Bradington-Young vs Hancock & Moore | What’s Better?

When you’re looking for classy, handcrafted furniture, there are two stores that should come to mind. Bradington-Young and Hancock & Moore are furniture stores that have a specific focus on producing the best furniture possible. Bradington-Young focuses on fine upholstered leather seating, while Hancock & Moore is dedicated to handcrafted furniture that’s built with love and can be customized.

Bradington-Young is the best brand for leather furniture specifically, but if you’re looking for high-end furniture made with excellent materials that’s reasonably priced and customizable, then Hancock & Moore offers you plenty of options.

If you’re wondering what makes these stores unique, and which is the better place for you to shop, then you’ve come to the right place! We’re going to dive into the history of each store, the furniture they offer, and answer some pressing comparison questions so you can determine which is the right place for you.

What’s the Difference Between Bradington-Young and Hancock Moore?

Both retailers are dedicated to providing their customers with high-end furniture that’s long-lasting and looks great! However, there is a very clear difference between the two. Bradington-Young’s signature furniture is fine upholstered leather seating, while Hancock & Moore doesn’t focus on any single material or type of furniture.

You can find a wide range of home furnishings at Hancock & Moore, but at Bradington-Young, your options are fairly limited. We’ll get into more detail about the types of products each company offers later in this guide.

History of Bradington-Young

Bradington-Young began in Cherryville, North Carolina, in 1978. It was founded by a group of entrepreneurs led by Charles S. Young Jr, who had the desire to build high-quality products that could be sold for a reasonable price.

They focus on hand-crafted furniture and have a particular specialty for upholstered leather seating. Their headquarters is now located in Hickory, North Carolina, where over 200 craftsmen and women work to produce high-quality furniture.

History of Hancock & Moore

Hancock & Moore also began in North Carolina, and their headquarters remain in that state to this day. This company was founded by Jack Glasheen and Jimmy Moore in 1981. Both men were experienced furniture artisans and wanted to create a business that would allow their beautifully handcrafted furniture to reach a wider market.

Jack Glasheen didn’t want his name to be a part of the company name, but he revered his country’s heritage and proposed they name it after John Hancock. This is why the company’s name became Hancock & Moore instead of Glasheen & Moore.

What Types of Products Does Bradington-Young and Hancock & Moore Offer?

furniture sofa on display

Bradington-Young and Hancock & Moore are both in the luxury furniture business. They each focus on handcrafted, high-quality pieces that are guaranteed to look as lush as they feel. However, Bradington-Young has a speciality for upholstered leather seating, while Hancock & Moore has a more diverse inventory of furniture. Let’s take a closer look at what each company offers.

Bradington-Young Products

Bradington-Young has a limited range of products, but that’s because they are so focused on providing their customers with high-quality, long-lasting furniture. While they do offer products made with other materials, most of their furniture is made with high-quality leather.

Here’s a list of the products they offer:

  • Recliners/Chairs
  • Sofas
  • Sectionals
  • Loveseats
  • Luxury Accents
  • Ottomans
  • Pillows

Bradington-Young has 175 leathers they use for their furniture, and over 200 high-performance fabrics. They also have fourteen handcrafted wood finish options, so you can always find a style that matches the rest of your home.

Hancock & Moore Products

Hancock & Moore offer far more products than Bradington-Young because they aren’t focused solely on seating options. They have a wide range of home furnishings available, and each is handcrafted with high-quality materials. Here’s a list of the products they offer:

  • Bar/Counter Stools
  • Benches/Ottomans
  • Sofa/Chairs
  • Executive Chair
  • Gaming Chair
  • Recliners
  • Power-Lift Chairs
  • Sectionals
  • Sleepers
  • Sofas
  • Lounge Chairs
  • Swivel/Gliders

Hancock & Moore offer a ton of extras for their customers to customize their furniture. They offer hand painting, hand lacing, embroidery, burnishing, and more. They use only the highest-quality materials and each piece of furniture is carefully handcrafted by furniture artisans.

Comparison Questions (Bradington-Young vs Hancock & Moore):

The best way to determine which is the better furniture store is by carefully comparing both companies. We have the answers to some essential comparison questions to help you see the difference between these two companies, and which is worth your hard-earned money.

How Does Bradington-Young’s Sofas Compare To Hancock & Moore’s?

sofa in a living room

Since the only similar products these two companies offer are their seating options, we’re going to compare their sofas. When you look at the sofas each company offers, you’ll see many similarities.

Each has a wide range of wood finishes, leather materials, and high-performance fabric options for their sofas. Both companies also have high price points due to the high-quality products and the care that goes into handcrafting each piece of furniture.

The main difference between these two company’s sofas are their style and size options. Bradington-Young offers more options than Hancock & Moore.

You can find traditional two and three seater sofas with Hancock & Moore, but they don’t offer much else. Bradington-Young has single seater sofas and angled sofas, so there are options for people with smaller spaces for those who want to fit their sofa in the corner of their living room.

Which Luxury Furniture Brand is More Affordable?

Hancock & Moore tends to have a slightly lower price point than Bradington-Young. They don’t list their prices on their website, which is a good indication that their prices are higher than your average furniture store.

However, after doing some digging, we were able to find some price ranges for each brand’s furniture. Here’s a table showing the general price ranges for each company.

Type of Furniture Bradington-Young Prices Hancock & Moore Prices
Sofas $3,000-$10,000+ $1,300-$8,000+
Recliners $1,000-$3,000+ $600-$3,000+
Lounge Chairs $800-$3,000+ $600-$3,000+

As you can see, their price ranges tend to be very similar. However, Hancock & Moore has a consistently lower starting price point than Bradington-Young. So, if you’re looking for high-quality furniture that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, then you’re better off going with Hancock & Moore.

Does Bradington-Young or Hancock & Moore Have Better Quality Furniture?

Bradington-Young and Hancock & Moore pride themselves on providing their customers with the highest quality furniture possible. Bradington-Young offers 175 different leathers, over 200 high performance fabrics, and fourteen high-quality and unique wood finishes.

Hancock & Moore also offers several different leather, high-performance fabrics, and gorgeous wood finishes. However, Hancock & Moore also offers customizable options for embroidery, hand painting, hand lacing, burnishing, gimping, and more.

While the quality of each company is comparable, the extent of the options available for customizing your furniture makes Hancock & Moore stand out. Both companies have exceedingly high-quality products, but Hancock & Moore offers more options and ways to individualize your furniture, which makes them the winner of this category.

The Verdict– Which is Better?

Bradington-Young and Hancock & Moore are two high-quality luxury furniture retailers that produce lush, long-lasting furniture for their clients. Each company has a range of furniture options and material choices, but one stands out. Hancock & Moore not only offers more products, but they also offer additional features that allows you to customize your furniture, and they have consistently lower starting price points. When you’re shopping for high-quality furniture that’s reasonably priced and customizable, you can’t go wrong with Hancock & Moore!

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