What Are the Best Leather Furniture Brands? (Top 10 Brands)

Investing in a piece of luxury leather furniture is one of the most rewarding purchases any homeowner could make. With that being said, going through the trouble of finding something you like, making sure it fits into your home and ensuring that it lasts as long as expected, can be quite stressful.

That’s not even including taking into account the quality of the brand itself, which is arguably the most vital aspect to consider when it comes to purchasing luxury furniture. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best leather furniture brands, and some noteworthy considerations you’re going to have to make before your purchase.

What Makes A Leather Furniture Brand Desirable?

Almost every single manufacturer feels like they make the best product, but realistically they fall into certain categories based on their competitors. A multitude of factors can come into play here; climate, usage, size/weight of user, children, application, location, etc.

All of which will play a vital role in determining the overall durability and lifespan of the product. Warranties and sometimes prices are not always indicative to the actual quality of the item, as a good chunk of manufacturers over warranty only to underdeliver on their services.

With leather furniture, it’s well-known that solid hardwoods for framing, springs of coil shape (like true eight-way hand tied seating), and heavy innerspring cushions, will improve overall longevity and comfortability. When judging the brand itself, consider things like; price/value of the product, previous customer service reviews, services offered, and overall warranty coverage.

Are there Different Types of Leather?

Absolutely! The different types of leather used for furniture begins with five types based on the layers of an original hide that remain when the leather is completely processed. We go into the quality and more details of leather types in our article “How to tell the quality of leather?“, check it out! But for now, we can quickly explain the types below.

They’re categorized as; full-grain, top grain, genuine, split-grain, and bonded leather. Full-grain leather is the most authentic type of furniture leather you can buy, as the only process applied to the original animal hide is hair removal, with no additional treatment needed. It naturally retains the look and texture of actual hide, which is also what makes it one of the more expensive furniture materials on the market.

Top grain gets a little more polishing than full-grain leather, as it goes through the buffing process, making it much softer than full grain, but with the same durability and longevity. Genuine leather will typically have several layers of low-quality leather bonded together with glue and then painted to look uniform. It typically doesn’t last as long or look as nice as higher-quality leather, which is why you’ll typically find it in belts, and shoes from the mall and lower-priced department stores.

Split grain is when the ‘top’ layer of leather is removed, and the remaining hide section is used. Unfortunately, while this is less expensive compared to other leather furniture, it’s also a lot harder to maintain and less comfortable in texture. Bonded leather is a good alternative for anyone who doesn’t feel like paying the luxury price of leather furniture, while still obtaining many of the same features that it provides.

It’s created from the scraps of other leather items, and rolled up using an adhesive material. The end product contains no more than 17% leather, without removing the classic leather look and smell. Beyond that, there’s also nubuck leather, bi-cast leather, and faux leather, all of which are also commonly used to manufacture leather furniture.

What to Avoid When Buying Leather?

Working with leather is much different than working with fabrics, and so it really does take a person with substantial knowledge of leather to produce a quality piece of furniture. With that being said, there are some things you’ll want to avoid when shopping for leather furniture.

Firstly, keep in mind that a leather sofa has to suit your individual lifestyle, but you also can’t cut yourself short just to keep the price down, or fit it into a certain space. Some manufacturers cut corners by using real leather only on the contact areas, and then lower grade materials such as bonded leather or vinyl for the outside arms and backside.

So, you’ll want to ensure that the furniture is made with real leather throughout, and be on the lookout for labels that say ‘leather faced’, ‘leather match’, or ‘faux leather’. It’s also important to not settle for a below-average warranty.

A quality furniture maker should have no hesitation in offering a generous warranty. Look for a lifetime warranty on the frame and cushions if possible, and remember that leather is a natural material, and will wear over time, but you should never see the color rub off or crack. Also, avoid a leather-vinyl combination at all costs. While the two materials might look good together, the leather will always outlast the vinyl.

Top 10 Leather Furniture Brands

1. Bradington Young

Bradington Young is hands down the best brand for leather furniture, regardless of the item you choose, you’re guaranteed to receive furniture that carries the utmost comfort and satisfaction. However, what many people are unaware of is that Bradington Young is actually a division of another brand on our list; Hooker Furniture. Which is one of the world’s largest and most respected furniture companies. With Bradington Young operating as a complete upholstery resource with a special dedication to leather.

They craft their furniture using the highest-quality leathers from around the world, making them extremely long-lasting, stylish, and remarkably easy-to-maintain. Each leather piece comes with high-end furniture frames that are made from engineered laminated hardwoods, and they typically come in a variety of colour combinations with over 250 leather selections available. Not only that, but they have a ridiculous number of leather recliners, and recliner chairs compared to other manufacturers. So, you should never run out of options.

Luxurious Leather Furniture | Bradington Young (bradington-young.com)

2. Leathercraft

Leathercraft is regarded as one of the leaders in the leather furniture department, offering up a massive product line, and a plethora of background knowledge. Since Leathercraft specializes solely on leather-made products, many of the employees and staff have profound knowledge of all different types of leather, and the manufacturing process that comes with it.

In fact, the majority of the staff and salespeople working with the manufacturer have been there for most of their life. With the goal being to produce upholstered furniture to the highest standards possible utilizing the best materials and employing true-tested manufacturing techniques. All of which has helped to establish Leathercraft as one of the best leather furniture brands on the market.

Leathercraft Furniture (leathercraft-furniture.com)

3. Hancock & Moore

Hancock & Moore is a renowned American furniture company that’s been around since 1981, and was acquired by Rock House Farm in 2015. Which is a premier operator of various high-quality furniture brands around the world. The North Carolina-based company prides itself on quality and is renowned for building some of the finest leather furniture today. They offer many levels of customization and employ a large number of people in the Virginia/North Carolina area.

So, not only will you have seemingly unlimited choices, but you should also have peace of mind knowing that you’re supporting a local business that employs over 400 Americans. Additionally, you may be surprised to learn that the stitching, nailing, burnishing, and even painting of most of the items manufactured at the plant, is entirely done by hand. Creating a very personalized, and well-crafted piece of leather furniture that’s built to last.

Home | Hancock and Moore (hancockandmoore.com)

4. Classic Leather

Classic Leather is renowned for being 100% American-made, and by hand. Each piece is built to your exact specifications, and they’re a company that specializes in leather furniture. In fact, they just so happen to be the oldest leather upholsterer in the United States, and is widely considered to be the most premium quality maker of leather furniture in the country. Classic Leather is unique in that they own and operate their own frame manufacturing shop, cushioning fabricator, leather marking, cutting, sewing operation, and upholstery processes.

Offering up more than 600 styles of furniture that can be matched with any of their 200 leathers and 250 fabrics. They even partnered with Harley Davidson in 2008 to begin developing a new collection of leather furniture that’s inspired by Harley Davidson’s design, shape, and custom options. Simply put, Classic Leather offers sophisticated, high-quality pieces to suit any taste and decor.

Classic Leather | Furniture made in America Since 1966 (classic-leather.com)

5. American Heritage Leather

American Heritage Leather is an American leather manufacturer that is 100% built in America, by American hands. Aligned with the Custom Private brand, American Heritage Leather adheres to time-tested production techniques, and high-quality materials. Including Appalachian hardwood frames (that are corner blocked, screwed, and glued), coin spring construction (with a true 8-way hand tied suspension with fully-padded frames), and spring feather/fiber cushion of Lux Down.

The fine detail and consideration that goes into each piece of furniture ensures that the item remains durable and stylish for years. With over 190 luxurious top and full top grain leathers available in nearly every colour imaginable, making a customized lifestyle decision has never been easier. Plus, since each piece is custom-built, American Heritage Leather can meet any level of specifications to help provide you with the best leather alternative.

American Heritage Leather – Home (americanheritageleather.com)

6. Homelegance


Homelegance is undoubtedly one of the best leather furniture manufacturers in the United States. With over 35 years of experience and successfully based in California, the team over at Homelegance carries an extensive collection of leather products. From dining, bedroom, and living room furniture, to bar, office, and much more.

The company has four pillars that they’ve built their business on; style, value, quality, and variety. Which they believe helps them acclimate to the ever-changing climate of furniture sales. Not only that, but Homelegance is meticulous with where they source their products from, and truly take the time to seek out the highest quality materials available. Without a doubt one of the best leather furniture brands on the market.

Homelegance (homelegance.com)

7. Hooker Furniture


Hooker Furniture may not be as mainstream as some of these other manufacturers, but it’s not for lack of quality, or craftsmanship by any means. Since 1924, Hooker Furniture has garnered a massive reputation for offering innovative, high-quality home furnishings for nearly a century. Hooker focuses on merging unbeatable quality construction with unique details, designing a myriad of finishes in almost every style imaginable.

Hooker Furniture also strives to be one of the safest home furnishing brands in the world, and takes extra precautions to ensure this. And as of 2015, all of their furniture is made with flame retardant free materials and does not use lead in its finishes. To put it simply, Hooker Furniture offers a wide array of styles, and designs that cater to every decor.

Hooker Upholstery | Hooker Furniture

8. Ashley Furniture

Ashley Furniture is another popular choice for homeowners in search of quality leather furniture, and is well-known for producing all sorts of authentic furniture items. The company was founded by Carlyle Weinberger back in 1945, but merged with Wanek group later on to help increase its production levels.

Since then, Ashley Furniture has grown to become one of the leading manufacturers for leather products, and has emerged as a household name when it comes to discount furniture. They’re specifically well-known for their moderately priced units, though this is generally due to the lower quality of materials used. Still, for those not looking to ‘break the bank’ on a leather sofa, Ashley Furniture may have just what you’re looking for.

Ashley Furniture HomeStore | Home Furniture & Decor

9. La-Z-Boy


La-Z-Boy is another exceptionally popular US manufacturer that focuses on indoor, outdoor, residential, and office furniture to help you complement your interior space. La-Z-Boy thrives as a company that builds high-quality furniture pieces that are not ‘luxuriously priced’, but not cheap either. Offering up a remarkable price/value ratio that other stores simply can’t beat. This on top of the thousands of locations featured around the world, and world-class customer service, is what makes La-Z-Boy one of the best furniture brands in the world.

What many people are unaware of is that this does not exclude their leather lineup. Much like their other furniture, La-Z-Boy’s leather pieces come with countless customization and upgrade options, and you won’t need to take out a mortgage just to buy one. A serious consideration for anyone in search of a reputable brand, at a reasonable price.

Home Furniture: Living Room & Bedroom Furniture | La-Z-Boy

10. Omnia Leather

Omnia Leather is a full-scale seating manufacturer that specializes in comfortable, high-quality sofas, sectionals, chairs, and theater seating. A family-run business with a keen eye for detail, Omnia Leather is not only American-made but also imports materials both locally and from around the world. With each piece handcrafted to create the most comfortable, long-lasting piece of furniture in your home.

Each one of their hardwood frames is built to last for generations, and they only source the highest-quality materials that you’d expect to find at one of the luxury manufacturers. Combine skilled craftsmanship, with quality materials, and you’ve got yourself one heck of a bargain.

Home – Omnia LeatherOmnia Leather

Final Thoughts

There’s no denying that leather is the strongest material used for upholstering furniture, masterfully crafting an exceptionally breathable, beautiful, and soft piece for your home. Unfortunately, trying to find the right type of leather and leather manufacturer can become a headache that nobody wants to deal with. However, so long as you stick to this useful guide in your endeavors, you should have no problem finding the optimal solution for your home

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