What Does Home Depot Do with Your Old Appliances?

Buying a new appliance can be really exciting. You might be buying one to replace the one that broke, or you could be remodeling your kitchen. And while Home Depot can haul away your old ones, people often ask what is done with them afterwards.

Home Depot offers haul away services on most of your home appliances and your old ones are never kept and are thrown away properly. Depending on your location, that can be through a recycling center, a disposal center, or a scrapyard.

When you’re preparing for new and improved appliance delivery, it’s also good to prepare ahead of time for the services that you paid for. Knowing how to prep is what will make the delivery run a lot smoother and quicker.

Does Home Depot Haul Away Old Appliances?

When buying a new appliance from The Home Depot, a haul away service can be added.

The appliances that are eligible for this service include,

  • Refrigerators
  • Electric and Gas Washers/Dryers
  • Electric and Gas Ranges
  • Dishwashers
  • Over the range microwaves

For the haul away services to run smoothly, be sure to empty out these old appliances. Also, be sure to have them unplugged if the delivery team is not doing install for the new appliance.

Will Home Depot Relocate My Old Appliances?


old washing machine at home

In addition to their haul away services, they can also relocate your appliance. This only applies though, if it’s being relocated to a different room in your house.

This service is currently $30 per appliance and they can move your appliance to another room, the garage, or somewhere else on the property.

They however, cannot relocate your old appliance to a new property.

What is the Home Depot Haul Away Fee?

The fee for hauling away old appliances is $40 per appliance. This is an add on fee in addition to delivery and installation costs.

How Much Does Home Depot Charge for Appliance Delivery and Installation?

This question is a little tricky because there’s no straight answer. It varies depending on the appliance being delivered and installed.

Delivery for any appliance is free as long as the price is $396 or more. Anything under that will be charged $59 for delivery. This may be different in other states.

Installation is free for refrigerators, washers, electric ranges, and electric dryers, as long as you buy the required parts needed for installation, which will be brought with the delivery team along with your appliance.

The charge for gas dryers and gas ranges is $19.99, in addition to the required parts, such as gas lines, needed for installation. Disclaimer that gas dryers cannot be installed in garages.

Over the range microwaves are $119 to install and dishwashers are $154, not including parts.

The Home Depot delivery team can not install built-in appliances such as wall ovens, cooktops, or range hoods as they require a more complex hook-up.