Where is Paderno Cookware Made?

Paderno Cookware cooking eggs

Globally renowned for its quality, Paderno cookware has become a staple in many kitchens. The Canadian company prides itself on producing a vast array of cookware to suit many kitchen needs while ensuring there is no compromise on the quality or the brand name. According to Paderno’s website, the cookware is still made at their … Read more

Where is GreenPan Made?

GreenPan frying pan on burner

Whether you are an avid chef or someone who cooks for themselves occasionally, you likely reach for non-stick cookware. GreenPan is a Belgian brand of world-renowned cookware that promises to be non-stick while eliminating the risk of toxin release. According to GreenPan’s website, all GreenPan products are made in a factory outside of Hong Kong … Read more

Where is Belgique Cookware Made?

belqique cookware by macys

When you step into common retailers like Macy’s, you will find numerous cookware brands and options. One such brand that has become a well-known cookware line is Belgique. Originally made in Belgium, Belgique cookware has been around for decades and is a trusted brand to many. Belgique is a privately owned brand distributed by Macy’s. … Read more

9 Tips on Where to Place a Fridge in a Small Kitchen

where to place fridge in a small kitchen

The refrigerator is unquestionably the most vital device in a kitchen, but it is also the one that takes up the most space. Believe it or not, there’s actually some science behind fridge placement. Allow me to show you where to put the fridge in small kitchen spaces. 1. Place Where the Fridge Doors Will … Read more

How Long Does Frosting Last? (Fridge & Freezer)

frosting leftovers

When baking cakes, cookies, and pastries, it is typical to err to the side of caution and buy or make more frosting than needed. While you make sure all of your baked goods are covered in ample frosting, you will likely have some leftover. Before you toss it, you can store the extra frosting in … Read more

10 Best Touch Activated Kitchen Faucets in 2023

featured image 10 best touch activated faucets

Being that your kitchen is typically referred to as the ‘hub of the home’, and technology has taken over nearly every aspect of daily life. Investing in a quality touch-activated kitchen faucet can prove to be immensely beneficial in a variety of ways. To put it simply, the entire family relies on the kitchen sink, … Read more

What is Corian Countertop and What it’s Made of?

what are corian countertops

In the world of countertops, there are a plethora of options to choose from including granite, marble, and gemstone however, these options can be quite costly. There is one type of countertop option that made affordable and aesthetic countertop materials accessible. The brand, Corian, invented in 1967, created solid-surface countertops that have become a fantastic … Read more

Are Convection Microwave Ovens Worth It? (Pros and Cons)

Are Convection Microwave Ovens Worth It?

The days of having multiple appliances to conduct different kitchen tasks are falling behind us with the innovation of appliances like the convection microwave oven that combines the functions of two appliances into one. A convection microwave oven offers the features of both a standard microwave and a classic convection oven and when shopping for … Read more