Hatch Rest vs Rest Plus | What’s the Better Sound Machine?

Sound machines have been a miracle worker for parents of young children and anyone who struggles with falling or staying asleep. The first sound machine designed for sleep was created in 1962, and several innovative sound machine brands have popped up since then. Hatch is one of the most popular sound machine manufacturers on the market, and their Rest and Rest Plus machines are incredibly popular.

Hatch Plus is the better sound machine. It comes with all the features of Hatch Rest, along with several additional features that make it more convenient and easy for parents to use.

So, if you’re looking to help your newborn or yourself get a restful and fulfilling night’s sleep, then you can’t go wrong with the Hatch Plus! We’re going to walk you through the details of each sound machine so you can see for yourself why blank is the better option.

History of Hatch

Hatch was founded by Ann Crady Weiss and her husband Dave Weiss. Ann’s experience as a first-time mother with a baby who struggled to sleep through the night and Dave’s struggle with insomnia set the couple on the path to developing resources that could help people sleep through the night.

The Hatch Rest (originally named Hatch Baby) was featured on an episode of Shark Tank in 2016, and this launched their product into mainstream media. The popularity of their product exploded and they’ve put out several other models, including the Hatch Plus, in the ensuing years.

What’s the Difference Between Hatch Rest and Rest Plus?

The original Hatch Rest shares several features with Rest Plus. However, Rest Plus comes with a few additional features that set it apart from the original model and make it a more appealing option for parents and caregivers.

These sound machines have been trusted by parents for years to help their little ones sleep through the night, although they’re perfectly suitable for people of any age to use! We’re going to list the features of each and the special features that are exclusive to Rest Plus.

Hatch Rest

Hatch Rest is the base model sound machine produced by Hatch. This model was designed to provide parents with the ability to help their children sleep through the night with a range of sounds and lights to choose from.

Hatch Rest Baby Sound Machine, Night Light | 2nd Gen | Sleep Trainer, Time-to-Rise Alarm Clock, White Noise Soother, Music & Stories for Nursery, Toddler & Kids Bedroom (Wi-Fi)

These are the features that come with Hatch Rest

  • 2-in-1 Device: This machine works as a nightlight and a sound machine.
  • Controlled With An App: You can connect your machine with Bluetooth to the Hatch Sleep app on your phone. This app allows you to change any of the settings (noises, lights, Time to Rise setting, etc.) through the app.
  • Lighting Options: There are 10 lighting options and downloadable colors available for this model.
  • Different Sounds: The original Hatch Rest comes with nine different white noise settings and three lullabies.
  • Time to Rise Setting: The Time to Rise setting allows parents and caregivers to set a time when Hatch Rest will change its color so the child knows it’s time to wake up.
  • Programs for Sleep: You can set different programs for naps and overnight sleep with Hatch Rest.

Hatch Plus

Hatch Plus comes with all the features of the original Hatch Rest machine, but it has several additional features that make it an alluring option for parents and caregivers. 

Hatch Rest+ 2nd Gen Portable Dream Machine with Charging Base, Baby, Toddler, Night Light, Sound Machine, Time-to-Rise Time-for-Bed, White Noise, Kids Alarm, Sleep Trainer, Wi-Fi Control via App

Here are the special features you’ll enjoy with Hatch Plus

  • Hands-Free Control: Hatch Plus is compatible with Alexa devices so you can control the machine from another room with just a few quick words.
  • 2-Way Audio Monitor: You can hear your child and talk to them through the Hatch Plus machine.
  • Alarm Clock: A built-in alarm clock allows parents and caregivers to help their children learn to wake up on their own at an appropriate time.
  • Cord-Free Use: The Hatch Plus model comes with rechargeable batteries that have an 8-hour lifespan. This makes it a great option for bringing along on road trips, camping, and other situations where you can’t leave it plugged in all night.

Comparison Questions (Hatch Rest vs Hatch Plus)

Is Hatch Rest or Hatch Plus More Affordable?

Affordability is a huge concern for new parents. You’re already shelling out money for tons of baby clothes, diapers, a bassinet and crib, and so much more. The Hatch Rest is about $20 less than Hatch Plus, so it’s technically the more affordable option.

However, by buying Hatch Plus, you’re saving yourself from having to buy an audio monitor. That alone makes up for the price difference and saves you a little room in your nursery. You’ll get the better deal with Hatch Plus! However, if you already have an audio monitor and aren’t interested in the other additional features of Hatch Plus, then Hatch Rest will work just as well.

Is Hatch Rest or Hatch Plus Better for Parents?

Both models are great for parents, and Hatch Rest was originally named Hatch Baby because it’s designed with infants in mind. However, if you’re a parent looking for a versatile machine, then you’ll want to go with the Rest Plus.

It has several additional features, like hands-free compatibility with Alexa devices and the audio monitor, that makes it a more appealing option for parents. If you already have an audio monitor and are just looking for a basic sound machine, then the Hatch Rest will work for your needs, but you’ll get more use out of the Hatch Plus.

Is Hatch Rest or Hatch Plus More Effective?

Effectiveness is a little subjective in this instance. The sounds and lights that work for one baby won’t work for all babies, so you’ll need to play around with the different options that come with either machine to see which is more effective for your child.

Both machines come with the same options as far as white noise and lullabies. However, Hatch Plus comes with an alarm clock and two-way audio monitor. So, if your concern for effectiveness is based on which gives you the most peace of mind as a parent, then Hatch Plus is the more effective option.

Related Questions

Should I Buy Hatch Rest?

Hatch Rest is a great product for parents and caregivers of babies and children of any age. If you have a newborn or infant who’s struggling with sleep regressions and leaps, then the Hatch Rest can provide them with comforting sounds and lights that will lull them to sleep. Infants will learn to associate these noises and lights with rest time, which will help them fall asleep faster and stay asleep for longer.

The original Hatch Rest is also an excellent sound machine for adults. White noise has been proven to be effective at helping people with insomnia fall asleep faster and prevent wake-ups throughout the night.

Should I Buy Hatch Plus?

Hatch Plus is a good buy for parents. If you’re looking for an all-in-one device that acts as a sound machine, night light, alarm clock, and audio monitor, then you’ll find that in the Hatch Plus. This will eliminate the amount of gear you need to buy and set up in your baby’s room, which can save you a lot of money and hassle. It also allows you to change the settings through your Alexa, which is great for busy parents who are trying to get things done after bedtime and need to adjust settings without using their phone.

Can You Play Music On Hatch Plus?

Despite its awesome additional features, you still can’t play music on Hatch Plus. Both Hatch models have a library of nine white noise and three lullaby options for parents to choose from. These sounds have been chosen specifically to help your baby fall asleep and stay asleep, and there’s no option for you to queue up music from your own personal playlist.

The Verdict– What’s the Better Sound Machine?

Hatch Rest and Hatch Plus are two versatile sound machines that also work as nightlights and have several other special features designed to help babies sleep through the night. They work well for toddlers, older children, and even adults as well! Hatch Plus comes with several additional features, including hands-free compatibility with Alexa, rechargeable batteries, an alarm clock, and a 2-way audio monitoring feature that make it a far superior device compared to the original Hatch model.