5 Ways to Get Laundry Detergent Stains Out of Clothes

stains on clothes from detergent

One of the most annoying things that can happen when you are washing your clothes is when your laundry detergent actually stains your clothes rather than getting them clean. Why does this happen, and how can you fix it? How can you get laundry detergent stains out of clothes? There are many methods for you … Read more

9 Tips on Where to Place a Fridge in a Small Kitchen

where to place fridge in a small kitchen

The refrigerator is unquestionably the most vital device in a kitchen, but it is also the one that takes up the most space. Believe it or not, there’s actually some science behind fridge placement. Allow me to show you where to put the fridge in small kitchen spaces. 1. Place Where the Fridge Doors Will … Read more

10 Best Laundry Detergents and Additives for Bed Bugs in 2023

Pouring laundry detergent and additives for bed bugs

If there’s one thing that nobody ever wants to deal with it’s bed bugs. These pesky little critters are incredibly irritating and spread rapidly. Even though they are generally harmless, bites from bed bugs can leave skin rashes, and even cause allergic reactions on occasion. On top of the fact that they’re guaranteed to lower … Read more

How Do Main Line Drain Cleaners Work?

sink clogged and pipes clogged. Main line drain cleaner is needed.

If you are a homeowner who has serious problems with your pipes and plumbing, you have probably used main line drain cleaners. But what are they? How do they work? Most importantly, are they safe for your pipes and your family? What is Your Main Line? To put it simply, your main line is your … Read more

10 Best Bidets with Warm Water and Dryer in 2023

Bidet with Warm Water and Dryer

According to a recent study from 2020, Americans go through more than 36 billion rolls of toilet paper every year. An issue that has only been exacerbated due to the ongoing pandemic, which has led to a major shortage of toilet paper around the globe. This is why people all over the world are trending … Read more

How to Get Fabric Softener Smell Out of Clothes?

remove fabric softener smell from clothes

Although fabric softener can be a benefit to many laundry cycles and clothing, sometimes it can be too much of a good thing. If you notice that your clothes smell like fabric softener to an extreme degree after washing, what can you do? So, how to get fabric softener smell out of clothes? You can … Read more

Why Does My Shower Sound Like A Kettle? (Fix the Whistle!)

how to fix shower whistle

Everyone loves a relaxing shower and there’s no way you can be relaxed during your bathe if your shower is making a loud, ringing, whistling noise. This is a common problem that affects millions of homeowners. The cause of a whistling shower isn’t always known immediately. Sometimes it’s takes some investigating. But the good news … Read more