Where is GreenPan Made?

Whether you are an avid chef or someone who cooks for themselves occasionally, you likely reach for non-stick cookware. GreenPan is a Belgian brand of world-renowned cookware that promises to be non-stick while eliminating the risk of toxin release.

According to GreenPan’s website, all GreenPan products are made in a factory outside of Hong Kong in China. The factory is owned by GreenPan which ensures that quality is maintained throughout the entire manufacturing process along with environmental safety and worker satisfaction.

In recent years, it has come to light that traditional non-stick coatings on cookware are easily compromised and release toxins when overheated. GreenPan thoughtfully developed a solution to this without compromising the convenience and quality of non-stick cookware.

What is GreenPan?

GreenPan is a Belgian brand of internationally recognized cookware. What sets GreenPan apart from other non-stick cookware brands is that instead of using coatings that release toxins when overheated, they patented a safe ceramic coating called Thermolon to offer the same non-stick quality.

GreenPan Paris Pro 11pc Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware Set, Grey -

Impressively, the most recent generation of GreenPan cookware contains Thermolon that has been reinforced with diamonds to improve the durability and performance of the cookware. Other features of GreenPan cookware as listed on their website include scratch guard, double hard anodised exteriors, energy-saving indication bases, oven-safe handles, and quick and even heating.

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Who Manufactures GreenPan Cookware?

The concept of GreenPan was created by two Belgian friends, Jan Helskens and Wim De Veirman, who were passionate about finding a solution to non-stick cookware that releases toxins when overheated. GreenPan states that they have an in-house research and development team that continues to innovate better and healthier cookware solutions.

While the company is Belgian-owned, all GreenPan products are manufactured in a factory located outside of Hong Kong in China. The factory is owned by GreenPan so they can ensure consistent high quality.

Are all GreenPan Products Made in China?

According to GreenPan’s website, all GreenPan products are made in a factory located outside of Hong Kong in China. GreenPan further clarifies that the factory is owned by them so they can ensure product quality, environmental safety, and worker satisfaction.

Are GreenPan Products Dangerous to Use?

Contrary to other toxic non-stick cookware options, GreenPan prides itself on being a safe and healthy cookware brand. Instead of conventional non-stick options which release toxins when overheated, GreenPan created a non-toxic ceramic coating for their cookware that is durable and safe.

Instead of a chemical non-stick coating, ceramic coatings are sand derived. The ceramic Thermolon coating is heat resistant so overheating will not cause it to release toxic chemicals or compromise the quality of the cookware.

Thermolon is also safer for the environment. It is designed to conduct heat well even at low heat settings making it more energy-efficient. GreenPan also states that 60% less carbon dioxide is produced in the curing phase of the Thermolon coating compared to the curing process of other non-stick substances.

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Final Thoughts

GreenPan prides itself on producing cookware that is safer and healthier to use than conventional non-stick cookware options. They maintain this with their proprietary ceramic coating called Thermolon, controlling every step of the manufacturing process so as not to compromise quality.

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