What Are Dryer Balls? (The Ultimate Guide)

Putting Dryer Ball in the washing machine

It seems as if Dryer Balls are all the rage recently; everyone is either using them or talking about them! But you might be wondering what exactly dryer balls are. If so, you’ve come to the right place! We have created this handy guide for you, to answer all your questions about dryer balls; from … Read more

What Are the 3 Compartments in a Washing Machine Drawer?

3 Compartments in a Washing Machine Drawer

A new appliance can come with more buttons, drawers, and parts than we know what to do with. The manual contains model specific information, but many types of appliances have features which are quite common. The compartments in a washing machine drawer are a notable example of this. Most front-loading washing machines have a small … Read more

Arm & Hammer vs All Detergent | What’s Better?

Arm and Hammer vs All Detergent

Arm and Hammer and All Detergent are both well-known brands in the laundry detergent world. Determining which brand is better can be challenging, which is why we’ve researched both brands extensively to give you the inside scoop. When comparing Arm and Hammer vs All Detergent, it’s clear that Arm and Hammer is the better detergent. … Read more