How to Reset an Amana Washer (Full Troubleshooting Guide)

Whenever a major appliance suddenly stops working properly or altogether, it can cause the owner a great deal of stress. The fear of paying hundreds of dollars for a repair person to come take a look at your washing machine only to reset it is completely understandable. That is why it is so important to know how to do basic maintenance and troubleshooting on your washing machine!

This article is all about how to reset and troubleshoot an Amana washing machine so that you can take care of minor issues with your washing machine without paying a professional!

Is there a Reset Button on Amana Washing Machines?

There is no physical reset button on Amana washing machines. However, they can be reset by using a combination. Please read on to find out more about how to reset your Amana washing machine and diagnose basic issues!

How to Reset an Amana Washing Machine? (Step-by-Step)

1. Turn off your Amana washing machine at the control panel.

2. Wait one minute after turning the machine off.

3. Turn the washing machine back on.

4. Press the “power” or “start” button and hold it for 20 seconds.

If the Instructions Above do not Work, Try the Following

1. Unplug the washing machine from the power source.

2. Wait two minutes for the control panel to clear any glitches and pause commands

3. Plug it back into the power source after two minutes.

4. Within 30 seconds of plugging the washer back in, open and close the lid six times within 12 seconds of the 30 seconds, making sure you hear the click contact with the lid switch.

5. Run any cycle except the “final cycle” or the “spin cycle” to make sure it is operating properly

Unplug the washing machine from the power source

Amana Washer Troubleshooting

The following are several common issues and questions about Amana washing machines and how to deal with each problem. Here is where you can find troubleshooting information to help you solve minor and common issues with Amana washing machines.

Do Amana Washers Have a Diagnostic Mode?

Yes, Amana washing machines do have a diagnostic mode. Even better, it is fairly easy to initiate on your washing machine even if you have never turned on diagnostic mode before. Follow these next steps to turn on diagnostic mode on your Amana washing machine.

First, make sure that your washing machine is plugged into the power source, but not on. All of the lights on the machine and interface should be off. If there are lights on the panel, then turn the mode dial until it is on the “regular” or “normal” mode.

Next, turn the mode dial counter-clockwise one click, clockwise three clicks, counter-clockwise one click, and then clockwise one click. Now, the cycle lights should be lit up. These lights tell you that you have successfully put your Amana washing machine into diagnostic mode.

Move the mode dial one click clockwise which should light up the cycle complete light. Press the start button and your washing machine will begin to run diagnostic checks. Turn the mode dial one click clockwise and your Amana washing machine should provide a readout of the diagnostic code!

Amana Washer Stuck on Sensing Fill?

This is a fairly tricky problem, but with the right guidance, you can solve the problem. There are several possible causes for why your Amana washing machine is stuck on sensing fill.

First, the water inlet valve could be broken or not functioning. This is the most common situation. Check the water inlet valve to make sure that they are open completely so they can function.

Secondly, it could be that the inlet screens are clogged. Water inlet valves have small filters that are meant to stop any large things coming into the washer. If they do their job and catch particles, they may get clogged and need to be cleaned or replaced. Check the screens to see if they need to be tended to in any way.

Third, check to see if the shift actuator is stuck in its position. For this, you will get an error code when you enter diagnostic mode. If the code shows, then change the shift actuator.

Next, it could be that the water level switch is faulty or broken. To check and solve this problem, remove the water level control knob so you can access the switch. Take out the pressure hose, wiring harness, and the switch from the washing machine. Attach a multimeter to it and if it fails, then the switch is faulty and needs to get replaced!

Lastly, you could have the main control board that is malfunctioning. This is often the cause of all the other possibilities working correctly. If all other possible causes are clear, check the control board for physical damage. If the board seems damaged, you will need to call in a professional to help you replace it.

Amana Washer Stuck on Wash Cycle?

Amana Washer Stuck on Wash Cycle

Often, an Amana washing machine will get stuck on the wash cycle if the door is faulty. If the door is malfunctioning, then the washing machine will stop in the middle of the cycle. The door can malfunction mechanically and/or electrically, which means that you need to check the door lock for physical damage and to see if it is locked properly or not.

If there is no physical damage, the problem may be electrical. Try resetting the washing machine.

Amana Washer Fills but won’t Wash?

If the washing machine is filing but not turning or agitating a load of clothing inside, there may be an issue with the pressure switch. The pressure switch or the water level control switch allows water to fill in the washer to the designated level and stops the water when it reaches that level.

When the water stops filling, the switch sends a signal to the motor so that the washing machine will begin to agitate the clothing. To inspect this, turn off and disconnect the Amana washing machine from the power source.

Why is my Amana Washer Not Turning On?

Firstly, make sure that the washing machine is plugged into the power source completely. Amana washing machines should be plugged into three-prong outlets that are grounded, not extension cords or power strips.

If the machine is plugged into the proper power source, check the wiring. If the electrical wire is showing signs of damage, you may need to replace the plug and wire with a new one. Animals may have chewed through the rubber, people may have stepped on the wire too much, or it could just be old.

Lastly, check to see if the circuit breaker in your home has been tripped. If it has, then reset the circuit breaker and try to power on the washing machine again. If this does not work, there may be a more serious issue with the washing machine, such as with the control panel inside the machine.

How to Reset Amana Washer Lid Lock?

To reset the lid lock on an Amana washer, unplug the washing machine for several minutes so that the machine will reset and clear any codes or commands that were in process. Next, plug it back into the power source and press the “end of cycle” or “cycle signal” button and hold for twenty seconds.

This should reset the lid lock. If it does not work the first time, try again. If it still does not work, try doing a full reset of the whole washing machine.

How Do I Adjust the Water Level on My Amana Washer?

To adjust the water level in your Amana washer, turn the water level knob to the auto-sensing mode. You can also add the maximum amount of water to the wash cycles by turning the water level knob to the “deep water wash” setting!

Amana Washer Error Codes and What they Mean

Here is a section devoted to explaining the different error codes that you may see on an Amana washer and what each one of them means.

What is Amana Washer Error Code dET?

The error code means that the washer is unable to detect any detergent in the dispenser. To fix, check to make sure the dispenser is fully closed and that everything is in place.

What is Amana Washer Error Code LC?

This error code means that the control lock is on. You will need to deactivate the control lock to change the settings and controls.

What is Amana Washer Error Code 5d or Sd?

This error code means that there are too many suds in the washer. The washer cannot spin out the water because of the amount of soap suds in the tub.

What is Amana Washer Error Code F3 E1?

This error code means that the water level sensor is unable to detect the water level in the washer. This is usually a problem with the wiring to the sensor or the appliance control unit.

What is Amana Washer Error Code F9 E1?

This error code means that the drainage time is going to be longer than expected, usually over 8 minutes long. Just wait out the time and continue.

What is Amana Washer Error Code F5 E3?

This error code means that the Amana washer’s door is unable to lock. This means that the cycle cannot start and the tub cannot fill up with water.

What’s the Best Amana Washing Machine?

The Amana front load washer (model # NFW5800HW) is the best. It is simple, has an efficient quick wash cycle, and has a sleek design that is both modern and timeless. It is a great washer!

Final Thoughts – Are Amana Washers Worth it?

Amana washers are worth it. They are perfect for people who like a washing machine with a simpler design, a minimalist appearance that is simple and timeless, and an effective wash cycle. Plus, Amana washers are very easy to troubleshoot and fix by yourself so you can avoid calling a handyman whenever something goes wrong!

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