Can You Use Fabuloso on Windows? (All You Need to Know)

Glass is a very tricky surface to clean, as it streaks easily. It also needs to be one of the cleanest surfaces in a home to do its job properly. What is the use of a dirty mirror? Brands such as Windex have made cleaners for glass cleaning purposes, but does Fabuloso’s Multipurpose Cleaner work on glass too?

Yes, Fabuloso Multipurpose Cleaners can be used on glass surfaces. Some people even compare it to being as smooth of a finish as Windex. However, to prevent streaking using the cleaner undiluted is advised by the manufacturer. The undiluted scent is immensely powerful and will not be for everyone.

Can You Use Fabuloso to Clean Windows?

Fabuloso is a grease and dirt cutting cleaner ideal for just about any solid surface. Windows certainly fall into this category, and Fabuloso is excellent at removing caked on dust, dirt, and even limescale.

I personally clean my exterior windows with Fabuloso, as it removes tough dirt better than Windex, and the fresh air prevents my asthma from reacting to the perfume. To minimize streaking, use Fabuloso with a paper towel or a sheet of newspaper.

Can You Use Fabuloso on Mirrors?

Can You Use Fabuloso on Mirrors?

Mirrors in our bathroom are prone to water droplets, toothpaste flecks, and hair product sprays. Fabuloso is a great candidate to clean mirrors because it has a wide scope of substances it can clean off. Grease, dirt, and mineral stains are all advertised as intended uses for the multipurpose cleaner. However, many non glass specific cleaners leave streaking on glass, which is problematic for a mirror.

Fabuloso can be used undiluted on a paper towel in small quantities, which will clean effectively and dry streak free. The trick to preventing streaks is to prevent any excess product and choose something that will dry in a matter of seconds. If you have sensitive skin, avoiding direct skin contact with the cleaner may be a good idea, but rest assured that undiluted use on a cloth or sponge is manufacturer endorsed.

Can You Use Fabuloso on Windows?

There is no downside to using Fabuloso on your windows except maybe if you have a lung condition such as asthma. I do, and personally found that using the undiluted cleaner on more than just a couple small surfaces like a mirror set off my asthma. For exterior windows, or those who do not have health problems, Fabuloso will work great to clean and disinfect. In enclosed spaces or large quantities, it is a bit much.

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Can You Use Fabuloso on Car Windows?

As in my earlier point about window, Fabuloso is a great formulation to keep glass clean. There is no risk of damage when using it in a car. However, the undiluted cleaner has an extraordinarily strong smell. This can be overwhelming when in an enclosed space. I would never use it in a car, which is even more enclosed than a typical house.

According to the manufacturer, the scent is likely to hang around for up to a week as well. If it does turn out to be intolerable, what would you do? Leave the car out with all the doors open for several days? For this reason, I would rather use an unscented cleaner in a car.

Does Fabuloso Leave Streaks on Glass Surfaces?

Fabuloso does not in fact leave streaks on glass. You can use it undiluted as you would normally use glass cleaner. Keeping the cleaner in a spray bottle seems popular for this purpose.

How to Clean Windows

How to Clean Windows Using Fabuloso?

  1. First, take a spray bottle or bowl of Fabuloso cleaner and a paper towel/newspaper.
  2. Then, place a small amount of cleaner directly onto the paper towel. You want it to be damp, but not soaked.
  3. Clean the glass with the paper towel. Make sure to wipe away as much product as possible before moving on. If you notice your paper towel is getting soggy, or it is not drying away the cleaner, then get a new one.
  4. Use a dry paper towel to go over the whole area again and catch any remaining wetness. This will prevent streaking. If done correctly, your glass surface should dry in less than a minute streak free.

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Will Fabuloso Disinfect my Windows and Mirrors?

Fabuloso has a variety of products, and most have some disinfecting power. Fabuloso Complete kills 99% of bacteria and viruses when left on the surface for five to ten minutes. Fabuloso’s wipes are comparable to Clorox’s disinfecting wipes and disinfect upon contact. It will also dry residue free and does not need to be rinsed. Fabuloso Original however I could not confirm is a disinfectant.

Is Windex Better than Fabuloso? Windex Glass and Window Cleaner Spray Bottle, Bottle Made from 100% Recycled Plastic, Original Blue, 23 fl oz

Windex may be better for those that prefer a less scented glass cleaner, but as far as cleaning power they are not equally matched. Fabuloso heavily outscores Windex in the versatility department as well as grease cutting power. In fact, Windex seems to struggle with any mess more difficult than some water droplets or dust.

Overall, which one is better depends on whether you are sensitive to perfumes since an annoying scent is a dealbreaker for many people. You can find out by giving Fabuloso a good sniff in the store, which if you an asthmatic like me you are probably well versed in doing. If you are not sensitive to the smell, then Fabuloso is a clear winner.

Final Thoughts

Fabuloso’s Multipurpose Cleaner really does seem to be able to do anything. You can use it diluted or undiluted on any solid surface in your home. Even the trickiest of surfaces, like glass, are a breeze. It is safe, PH neutral, low residue, and inexpensive to boot.

However, keep in mind that if you have allergies, asthma, or another similar health condition then Fabuloso may not be for you. They do not have a free and clear product, and the scent is quite overpowering in the undiluted form. I personally hope they come out with an unscented product in the future, so that I can enjoy the versatility without the compromise.

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