What Is Old English Lemon Oil?

Wooden surfaces need to be cleaned and treated properly if you want to keep them in good condition. Old English Lemon oil is a great product you can use regularly on all types of wooden fixtures and furniture.

It is a mineral oil that cleans wood and brings out the natural grain. It also protects the wood against stains and marks from everyday wear.

Using Old English Lemon Oil is the best way to look after wooden furniture and surfaces around your home. Read on to learn more about Old English Lemon oil and how to use it in your home.

Does Old English Lemon Oil Help Protect Furniture?

Yes, Old English Lemon Oil is excellent for protecting wooden furniture. If you have some nice antique furniture in your home, you need to look after it properly. The oil will naturally clean dirt and grime from the wood, without the need for any harsh chemicals that could cause damage. It also creates a thin protective layer to stop marks on the wood. Regular use will help you keep furniture in better condition for longer.

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What Are the Ingredients in Old English Lemon Oil?

Old English Lemon Oil is a natural mineral oil that has been specially formulated to clean and protect the wood. Mineral oil is excellent for wood because it soaks in and gives some protection against changes in humidity, which prevents cracking. It does not contain any wax or silicone but it still leaves a nice shine.

What Surfaces Can I Use Old English Lemon Oil On?

Old English Lemon Oil is designed for use on light woods such as pine, ash, and maple. You can use it on any wooden fixture or piece of furniture made from these types of wood. You should use it on anything that needs regular cleaning to restore shine, such as kitchen cabinets. You can also use it on furniture, flooring, stairs, and anything else made from wood.

What Kind of Cloth Should I Use for Old English Lemon Oil?

When applying Old English Lemon Oil, it should be gently rubbed into the wood until it is soaked in. Use a soft cloth so you don’t do any damage to the wood and leave scratches behind.

Old English Oil, Bottle Case samsung Lemon 16 Fl Oz

How to Polish Wood with Old English Lemon Oil?

Follow these basic steps to polish wood with Old English Lemon Oil:

1. Clean the Wood

Before you apply anything to wooden surfaces, you should clean them so they are dust-free. You can use Old English furniture polish for general dusting. You may also need to clean old furniture with warm soapy water if there is a buildup of grime.

2. Apply Oil with a Soft Cloth

Take some oil on a soft cloth and rub it in a circular motion into the wood. Apply it gently and be patient as it soaks in.

3. Let it Soak In

After you have rubbed the oil into the surface of the wood, leave it to soak for a few hours. This gives the lemon oil enough time to soak right into the wood and fill all of the pores. Covering the pores is what creates the protective effect, so this step is important.

4. Buff the Wood

After a few hours, take the same cloth and wipe away any excess oil. You can then use circular motions again to buff the wood until you get a nice shine.

What Does Old English Lemon Oil Smell Like?

Old English Lemon Oil has a nice lemon and almond smell to it. It isn’t particularly strong, but it makes your home smell great when you have applied it to all of the wooden surfaces.

Is Old English Lemon Oil Toxic?

No, Old English Lemon Oil is not toxic. It is specifically formulated to be used on wooden furniture that comes into contact with your skin, so it is completely safe.

Final Thoughts

The best way to treat your wooden furniture is to use Old English Lemon Oil. It will help you keep it in good condition, while also leaving a nice shine on your wood surfaces. Keep this oil in your home for regular maintenance and you’ll have no problems with wood damage.

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