Can You Use The Pink Stuff Cleaner on Carpets?

Taking social media trends by storm, The Pink Stuff cleaner has become a go-to cleaner on many household surfaces making light work of most cleaning jobs. Originating from England, The Pink Stuff cleaners are designed for safe use on most hard surfaces. With the expansion in the range of their cleaning products, including laundry stain removers, some of you may be wondering if it can be used on carpets as well.

The Pink Stuff line of cleaners is not designed to be used on carpets. The Pink Stuff Laundry Stain Removers are intended to be washed off to avoid bleaching of fabrics and all other Pink Stuff products are designed to be used on hard surfaces that are sealed and thoroughly cleaned off with water to avoid any residual film.

The Pink Stuff cleaner has many uses around your home however it is best to use specific carpet cleaners on your home’s carpets instead of this multipurpose cleaner.

What is The Pink Stuff Cleaning Product?

The Pink Stuff line of cleaning products and laundry stain removers are not only affordable and eco-friendly but are also effective at cleaning hard and sealed surfaces. The main ingredients in The Pink Stuff include quartz, baking soda, and soap which make it a great natural cleaner that is mildly abrasive at removing tough stains.

The Pink Stuff is not tested on animals making it a great cruelty-free staple cleaning product for any home. Aside from the laundry stain removers, which should be used to lift laundry stains within a few minutes then thoroughly washed off to avoid bleaching, the multipurpose cleaners such as The Pink Stuff Paste, Cream Cleaner, and Multi-Purpose Cleaner are best used on hard surfaces like sinks, countertops, grout, stovetops, the soles of shoes, etc.…

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The Pink Stuff has other specific cleaners for toilet bowls, glass and windows, dishes, and a general disinfectant. These should only be used in the areas of their intended purpose so as not to discolor or damage any other surface.

Is it Safe to Use on Your Carpet?

The Pink Stuff cleaning line is not safe to use on your carpets. Currently, The Pink Stuff Laundry Stain Removers are meant to be washed off completely after a few minutes to avoid bleaching or discoloring your fabrics.

All other products by The Pink Stuff are made of a mildly abrasive natural formula that will leave a slight film if it is not properly rinsed off with water. For this reason, The Pink Stuff products that currently exist are not ideal for cleaning carpets and other fabrics.

On The Pink Stuff’s FAQ Page they state that they have fabric cleaners that may be used on soft surfaces however their product line does not currently contain specific fabric cleaners nor do they state that any of their cleaners should be used on carpets.

How to Use The Pink Stuff on Your Carpet

The Pink Stuff cleaning products should not be used to clean your carpets. They do have laundry stain removers that should be washed off within a few minutes so as not to discolor or bleach your fabrics and their other cleaning products are intended for hard sealed surfaces.

What’s in The Pink Stuff Cleaner?

The ingredients in The Pink Stuff are as follows:

  • Quartz
  • Water
  • Soap
  • Sodium Carbonate
  • Sodium Silicate
  • Sodium Bicarbonate
  • Glycerin
  • Parfum
  • Laurylamine Dipropylenediamine
  • Acid Red 52
  • Dimethicone

Where Can You Buy The Pink Stuff Cleaner?

In the U.K., The Pink Stuff cleaning line is available at most grocery and home goods stores at an affordable price. In North America, you can find it at common retailers like Walmart or on Amazon.

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Final Thoughts

The Pink Stuff cleaner is not only impressive in its composition but also its ability. Made from natural ingredients that are non-toxic and not tested on animals, The Pink Stuff effectively and easily cleans most hard and sealed surfaces. Because it is mildly abrasive, you should do a spot test in an inconspicuous area of the surface you are cleaning to ensure that it works well. At this time, The Pink Stuff does not have cleaners designed for use on carpets.

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