La-Z-Boy vs Ashley Furniture | What’s the Difference?

Ashley Furniture and La-Z-Boy are two of the biggest furniture retailers in North America! They both ship internationally as well, but their biggest market is unquestionably Canada and the US. These two furniture retailers sell fairly similar products at fairly similar price points, so, what’s the difference?

There are actually several minor differences between La-Z-Boy and Ashley Furniture. The styles of furniture they sell vary, and there’s also a difference in their shipping and delivery services. Ashley Furniture also has more stores than La-Z-Boy.

Doing a little research prior to going furniture shopping is a great way to ensure you’re picking a store that suits your style and your needs. We’re going to explore the differences between Ashley Furniture and La-Z-Boy in detail so you can choose the best place to shop for you!

What’s the Difference Between La-Z-Boy and Ashley Furniture?

These furniture stores may seem very similar at first glance, but after doing some digging its clear that there are some distinct differences between the two. While they do sell the same types of furniture and have very similar price ranges, certain aspects of their stores are different.

The first difference is the number of stores each company has. Ashley Furniture has over 2,000 stores worldwide, and currently have stores in over 123 countries. La-Z-Boy has over 1,000 stores worldwide, though the number of countries they currently have stores in is unclear.

Another major difference between these two furniture retailers is the most common styles of furniture they have available. Ashley Furniture tends to have more traditional, contemporary, and kid-friendly options, while La-Z-Boy leans more toward mid-century modern, family-friendly, and casual options.

Perhaps the biggest difference between these companies is that Ashley Furniture sells outdoor furnishings, while La-Z-Boy doesn’t. So, if you’re looking for patio furniture, then you’re going to want to shop with Ashley Furniture.

About Ashley Furniture

Signature Design by Ashley Trinell Rustic 1 Drawer Nightstand with USB Charing Stations, Warm Brown

Ashley Furniture began as a small, family-owned company in 1970. Their very first headquarters was located in Chicago, IL and they still operate out of this location today, though now it’s one of dozens worldwide. This company experienced rapid growth and began adding more products to their inventory, as well as expanding to other locations within a handful of years.

By the mid-1980s, Ashley Furniture already boasted an impressive 350 different furniture products, though this number is much higher now. This company is passionate about helping others and the environment, and have created several programs to increase sustainability and help those in need. One example is their Hope to Dream program, which provides beds to underprivileged children.

About La-Z-Boy

lazy boy furniture store logo outside on exterior wall

La-Z-Boy got their start in 1927 when two cousins invented a reclining chair. They held a contest to name the chair, and the name La-Z Boy won, which is how the company got it’s name. Originally, this company focused on reclining chairs, then eventually moved on to producing reclining sofas and modulars as well. After a few decades they began offering a full line of home furnishings.

This company is also dedicated to protecting the environment while maintaining high-quality products. They have integrated sustainable business practices in order to reduce their footprint on the environment, and diligently work to uphold their company values of integrity, ethics, and compliance.

What Types of Products Does La-Z-Boy and Ashley Furniture Offer?

These two furniture giants have a ton of products available for virtually every room in your home! Whether you’re looking for a loveseat or a new dining room table, you’ll find a large variety of options with Ashley Furniture and La-Z-Boy. Let’s take a closer look at the types of furniture both companies offer.

Ashley Furniture

  • Outdoor seating, dinning, bars, accessories, tables, and sets
  • Baby, toddler, and kid furniture
  • Organizational/storage furniture
  • Bath fixtures, storage, linen, and accessories
  • Rugs
  • Lighting
  • Home décor
  • Mattresses
  • Living room furniture
  • Bedroom furniture
  • Home office furniture
  • Home theater furniture
  • Kitchen & dining room furniture
  • Entry way furniture
  • Small spaces furniture
  • Accent furniture

Within each of these categories are hundreds of products in a range of different styles, shapes, colors, and materials. Ashley Furniture certainly has an excellent variety of products for shoppers to choose from! If you are interested in shopping for Ashley Furniture check out their best prices on their Amazon store here. 


There are a few differences in the types of furniture La-Z-Boy offers compared to Ashley Furniture. The most notable difference is that they don’t sell outdoor furniture, but there are a couple of other minor differences as well. Here’s a list of the types of furniture you can find at La-Z-Boy.

  • Recliners
  • Chairs
  • Sofas
  • Loveseats
  • Sectionals
  • Home accents
  • Bedroom furniture
  • Kitchen and dining furniture

La-Z-Boy has several fewer categories than Ashley Furniture. Each of these categories contains hundreds of products with different colors, styles, and price ranges to choose from. They definitely offer plenty of variety, but less so than Ashley Furniture.

Comparison Questions (La-Z-Boy vs Ashley Furniture):

Which Furniture Store Offers the Greatest Variety of Products?

La-Z-Boy has come a long way from their start where they mostly offered reclining chairs and sofas. They now have an impressive variety of products, but not nearly as many as Ashley Furniture.

Ashley Furniture unquestionably has the greatest variety of products, and not just because they offer outdoor furniture and La-Z-Boy doesn’t. They have several categories that La-Z-Boy doesn’t have, including home theater and office furniture, which gives them a significant edge over La-Z-Boy.

Ashley Furniture also offers baby, toddler, and kid furniture, which La-Z-Boy doesn’t. This opens up an entire market to Ashley Furniture that La-Z-Boy can’t cater to.

Is La-Z-Boy or Ashley Furniture More Affordable?

Both furniture stores tend to have a similar price range. It can be hard to determine which is the more affordable when you’re dealing with furniture retailers that have such a large range of products available!

That’s why we decided to create this table to compare prices based on specific items, so you can see for yourself which company has the more affordable prices.

Product Ashley Furniture Prices La-Z-Boy Prices
Reclining Chair $265-$9,000+ $599-$2,000+
Dining Room Table $53-$1500+ $899-$4,000+
Dresser $319-$5,000+ $2,000-$5,000+

Ashley Furniture consistently has lower starting price points than La-Z-Boy, so their products tend to be more affordable. Both retailers do have products with pretty high price points, but Ashley Furniture has more affordable starting prices.

Does La-Z-Boy or Ashley Furniture Have A Better Delivery Service?

Delivery Service

La-Z-Boy and Ashley Furniture have slightly different delivery policies. While both stores have plenty of physical locations, they also offer customers the option of making their purchase online and having it shipped to them.

Ashley Furniture offers 1-day and 2-day shipping on certain items for customers in the US (with the exception of Alaska and Hawaii residents). They also offer free shipping for certain items. An interesting thing to note about this retailer is that, while they have many international locations, they don’t ship internationally.

La-Z-Boy does not offer free shipping on any of their furniture. They don’t offer expedited shipping like Ashley Furniture does, but they do ship internationally.

It seems that you’ll have a better shipping experience with Ashley Furniture. They have options for quick shipping and free shipping, which La-Z-oy doesn’t.

Does Ashley Furniture or La-Z-Boy Have Better Quality Products?

Both retailers use a range of materials for their furniture. Ashley Furniture has a lot of furniture made of strong wood, leather, marble, and other good quality materials. La-Z-Boy furniture is made with many of the same materials as Ashley Furniture, however, they have something that’s completely unique.

La-Z-Boy has some furniture made with iClean technology. This essentially makes the fabric stain-resistant and easier to clean. Ashley Furniture has some stain-resistant furniture as well, but La-Z-Boy uses iClean with most of their furniture.

Both retailers have good quality products, but La-Z-Boy’s iClean technology sets it apart from Ashley Furniture in this instance.

The Verdict– Which is Better?

Ashley Furniture and La-Z-Boy are both big-name furniture retailers that have a ton of products available. However, Ashley Furniture offers a wider variety of products such as furniture for home theaters and the outdoors. They also offer more affordable starting prices, and have better delivery policies. If you’re looking for new furniture, then you can’t go wrong with Ashley Furniture!

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