How to Use Old English Scratch Cover?

Wooden furniture and fixtures look great in your home, but they are prone to a lot of wear and tear. It could be claw marks from pets or dents and scratches from people bumping into them or dropping them. Over the years, these small scratches can make the wood look dull. The good news is, you can easily bring wooden surfaces back to life using Old English Scratch Cover. This article will tell you all about the product and how to use it to bring your wood back to life.

What is Old English Scratch Cover?

Old English Scratch Cover is a product used to cover scratches on a variety of different types of wood. You can use it to deal with scratched up wooden furniture or damaged wooden floors.

It acts as a wood stain and can easily be applied with a cloth. Once it is wiped over scratched areas, it will sink into the scratches and cover them up. Although it doesn’t fill in deep scratches, it will make them disappear immediately. It’s an excellent way to bring old furniture or hardwood flooring back to life in seconds.

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Color Options for Old English Scratch Cover

There are several different color options for Old English Scratch Cover, so you can match it as closely as possible to the color of the wood. You can choose from light, medium, and dark scratch covers. Regardless of the type of wood you are using and whether it has been stained already, you will find one that matches very closely. Once applied the scratches will not be visible.

1. Old English Scratch Cover for Dark Woods Set of Two (2) Old English 8 Ounce Dark Wood Furniture Polish And Scratch Cover

If you have furniture made from dark woods such as mahogany, walnut, or oak you will want to opt for the Dark Scratch Cover. It is a darker shade that matches perfectly with those varieties of wood. It can even be used on black wood and other types of wood that have been stained a darker color. The set of two bottles will last you for years to come as you only need a small amount to cover scratches.

2. Old English Scratch Cover for Light Woods Old English Scratch Cover For Light Woods, 8 fl oz Bottle, Wood Polish (Pack of 2)

For light colored woods, like maple, birch, pine, or beech you will likely want to opt for the Light Scratch Cover. It is perfect for use on kitchen cabinets, furniture, hardwood floors, and even wooden stairs. As it is lighter, it may require a second coat on wood that is on the darker end of the scale, but not quite dark enough to warrant the dark scratch cover.

How to Use Old English Scratch Cover?

When used correctly, Old English Scratch Cover can bring your old furniture back to life. Follow these steps for the best results:

1. Shake Well Before Use

Before using Old English Scratch Cover, make sure that you shake the bottle thoroughly to ensure that it is mixed well. If you don’t shake it properly, it may have an uneven consistency when you apply it, and this could lead to large drips on the furniture.

2. Rub Into Scratches

Take a clean soft cloth and apply a small amount of scratch cover directly to scratches and nicks in the wood. Rub it directly into the scratch to ensure that it is completely filled.

3. Wipe the Entire Surface

Once you have applied the product directly to the scratches, you then need to give the whole area an even coating. Wipe the surface around where the scratches are to blend them in so they are not noticeable. This will thin out the scratch cover and help it blend with the original color of the wood.

4. Buff the Wood

Finally, buff the wood with a clean cloth to remove any excess product and give it a nice shine.

5. Let it Dry

Make sure that you let the Old English Scratch Cover dry fully before you start using furniture or walking on the floors again.

If you follow these steps, the scratches will disappear and the Old English Scratch Cover shouldn’t be noticeable at all.

How Long for Old English Scratch Cover to Dry?

It can take anywhere between 20 minutes and an hour for Old English Scratch Cover to dry, depending on the amount you apply. This time will also depend on what kind of climate you are in as well as what season it is. If you live in a humid climate, it may take longer for your scratch cover to dry. Make sure that you test it by gently touching it with a cloth before you start using the furniture again.

How Long Does Old English Scratch Cover Last?

This depends on where you are using it and the types of scratches. It is excellent at removing scratches but it can fade quite quickly or rub away if used on wood that gets a lot of wear and tear. If you put it on a desk, for example, it can come off in a few weeks or months. However, it is so easy to apply and you get plenty in the bottle, so you can easily touch it up whenever you need it.

Where to Buy Old English Scratch Cover for Light Wood?

Old English Scratch Cover is a very popular product and you’ll often find it in local hardware stores. You can also get it from Amazon and you’ll usually get a better price on it. Click this link to check the latest prices for Dark Wood Scratch Cover and this link for Light Wood Scratch Cover. Both come in sets of two bottles that will last you for years to come and help you keep antique furniture and other wooden fixtures in amazing condition.

Old English Scratch Cover Before and After Photo Old English Scratch Cover, 8 Fl Oz (Pack of 1), Browm

Related Questions

What is Old English Oil?

Old English Oil is a great wood treatment to help you protect wooden surfaces from everyday stains and fingerprints. It also brings out the natural grain of the wood and keeps it nice and clean.

It has a nice lemon scent, so it’ll make your home smell great as well as keeping wood in good condition. If you have wooden furniture, you should give it a coat of Old English Oil on a regular basis to keep it looking its best and avoid any damage.

Is Old English Polish Spray Any Good?

Good cleaning and maintenance are important if you want to keep wooden furniture and surfaces looking their best. Old English Polish Spray is a simple way to clean away dust and marks from wood and nourish it at the same time. It’s great for use on any kind of wood anywhere in the house, and it’s made by specialists in wood maintenance, so it is much better than your average furniture polish spray.

Is there a Medium Color Scratch Cover from Old English?

Yes, there is a dark, medium, and light color scratch cover from Old English. The medium is best for use on wood types like maple and oak. If you don’t know which one will work best for your wood or area, take a look at the different colors on Amazon so you can see them next to each other. They should give you a good idea of what color works best for what kind of wood and how noticeable it is.

Is Old English Scratch Cover Toxic?

No, Old English Scratch Cover is designed for use in the home so it is perfectly safe. You may want to keep the room well ventilated when applying it, but even then it will be safe because you’re only applying a very small amount.

Is Old English Scratch Cover Oil Based or Water Based?

Old English Scratch Cover is an oil-based product. When using it, you will need to clean the cloth in some paint thinners or turpentine solution as soapy water will not get it out.

Final Thoughts

Scratches are a common problem when it comes to wood. Old English Scratch Cover is a great way to remove them without any sanding and refinishing. It’s perfect for all types of wood and it’s easy to apply. It needs to be reapplied fairly regularly, but it’s only a quick job so it is one of the best ways to maintain the wooden furniture and fixtures in your home.