Restoration Hardware vs Arhaus | What’s Better?

Sometimes it’s nice to add something luxurious to your home. Restoration Hardware and Arhaus focus on providing high-quality and luxurious furnishings for residential homes. Each company offers a large range of products from baby and toddler furniture to lighting fixtures and living room furniture.

Restoration Hardware and Arhaus are very similar companies. They produce many similar pieces, however there are some key differences that set them apart and make one better than the other. We’re going to explore these differences in this guide to determine which is the better luxury furniture store.

Are you ready to add a beautiful, heirloom-quality piece to your home? Restoration Hardware and Arhaus are two companies that produce high-quality home furnishings and we’re going to discuss both companies in depth to determine which is the better store.

What’s the Difference Between Restoration Hardware and Arhaus?

Restoration Hardware and Arhaus are two very similar companies. They both specialize in selling high-quality, luxurious furniture and they sell many of the same items. However, there are a few key differences between these two companies.

The first difference is their styles of furniture. Restoration Hardware has more contemporary and modern styles than Arhaus. The furniture at Arhaus tends to be more classic, timeless pieces.

Another difference is in their variety of products. While both offer a wide range of products, Arhaus offers more variety in terms of materials and color options.

About Restoration Hardware

Restoration Hardware was founded in 1979 by Stephen Gordon in Eureka, California. This company sells high-quality fixtures and furnishings for residential homes through their website, physical locations, and catalogue.

You can find a wide range of products through Restoration Hardware, and this company is devoted to maintaining certain sustainability and philanthropic standards. They started a program with Habitat for Humanity in 2015 to donate resources as part of their philanthropic efforts.

About Arhaus

Arhaus got its start in 1986 by John and Jack Reed. This father and son duo built up their home furnishing business over the years, and focused on products that are high-quality and heirloom-quality. The company’s headquarters is located in Boston Heights, Ohio.

This company sells a large variety of home furnishings, and also sell refurbished or repurposed antiques. Arhaus is devoted to sustainability, and works to ensure all their materials are sustainably sourced. They also use recycled materials in 50% of their furniture.

What Types of Products Does Restoration Hardware and Arhaus Offer?

furniture store showroom

Restoration Hardware and Arhaus sell many similar products, but their styles are slightly different. Let’s explore the types of products each company offers.

Restoration Hardware Products

Restoration Hardware focuses on contemporary and modern furnishings for residential homes. They offer a wide variety of product categories and have an impressive inventory for shoppers to browse through.

Let’s take a look at the categories Restoration Hardware has.

  • Living Room
  • Bedroom
  • Dining Room
  • Bathroom
  • Lighting
  • Textiles
  • Rugs
  • Windows
  • Decor
  • Art
  • Outdoor

Each of these categories has dozens of items. They all tend to fall in line with contemporary or modern styles, and they’re all made from high-quality materials. Most of the furniture sold at Restoration Hardware is made from strong woods, aluminum, or marble.

Arhaus Products

Arhaus brings high-quality and heirloom-quality home furnishings to their customers through their physical stores, website, and catalogue. Their furniture and decor are frequently described as classic and timeless. This company’s goal is to provide their customers with lovingly crafted, sustainably sourced furniture that can last a lifetime or longer.

Here are the categories of products you can find at Arhaus.

  • Living room furniture
  • Dining room furniture
  • Bedroom furniture
  • Home office furniture
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Lighting
  • Rugs
  • Decor

Arhaus has a few less categories than Restoration Hardware, but they still offer furniture for nearly every room in your home. They only use sustainably sourced materials, and most of their furniture is made from strong wood, marble, aluminum, and concrete.

How Does Restoration Hardware Furniture Compare to Arhaus Furniture?

Some of their furniture is very similar, but there are a few notable differences. One of the most obvious differences is the style of their furniture. Restoration Hardware mainly has modern and contemporary styles, while Arhaus tends to have more classic, timeless pieces.

Let’s compare a couple of their most popular products.

Restoration Hardware Dining Room Tables

dining room table

Restoration Hardware has a large selection of dining room tables to choose from. You can narrow down your search when browsing their website by shape or material. They have rectangle, oval & round, and extension tables available.

As for materials, you have a solid variety to choose from. You can find tables made from marble, concrete, and a variety of strong woods, such as oak and walnut.

Price Range: $3,000-$17,000+

Arhaus Dining Room Tables

Arhaus also has a good variety of shapes and materials for their dining room tables. They have rectangular, oval, and round tables. They also have several materials to choose from, including brass, aluminum, stone, wood, and zinc alloy.

Their website is very user friendly, and you can filter through their dining room tables based on more than just shape and materials. You can also sort them based on color and price.

Price Range: $1,300-$7,000+

Restoration Hardware Coffee Tables

Finding a high-quality coffee table can be tricky, but Restoration Hardware has plenty of options for shoppers to browse through. They have a variety of shape options, including rectangular, round, oval, square, and hexagonal.

They use the same materials for their coffee tables as they do for their dining room tables, and you can really feel the contemporary style when you look at their products!

Price Range: $895-$14,000+

Arhaus Coffee Tables

Arhaus Coffee Tables

The coffee tables Arhaus has available come in a range of colors, shapes, and materials. They have oval, rectangular, and round coffee tables and use wood, iron, stone, copper, or century marble.

You can find a good range of colors options with Arhaus, which set them apart from Restoration Hardware.

Price Range: $848-$5,000+

Comparison Questions (Restoration Hardware vs Arhaus)

Is Restoration Hardware or Arhaus More Environmentally Friendly?

Both companies have made an effort to be more environmentally friendly. Restoration Hardware works with their distributors and material sources to ensure the process is environmentally responsible. They also work to cut down on waste through every step of the manufacturing and sales process.

Arhaus does all of this as well, but they take it one step further than Restoration Hardware. Arhaus only uses sustainably sourced materials and never uses wood harvested from endangered forests. They also use recycled and reclaimed materials for their furniture as much as possible.

Is Restoration Hardware or Arhaus More Affordable?

Both of these companies have relatively higher price points than your average furniture store. However, when you compare the prices of similar products on Restoration Hardware and Arhaus, you’ll see that Arhaus consistently has lower starting and ending price points.

It appears that Arhaus is the more affordable option. They offer the same types of high-quality furniture as Restoration Hardware, but their prices are lower across all categories.

Which Furniture Store Has Better Customer Service?

Restoration Hardware and Arhaus both pride themselves on providing their customers with excellent support. You can find mostly positive reviews for both across various internet platforms, though there are a handful of negative reviews for both companies as well.

Most of the negative reviews for Restoration Hardware seem to revolve around their delivery process or unhelpful customer service representatives, while the negative reviews for Arhaus seems to be mainly about delayed delivery.

If customer service is one of the key factors in deciding where you should shop, then you should go through Arhaus. Reviews from customers show that their customer service reps are frequently helpful and able to solve any disputes.

The Verdict– Which is Better?

Restoration Hardware and Arhaus are two furniture retailers that focus on high-quality and high-priced furniture. Both companies have very similar options, but there are some key differences. Restoration Hardware doesn’t have as much variety in the style and color of their furniture as Arhaus does.

Arhaus is also a more environmentally friendly company and provides better customer service. If you’re looking for luxurious and high-quality furniture, then you’ll want to shop with Arhaus!