Is Resolve Carpet Cleaner Toxic? (All You Need to Know)

Resolve is a staple brand in many homes due to being a leading carpet stain remover. However, is it toxic?

Like many household cleaners, Resolve Carpet Cleaner is toxic if it gets into your mouth or eyes. It is best to wear gloves and protective glass when using it to clean your carpet.

If you or a loved one has swallowed, gotten into your eyes, or inhaled a significant amount of Resolve Carpet Cleaner, keep reading to discover your next steps.

Is Resolve Carpet Cleaner Toxic to Infants?

Resolve Carpet Cleaner contains Hydrogen Peroxide, a mild bleaching agent. It can be toxic to infants for a variety of reasons and should ideally be kept somewhere they cannot access like a high cabinet. Risks include chemical burns, poisoning, and even lung or vision issues.

The manufacturer advises that infants and small children are kept away from treated fabrics until they are completely dry due to their sensitive skin, and never come directly into contact with the product.

Is Resolve Carpet Cleaner Safe for Pets?

Is Resolve Carpet Cleaner Safe for Pets

When used properly, Resolve can be safe for pets. However, you should never allow your pet to ingest the solution and should keep them away from treated fabrics until they are dry. Risks of contact with the product include poisoning, vision damage, and chemical burns depending on the type of exposure.

What to Do if You Accidently Sprayed Resolve Carpet Cleaner in Your Mouth?

If you have accidentally ingested Resolve Carpet Cleaner, then you should call poison control immediately and follow their advice. This may include washing out your mouth, inducing vomiting, or visiting a hospital depending on how much you have ingested.

If blisters or burns appear in your mouth and throat, you begin to foam at the mouth, experience altered mental state, or if you develop a persistent cough, you should seek medical advice from a licensed healthcare professional.

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What to Do if You Accidently Sprayed Resolve Carpet Cleaner in Your Eyes?

If Resolve Carpet Cleaner has gotten into your eyes, your next course of action is to thoroughly flush them with water. This will be uncomfortable, but the chemicals in Resolve can damage your vision so you should do your best to be thorough.

If a burning sensation persists even after you have thoroughly rinsed your eyes, go to a doctor. If you later notice any changes to your vision, you should consider seeing an ophthalmologist and letting them know about your exposure.

Will Resolve Carpet Cleaner Exposure Damage Your Skin?

While Resolve Carpet Cleaner is generally safe for brief contact with the skin, those with very sensitive skin may experience pain from contact with the solution. Do your best to limit your direct contact to the solution, as prolonged contact can cause chemical burns. If you get the solution on your skin, rinse it off as soon as you can.

What to Do if my Dog Licked Resolve Carpet Cleaner?

If your pet has licked Resolve Carpet Cleaner, you may need to take them to an emergency vet. Quantity, size of the animal, and whether the cleaner was diluted matters in exposure. If you are unsure, call your vet or poison control for situation specific advice.

Regardless of the amount ingested, watch your pet closely for symptoms like coughing, burping, confusion, or foaming at the mouth. Any of these symptoms are reason to head to a veterinary hospital immediately. If possible, take the bottle of cleaner (or a picture of the ingredients on the back) with you so the vet has all the possible information to treat your pet.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, Resolve Carpet Cleaner is a highly effective and useful household cleaner. However, like most cleaners comes with associated risks. It is best to keep it away from children and animals. Never ingest it or get it in your eyes. If you do, seek medical advice and attempt to remove it. Additionally, while not an immediate danger, the fumes can damage your health over time. It is not advised to use the cleaner in a poorly ventilated area. Opening a window during use is a good idea.

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