting up!


Swiss Madison SM-FB579 St Tropez 67" Rect. Bathtub

Bathtubs are a cornerstone of many bathrooms. They’re the place where you get to unwind after a long day, soak in some warm water, and fully relax. Swiss Madison understands the importance of getting the perfect tub, so they have the following options available.

  • Drop-In
  • Alcove
  • Freestanding
  • Bathtub Faucets
  • Bathtub Accessories

Their bathtubs are designed to offer a deep soaking depth, built-in apron, and a sleek design that can fit in with any decor!


Swiss Madison SM-PS308 Sublime Rounded Basin Pedestal sink

Bathroom sinks are an important fixture. You want something that’s the right height, has good water pressure, and is easy to control the temperature. Swiss Madison has several different styles of sinks available. Here’s a list of the different bathroom sinks they offer:

  • Vessel
  • Wall-Mount
  • Pedastal
  • Undermount
  • Console Sinks
  • Sink Accessories

Many of their sinks are ADA compliant, come with an overflow drain, and are coated in a high gloss finish that protects against scratches and stains.

Faucets Ivy Single Hole, Single-Handle, Bathroom Faucet in Chrome

You can’t have a sink without a faucet! Check out the different types of bathroom sink faucets Swiss Madison offers:

  • Single Handle
  • Widespread
  • Wall Mount

These faucets are simple yet elegant in design. They’re easy to install and even easier to clean. However, at the moment, Swiss Madison doesn’t have any touchless faucets available.


Swiss Madison has over two dozen shower bases available, but they don’t offer any other shower related products such as shower heads at this time. Their shower bases come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so they have a base available for nearly any shower!


Aside from the accessories that accompany their sinks, bathtubs, and toilets, Swiss Madison has a few other bathroom related items available.

They also have a classic medicine cabinet you can purchase, as well as some different vanities. When you need to completely redo everything in your bathroom, Swiss Madison has got you covered!


Swiss Madison really focuses the majority of their energy on their bathroom products, but they still have some basic kitchen products available. Let’s take a look at what you can purchase for your kitchen with Swiss Madison.

Sinks & Faucets Swiss Madison Rivage 45 x 19 Single Basin Undermount Kitchen Workstation Sink, stainless steel (SM-KU756)

Swiss Madison does have a good variety of kitchen sinks available. You can buy them in several different styles including,

  • Undermount
  • Farmhouse
  • Top-Mount
  • Workstation

Along with their sinks, Swiss Madison also has several faucets available. Most of their faucets are pull-downs, though there is one widespread type available. At this point, none of their kitchen faucets are touchless.


If you need some accessories to match your new kitchen fixtures, then Swiss Madison has some great products for you to check out. Here’s a list of the kitchen accessories they have available.

  • Sink Grids
  • Drains
  • Condiment Serving Board
  • Cutting Board
  • Glass Rinser

Does Swiss Madison Offer Good Customer Service?

Swiss Madison appears to have excellent customer service. Part of their company’s mission statement includes crafting products that are well made and remaining committed to providing excellent customer service.

They have their customer support number and email displayed very prominently on their websites. Swiss Madison’s products and customer support receive an average of 3.6/5 stars across various online platforms.


The Kohler Company was founded in 1873 by John Michael Kohler. Their original warehouse in Wisconsin was dedicated to manufacturing farming equipment until they released their first plumbing product- a cast-iron trough/hog scalder turned bathtub- in 1883.

After that, the company made a swift turn to focus more on manufacturing plumbing products. They changed course and focused on plumbing fixtures in 1926, and have remained devoted to this category of products ever since. Kohler focuses on producing high quality, stylish, and innovate products that can improve the lives of their customers.

What Products Does Kohler Offer?

Kohler has an impressive variety of products for your bathroom and kitchen. We’re going to take a look at the products they offer across a range of categories.


Kohler has everything you need to remodel or update your bathroom, and then some! Let’s dive into the different bathroom products this company has to offer.

Toilets & Toilet Seats KOHLER 3814-0 Two (TM) Corbelle Comfort Height(R) Elongated 1.28 gpf Toilet with Skirted trapway and Revolution 360 Swirl Flushing Technology and Left-Hand Trip Lever (2 Piece), White

Kohler has a huge range of styles to choose from for their toilets and toilet seats. Let’s take a look at the different types of toilets they offer first.

  • One-Piece
  • Two-Piece
  • Wall Hung
  • Intelligent Toilets
  • Comfort Height Toilets
  • Water Saving
  • Revolution 360
  • Continuous Clean

Now, let’s see what kind of toilet seats they have available.

  • Round Front
  • Elongated
  • Bidet Seats

With all of these products you can choose the color/finish and some products have special features as well. Here are some of the best special features you can find with Kohler’s toilets, toilet seats, and bidet seats.

  • Night Light
  • Deodorizing
  • Heated Seats
  • Self-Cleaning

Showers & Shower Doors KOHLER 99693-P-NA DTV+ Digital Shower Interface, Black

Kohler has you covered when you need a new shower base, shower door, or shower head. Here are some of the categories of products they have available for showers.

  • Shower Heads
  • Hand Showers
  • Shower Fittings
  • Rainheads
  • Shower Accessories
  • Shower Fittings
  • Sliding Shower Doors
  • Pivot Shower Doors
  • Sliding Bathtub Doors
  • Bathtub Screens

You can shop by size, style, or other features such as water efficiency (for shower heads). Kohler truly meets the definition of variety when it comes to their bathroom products! They definitely have something for everyone.

Bathtubs KOHLER K-6367-0 Stargaze 72-Inch x 36-Inch Freestanding bath with fluted shroud and center drain, White

The best way to find the perfect bathtub for you is to choose a style that suits you, fits your room, and matches your decor. Kohler has several styles of bathtubs available, and some even come with special features! Here are the types of bathtubs you can find with Kohler.

  • Freestanding
  • Alcove
  • Drop-In
  • Undermount
  • Corner Baths
  • Overflow Baths

And here is a list of the best features you can find with their bathtubs.

  • Soaking baths
  • Heated bubble massage air baths
  • Whirlpools
  • Vibracoustic (sound vibrations)

You can get your tub made with enameled cast iron, lithocast, or acrylic materials. They also have a ton of different sizes for you to choose from, and some customization is also available.

Faucets KOHLER 10433-VS Forte Control Pull-Out Kitchen Sink Faucet, Single Lever Handle, 1 3-Hole Installation, Vibrant Stainless, 2-Function Spray Head

Having a good variety of faucets is key to finding one that matches the style, efficiency, and overall aesthetic of your bathroom. Kohler has a good range of faucets to choose from, and here’s a list of the styles they offer.

  • Widespread
  • Single Handle
  • Double Handle
  • Wall Mount
  • Deck Mount
  • Touchless (Sensor-activated)

If you’re looking at faucets, then it’s likely you also want to take a look at…

Sinks KOHLER K-2210-0 Caxton Under-Mount Bathroom Sink, White

Kohler has tons of sinks available in styles that match traditional, modern, and transitional styles. Here are the different types of sinks they have available.

  • Undermount
  • Pedestal
  • Drop-In
  • Vessel
  • Vanity Top
  • Wall Mount
  • Console Table Sinks

You can find sinks in round, rectangular and other unique shapes with Kohler. Their sinks are made with virtuous china, enameled cast iron, glass, metal, or stone. Finding the perfect sink to match the rest of your bathroom is easy with Kohler’s impressive array of options.

Other Bathroom Items

Kohler doesn’t stop at the main events of your bathroom. Alongside bathtubs, sinks, showers, etc., they also have a handful of other bathroom products you might be interested in.

These are some of the other bathroom items Kohler has available.

  • Vanities
  • Medicine Cabinets
  • Mirrors
  • Lights
  • Towel Bars/Rings
  • Robe Hooks
  • And more!

If you need to remodel your entire bathroom, Kohler has you covered with big and small fixtures, from your towel bar to your toilet!


Finding a company that makes fixtures for your kitchen and bathroom is essential if you want to maintain a cohesive design flow throughout your home. Kohler has plenty of products available for your kitchen needs, so let’s dive right in!

Faucets & Touchless Faucets KOHLER 99259-VS Artifacts Kitchen Faucet, 17.63 x 4.31 x 8.50 inches, Vibrant Stainless

Finding the right faucet for your kitchen is a must! You need something that controls the temperature easily, adjusts water pressure quickly, and helps you get clean effectively. Kohler has plenty of kitchen faucets available, and here’s a look at the styles they offer.

  • Pull-Down
  • Pull-Out
  • Single Handle
  • Double Handle

You can get your faucets in a variety of finishes including, polished chrome, vibrant stainless steel, matte black, brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze, and more!

Sinks KOHLER Task Kitchen Sink, Stainless Steel Dual Mount Single Bowl, 33" Workstation Sink, 1 hole faucet, K-80084-1PC-NA

Considering how much use the average kitchen sink gets, finding the right one is essential. Here are the styles of sinks Kohler offers for your kitchen.

  • Top Mount
  • Under Mount
  • Apron Front

And they come in various materials including,

  • Stainless Steel
  • Cast Iron
  • Composite


Kohler also has some accessories and other fixtures for your kitchen. Some of their other kitchen products include,

  • Lighting
  • Sink Racks and Baskets
  • Cutting Boards
  • Soap Dispenser
  • Water Filtration
  • And more!

Does Kohler Offer Good Customer Service?

Kohler appears to offer good customer service. They have a 3 out of 5 star rating among most reputable customer review websites. Their support number and email is featured prominently on their website. Kohler has a loyal customer base that encourages new home owners and remodelers to purchase their products.

Product Comparisons

The easiest way to determine which company offers the better product is to compare them directly. We’re going to compare a kitchen faucet and bidet seat from each company to see how they compare!

2 Swiss Madison Examples

1. Swiss Madison Kitchen Faucet Swiss Madison Well Made Forever SM-KF75BN Troyes Single Handle, Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet in Brushed Nickel

This single handle, pull-down faucet is finished in brushed nickel and made of solid brass. This Swiss Madison kitchen faucet can swivel 360 degrees and fits in easily with any kitchen decor.

2. Swiss Madison Bidet Seat Swiss Madison Well Made Forever SM-STS21, Cascade Smart Toilet Seat Bidet

This smart bidet seat features adjustable spray positioning, adjustable water temperature, adjustable heating, nozzle cleaning, and a night light. It’s an easy to use and reliable smart bidet seat.

2 Kohler Examples

1. Kohler Kitchen Faucet KOHLER 596-VS Simplice, 3-Spray, Kitchen Sink Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer, High Arch, Vibrant Stainless

This pull-down kitchen faucet by Kohler features 3 different spray settings and uses magnetic docking to securing the spray head after every use. It’s made of sleek stainless steel that’s sure to fit in with any design in your kitchen.

2. Kohler Bidet Seat KOHLER 8298-0 C3 155 Elongated Warm Bidet Toilet, White with Quiet-Close Lid, Automatic Deodorization, Self-Cleaning Wand, Adjustable Water Pressure, Nightlight, Heated Seat

Kohler’s bidet seat comes with a ton of great features such as automatic deodorizing, quiet-close lid, self-cleaning wand, nightlight, heated seat, and adjustable water pressure.

Comparison Questions (Swiss Madison vs Kohler)

Which Offers A Larger Variety of Products?

Kohler and Swiss Madison both offer a wide range of products for your bathroom and kitchen. They each offer extras such as medicine cabinets and other accessories like towel bars and rings.

However, Kohler comes out ahead with their impressive variety of products. This company also has a larger variety of finishes and materials for their customers to choose from.

Is Swiss Madison or Kohler More Affordable?

Swiss Madison and Kohler actually have very similar price points for most of their products. It makes sense since they use many of the same materials and their products are geared towards producing the same results.

However, you’ll spend slightly less going with Swiss Madison, especially when it comes to their accessories.

Do Both Offer Bathroom Vanities?

Both companies do sell bathroom vanities, which sets them apart from similar bathroom fixture companies. Let’s take a look at the vanities each company offers.

Kohler Bathroom Vanity KOHLER K-2604-1WT Tresham vanity, 24", Mohair Grey

This Kohler Vanity is simple in design but effective in use! This solid wood vanity will easily hold up to daily use and its finish is designed to prevent scratches and stains.

Swiss Madison Bathroom Vanity Swiss Madison SM-BV661 Bathroom Vanity, Oak

The Swiss Madison Vanity is made with solid wood and has a ceramic vanity top. This freestanding vanity is perfect for any bathroom, and the simple single door is perfect for storing all the items you don’t want on display in your bathroom!

Do Both Offer Touchless Faucets?

Swiss Madison and Kohler both have a variety of touchless faucets available for their customers. Let’s take a look at a touchless faucet from each company to see how they measure up with each other!

Swiss Madison Touchless Faucet Swiss Madison Well Made Forever Avallon Single Hole, Single-Handle Wheel, Bathroom Faucet in Brushed Gold

This brushed bronze touchless faucet will look elegant in any bathroom and match with almost any decor! It’s easy to install, simple to clean, and the finish effortlessly protects it from scratches and damage.

Kohler Touchless Faucet KOHLER K-13468-CP Geometric Single-Hole Touch Less AC-Powered Bathroom Sink Faucet with Insight Technology, Temperature Mixer and 6-3/4-Inch Spout, Polished Chrome

This touchless faucet by Kohler comes in a sleek, polished chrome finish that looks great and keeps the fixture safe from scratches and other daily-use related damages. It uses adaptive infrared technology so all you need to do is wave your hand to activate a stream of water.

Which Company Has Been Around Longer?

Kohler has been around far longer than Swiss Madison. Kohler began in the late 1800s, while Swiss Madison wasn’t founded until 2015. If you’re looking for a company with a long history behind it, then Kohler is the perfect company for you!

Do Plumbers Prefer Delta or Kohler Products?

When looking through reputable websites and forums dedicated to hearing plumbers reviews of products and which they’d recommend based on their experience, it seems that Swiss Madison and Kohler both receive mixed reviews.

Plumbers have lamented that they feel they spend more time fixing these company’s products rather than installing them! However, when it comes down to it, more plumbers would recommend Kohler’s products because they’re easy to install and tend to last longer.

The Verdict- Which Company is Better?

Swiss Madison and Kohler are both great companies in their own right. Each offers a huge variety of products, finishes, and accessories for their customers to choose from. However, Kohler appears to be the better company.

They’ve been around a lot longer, so they have a history of producing reliable and high-quality products. This company also has more technologically forward products, and offers more varieties for their bathroom products than Swiss Madison. If you’re looking for a reliable company with a history of creating great products, then Kohler is the perfect company for you!