Where is Belgique Cookware Made?

When you step into common retailers like Macy’s, you will find numerous cookware brands and options. One such brand that has become a well-known cookware line is Belgique. Originally made in Belgium, Belgique cookware has been around for decades and is a trusted brand to many.

Belgique is a privately owned brand distributed by Macy’s. For the past couple of decades, Belgique cookware has been manufactured in China. Belgique offers moderate quality for moderate prices with cookware that lasts for decades, all while making excellently prepared meals accessible.

Whether you have heard of Belgique cookware or not, this brand has plenty of loyal consumers that can speak to the years they have gotten out of their cookware and the quality dishes they have been able to prepare. Belgique offers various sets to cater to your cooking needs and kitchen storage space.

What is Belgique Cookware?

Belgique is a lesser-known cookware brand that is gaining recognition through its distribution at Macy’s locations. This cookware is known to heat evenly and quickly while offering durability, and versatility.

Belgique cookware comes in a variety of options such as stainless steel, copper, aluminum, and hard anodized non-stick coatings. The cookware typically comes in sets, though some pots are available for individual purchase. This cookware is a great way to get a vast selection of pots and pans to suit your needs while staying on budget.

Who Manufactures Belgique Cookware?

While Belgique cookware is distributed by Macy’s and other large retailers like Walmart and Amazon, Belgique cookware is made in China. Originally, Belgique was made in Belgium but for more accessible manufacturing, it switched to China a couple of decades ago.

Because Belgique cookware is distributed through Macy’s it comes with the benefit of having access to the customer service and warranty offered by Macy’s, making it an attractive cookware option for consumers.

What is Belgique Cookware Made of?

Belgique cookware sets are available in a plethora of options through Macy’s. Some options include hard anodized non-stick sets, stainless steel, copper, and aluminum. There are also various color options including stainless steel, black, and red.

Is Belgique Cookware Oven Safe?

Belgique cookware is not built to be as oven-safe as other higher-quality cookware brands, however, the stainless steel sets are durable up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, and the lids up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Be sure to check any information on the box and user’s manual to verify the maximum heat tolerance of your Belgique cookware set.

Where Can You Find Belgique Cookware for sale?

Belgique Stackable 10-Pc. Stainless Steel Cookware Set. (New Open Box)

Currently, Belgique is listed as a private brand that is owned by Macy’s. You can find Belgique cookware at common retailers such as Walmart and Macy’s. You can also buy Belgique on Amazon by clicking here. Both offer stainless steel and non-stick varieties. The sets come in various quantities to suit your cooking needs. They also offer stackable cookware sets to save on storage space.

Is Belgique Cookware Any Good?

Belgique cookware makes quality cooking accessible. Some consumers have noted a decrease in quality since the change in manufacturers happened, while others are happily going on decades with their Belgique cookware sets.

It largely depends on your expectations of the cookware. Belgique offers a great mid-range option with reasonable quality at a reasonable price. They are built to last and handle most common cooking jobs.

One more thing to note, proper use is important. Know how to cook with certain cookware sets, sometimes cookware is not designed for certain style of cooking.

Final Thoughts

Under the umbrella of Macy’s cookware lines, Belgique offers moderate-quality cookware sets at moderate prices. Doing so makes quality cooking easy to achieve while staying on a budget for your kitchen items. Belgique cookware is made in China and is becoming a recognized cookware name in many North American homes.

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