How to Wash Vessi Shoes (Step-by-Step Guide)

How to Wash Vessi Shoes

Waterproof Vessi shoes are an excellent investment if you like sneakers but find it frustrating that most brands aren’t truly waterproof. The story of Vessi shoes started with a Kickstarter in 2018. Since then, the fully waterproof shoes have become more and more popular. People who wear Vessi shoes often lead an active lifestyle and/or … Read more

Downy Unstopables vs Downy Infusions (Comparison Guide)

Downy Unstopables vs Downy Infusions

Finding the best scent-boosting products for your laundry is easy with Downy. They have several lines of products that provide your clothes with enhanced and long-lasting freshness. Downy Unstopables and Downy Infusions are products that aim to give your clothes an extra boost of freshness, but there’s more to it than that. Downy Unstopables are … Read more

Can You Wash Birkenstocks in the Washing Machine?

Can You Wash Birkenstocks in the Washing Machine

Birkenstock shoes are a staple because of their simple yet fashionable design. Notorious for being comfortable, your Birkenstocks can handle a lot of situations. However, can they be machine washed? Not usually. While Birkenstock makes a selection of machine-washable shoes, these are limited, and most Birkenstocks are not machine-washable. What are Birkenstocks Made of? Birkenstocks … Read more

Downy Unstopables vs Fresh Protect | What’s the Difference?

downy unstopables vs fresh protect

Whether you have an important event coming up or simply want to fight odors before they have a chance to cling to your clothes throughout the day, Downy has the perfect products for you. Downy Unstopables and Fresh Protect are two products designed to act as deodorants for your clothing. It’s a great way to … Read more

What Happens If You Put Scent Boosters in the Dryer?

What Happens If-You Put Scent Boosters in the Dryer

Adding scent boosters to the dryer is an easy mistake to make, especially when you’re in the middle of a monotonous laundry routine. Scent boosters are an excellent way to give your laundry extra fragrance, but they’re only meant to be used in a washing machine. If you put scent boosters in the dryer, then … Read more

Dryer Balls vs Tennis Balls | Is There a Difference?

Dryer Balls vs Tennis Balls

Gone are the days when every household used dryer sheets to keep their clothes static free and full of fragrance. Many people have made the switch to dryer balls since they’re the more eco-friendly option and achieve the same result as dryer sheets. Dryer balls tend to look just like tennis balls, which leads many … Read more

Washboard vs Washing Machine | What Cleans Better?

Washboard vs Washing Machine What Cleans Better

Washboards went out of favor with the invention of washing machines, but many people still choose to wash their clothes by hand. It’s far more water and energy efficient, but there’s a big debate over whether it cleans your clothes as well as a washing machine. Washing machines work well to clean your clothes, but … Read more

Can You Wash Tights in the Washing Machine?

Can You Wash Tights in the Washing Machine

Tights serve a variety of functions including extra warmth in cold months, fancy dress, and professional wear. Their fragile nature is legendary – the slightest offense will cause tears. Luckily, modern washing machines are gentle enough to wash tights. If you use a mesh bag, there is no reason not to machine wash your tights. … Read more

Can You Machine Wash Rayon?

Can You Machine Wash Rayon

Rayon is a fabric commonly used to make linens, sportswear, blouses, suits, and dresses. This versatile fabric is favored due to its smooth texture, moisture wicking properties, and ease of drying. However, it is a delicate fabric that cannot typically be machine washed. Instead, dry cleaning is ideal to maintain the fabric. You can also … Read more

Can You Wash Crocs in the Washing Machine?

Can You Wash Crocs in the Washing Machine

Crocs are a staple in many peoples’ wardrobe because of their comfort and practicality. However, what do you do when they get dirty? You should not put Crocs of any style in the washing machine, because the material Crocs are made of, while comfortable, is prone to shrinkage. Common safe cleaning techniques for Crocs include … Read more