Is Food Grade Mineral Oil Flammable? (Answered)

Is Food Grade Mineral Oil Flammable

Food grade mineral oil has a lot of uses in the kitchen. It is primarily used for oiling cutting boards and wooden bowls, and it can also be used to lubricate cooking equipment and sharpen knives. But if you are using a substance in the kitchen around open flames, it’s important to consider fire safety. … Read more

IQAir vs Austin Air | What’s the Better Air Purifier?

IQAir vs Austin Air

No one likes to breathe in stuffy air full of dangerous unseen particles or bacteria. Whether you need an air purifier for your home or your office, it’s important to find the best one on the market that can eliminate the bacteria and provide you with healthy, clean air. When comparing IQAir vs Austin Air, … Read more

How to Remove Rust from Your Quartz Countertop (Full Guide)

How to Remove Rust from Your Quartz Countertop

Quartz countertops are popular for a number of reasons; quartz is far more durable than granite, for instance, and because it isn’t porous it is far easier to keep bacteria-free. However, getting rust stains on your quartz countertop can pose a bit of a problem because it’s not all that easy to clean and get … Read more

Dropps vs Tru Earth | What’s the Better Laundry Product?

Dropps vs Tru Earth

In our ever-changing world, finding more eco-friendly products is a must. Dropps and Tru Earth are both brands that focus heavily on providing products that are safer for you and the environment. Their missions are to provide their customers with effective cleaners while cutting down on environmental waste. So, which has the better laundry product? … Read more

Does Windex Have Bleach in it?

Does Windex Have Bleach in it

Windex is a brand that carries mild hard-surface cleaners made to eliminate stains and grimes on many surfaces in the home. It is one of the trusted names from the S.C. Johnson and Sons line of products. Do you ever wonder about the formulation and ingredients in Windex and its safety? Does Windex have bleach … Read more

Does Drano Have Bleach in it?

Drainage Cleaner

Drano is one of the trusted brands when it comes to unclogging kitchen sink and drain. The product is made to remove blockages in sewer pipes and wastewater drains. Its line of chemical drain cleaner effectively removes obstructions, but what chemical does it specifically contain? Does Drano have bleach in it? Drano is a drainage … Read more

Does Kaboom have Bleach in it?

Powerful Cleaning Solution

Stains, grimes, and all kinds of crud buildup ruin any home. That is why households should have a reliable and powerful cleaning solution. For the bathroom and toilet, many households trust the cleaning power of Kaboom Surface and Toilet Cleaners. But, is the product safe for all surfaces in the event that it comes in … Read more

Does Oxi Clean Have Bleach in it?

cleaning products for stain and odor removal

When it comes to surface cleaning and disinfection, nobody wants to compromise. We can say the same for laundry and always aim for cleaning agents that do the job. Oxi Clean is among the trusted cleaning products for stain and odor removal. It is a strong solution for lifting stains and removing disease-causing germs, but … Read more