Dryer Balls vs Tennis Balls | Is There a Difference?

Gone are the days when every household used dryer sheets to keep their clothes static free and full of fragrance. Many people have made the switch to dryer balls since they’re the more eco-friendly option and achieve the same result as dryer sheets. Dryer balls tend to look just like tennis balls, which leads many to wonder: is there a difference?

There is a major difference between dryer balls and tennis balls for laundry. Tennis balls are most often made of felt or nylon and rubber, which works well to soften clothes. Dryer balls can be made from a variety of materials, including wool, plastic, and rubber.

Now that we’ve established the difference between these two items, the question is, how does this difference affect your clothes when you use them in the dryer? We’re going to discuss this in-depth in this detailed guide. Stick around to find out whether you’re better off using dryer balls or tennis balls in the dryer!

What’s the Difference Between Dryer Balls and Tennis Balls?

The main difference between dryer balls and tennis balls is the materials used to make them. Dryer balls are often made of wool, plastic, or rubber, while tennis balls are typically made of nylon and rubber or felt.

Another difference is the options available. Tennis balls come in different colors, but they’re all generally the same shape and size. Dryer balls come in a few different sizes, and there are also some pre-scented options.

Dryer Balls

Dryer balls have been around for ages, but they gained massive popularity during the late 2010s. Often made of wool, plastic, or rubber, these balls bounce around in the dryer and work to separate and soften your fabrics. They reduce drying time, static, and wrinkles.

One of the biggest reasons dryer balls became so popular is because they’re an eco-friendly option for replacing dryer sheets. Most dryer balls are unscented, but some do come with fragrances imbued in them. It’s also very easy to add fragrance to a dryer ball if you’d like. All you have to do is add a few drops of essential oil before tossing it in with your laundry.

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Tennis Balls

Tennis balls have been around for centuries, but they weren’t used for laundry until after the dryer ball craze went mainstream. These balls are often made of felt or nylon and rubber, and they’re meant to be incredibly durable. The durability of tennis balls makes them uniquely suited for use in a dryer.

These balls will bounce around in the dryer with your laundry and help separate the fabrics, which allows for more airflow between them. Much like dryer balls, a tennis ball can work to reduce drying time, static, and wrinkles. They can also help soften your clothes.

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Comparison Questions (Dryer Balls vs Tennis Balls)

Are Dryer Balls or Tennis Balls Better?

Since either product is said to give the same result, it’s helpful to know if one works better than the other. While dryer balls made of plastic or rubber work very similarly to tennis balls. However, wool dryer balls are far superior to other types of dryer balls and tennis balls.

Wool dryer balls work the best for eliminating static and wrinkles. They also cut your dryer time down the best and leave your clothes feeling nice and soft. If you want to add a few drops of essential oil to give your clothes some nice fragrance, then wool dryer balls are also the best product for the job. They will hold onto the fragrance longer and disperse it more evenly than other types of dryer balls or tennis balls.

Are Dryer Balls or Tennis Balls More Affordable?

Affordability is a major concern in today’s world of rising gas, grocery, and electricity prices. Cutting costs wherever you can is a big necessity for most homeowners. We’re going to break down the cost of a batch of dryer balls and tennis balls to get the cost per ball, so you can see which is the more affordable product.

Product Price Per Ball
Tennis Balls $0.65
Dryer Balls $3.00

As you can see, tennis balls are far cheaper than dryer balls. Both options are pretty affordable, especially since you can use a single tennis or dryer ball for months before switching to a fresh one. However, if you’re looking for the most affordable option, then you’ll want to go with tennis balls.

Related Questions

What’s the Best Tennis Ball For a Dryer?

Any tennis ball will work well in your dryer, but you want to stick with average-sized ones. The extra large tennis balls made for children and the extra durable balls made for pets could damage your dryer or your clothes.

Is It Safe To Use Tennis Balls in the Dryer?

As long as you use regular-sized tennis balls, then they shouldn’t cause any damage to your dryer. A good rule of thumb is to use one tennis ball for small loads, two for medium loads, and no more than four for large loads. Using more than this or using extra-large balls can overload your dryer and cause damage.

The Verdict – Which is Better?

Dryer balls, especially those made of wool, are the better option for your dryer. They work better than tennis balls to soften your clothes and prevent static and wrinkles. Wool dryer balls are also easier and more efficient for adding fragrances, and they won’t sound nearly as loud as tennis balls bouncing around in your dryer. While tennis balls are the more affordable option, you’ll be better off buying wool dryer balls.