Can You Use Fabuloso on Laminate Floors?

Laminate floors and laminate furniture have quickly become one of the most popular home décor staples. It combines the homey look of wood with the mass producibility of a manufactured material at affordable prices. With the many homeowners with laminate flooring many wonder what cleaners are safe on laminate? In this article we talk about Fabuloso, so can Fabuloso be used on laminate floors? 

Fabuloso can safely be used on laminate flooring along with laminate furniture, but only if the protective finish has not been compromised. Dilute Fabuloso with water, clean with a mop, but make sure to wring the mop correctly, too much moisture can damage laminate flooring. 

Before we get down to business about cleaning your floors, you may want to determine exactly what type of flooring you have.

Do I Have Laminate or Vinyl?

Laminate is a specific type of flooring meant to copy the look of expensive hard wood floors. However, it is easy to confuse it with Vinyl flooring, which looks similar but is a different product. Vinyl is a 100% plastic flooring solution, while laminate has a plywood core. As such, the rules for cleaning these materials are a bit different, this article solely focuses on laminate flooring. 


Can You Use Fabuloso on Laminate Floors?

Laminate’s worst enemy, like wood, is water. The internal structure of the plank can be compromised by moisture. This causes warping and even strips of the outer layer to flake off. To make the material more durable, it is coated in a clear waterproof coating called sealant. The leading cause of laminate damage is using cleaners that are too harsh because this compromises the sealant.

Compromising the sealant is something that Fabuloso avoids by being PH neutral. It also does not leave a residue and dries quickly to discourage seeping. Overall, the cleaner is perfectly safe for cleaning laminate, and one of the most popular options on the market. However, Fabuloso should not be used on laminate with a damaged sealant layer, as unsealed laminate is to fragile for any water diluted cleaner.Fabuloso Professional Multi-Use Liquid Cleaner

Can Fabuloso Be Used on Laminate Furniture? 

Like laminate Floors, laminate Furniture is sealed. If this seal is intact, then it is safe to clean it with water diluted products like Fabuloso. However, nicks, scratches, improper cleaning, and other wear and tear can compromise the seal. If this happens, the laminate becomes porous, and will absorb water. Over time, this will ruin the furniture. If you notice any water damage on your laminate, stop immediately to prevent worsening of the problem.

Can Fabuloso Damage Laminate Floors?

Fabuloso can only damage laminate Floor if it has already been compromised. This is because a sealed laminate Floor is waterproof, and Fabuloso lacks the harshness to remove the sealant. However, if the sealant has been ruined by using a harsh cleaner (like vinegar) or scratched up, then it can seep into the laminate and cause issues. If this has happened, you will notice cupping. This is when individual planks in the floor begin to adopt a cupped shape. When cupping, the middle of the plank is lower while the edges curl upwards.

What Happens if You Use too Much Fabuloso on Laminate Floors?

Fabuloso will not damage laminate even in its’ undiluted form. This is because it is PH neutral and lacks any harsh ingredients capable of eating away at the protective finish. However, you may notice that using far too much coupled with a poorly ventilated space may contribute to an oily film. This absolutely should not happen when using Fabuloso and can be easily removed with warm water and a damp cloth. Remember, your floor should always completely dry within thirty minutes of mopping it!

Is the Seal on my Laminate Damaged?

I have just told you all the things that can happen if your laminate is not properly sealed when you use Fabuloso. Now, I am going to tell you how to tell if it is sealed or not. On well sealed laminate, you are going to see water beading, a layer that can be scraped off, and a lack of imperfections in the surface.

Water Beading

Sealant is water repellant, so if your laminate is sealed well, you should notice water beads up when encountering it. You can use a spray bottle to lightly mist the surface, and check for areas where the water pools instead. Once you are done testing, remember to wipe up the water with a dry cloth.

A Clear Layer

Sealant is see through, so a sealed plank will have a thin layer of a clear nail polish looking substance. You can see this best by gently scraping the surface with a butter knife in an inconspicuous place. This test is foolproof, but not my preferred method because it requires damaging the finish.

Lack of Imperfections

Intact laminate is shiny, smooth, and has no imperfections. If you notice divots, scratches, chips, or any other irregularities your sealant is damaged.Fabuloso Makes 64 Gallons Lavender Purple Liquid Multi-Purpose Professional Household Non Toxic Fabolous Hardwood Floor Cleaner + Number 1 In Service Wallet Tissue pack

How to Clean Laminate Floors with Fabuloso?


Cleaning laminate with Fabuloso is very straight forward. Here are 8 steps to follow:

1. First you will empty one cap full (one fourth of a cup) of Fabuloso into a bucket.

2. Then, fill the bucket with one gallon of water. This water should be bathtub warm to get the most benefit.

3. Submerge your choice of cleaning tool (such as a mop or washcloth) into the bucket.

4. Wring excess moisture from the mop back into the bucket.

5. Clean the surface with the mop.

6. When the mop gets dirty, rinse in the bucket and repeat until the entire surface is clean.

7. Wash the cleaning mop and bucket out before putting them away.

8. Ventilate the room to encourage complete drying of the surface.

Does Fabuloso Disinfect Laminate Floors?

Fabuloso Complete and Fabuloso Disinfecting Wipes both disinfect surfaces. The wipes disinfect on contact while the liquid disinfects after twenty minutes on the surface. Both kill 99% of bacteria and viruses. Other Fabuloso products do not disinfect and should not be used for that purpose.

Does Fabuloso Cause Laminate Floors to Become Slippery?

Fabuloso is a low residue cleaner without any added conditioning ingredients. It should never leave behind residue, and while some slip on a beautifully finished laminate Floor is to be expected, it should not be dangerous or excessive. This is a sign that the cleaner has been used improperly, such as not drying well or used in too high a concentration.

Is Pine-Sol or Fabuloso Better for Laminate Floors?

Pine-Sol was designed for genuine wood flooring and contains added ingredients to repair finish and promote shine on wood floors. This can be annoying on some surfaces like tile, since it increases slipperiness, but on laminate it can help the floor looking new longer. For this reason, I would choose Pine-Sol over Fabuloso for laminate Flooring, although both are perfectly fine.

Final Thoughts

Laminate is one of the harder surfaces to clean in your home, because it tends to react so poorly to water. However, an expanding demand has led to an increase in options. Fabuloso has done a wonderful job of creating a multipurpose product which can clean laminate effectively and safely. However, Fabuloso is not a viable choice to use on already compromised laminate, since it is diluted with water, and will make the problem worse.

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