Why Does My Leather Sofa Scratch So Easily?

why does my leather sofa scratch up easily

Leather is a wonderful material for many furniture pieces, accessories, and homegoods. But it is prone to scratches, and may need consistent maintenance to keep it looking its best. You may be asking yourself, why does my leather sofa scratch so easily? Most leather scratches are only in the protective coating of the leather, which … Read more

9 Signs Your Air Ducts Need to be Cleaned

clean air ducts

The air quality inside your home is a valid source of concern. From ambient smell to serious health factors, a clean-running air ducted system is important for a happy home. Since the air ducts are an out-of-sight system, it’s easy to forget that they might need cleaning. It can be hard to know if it’s … Read more

Do You Need a Water Filter for Your Keurig?

do you need water filter for your keurig

It’s pretty common knowledge that great-tasting coffee requires clean, quality water. Most avid coffee drinkers make the extra effort to use filtered water for their daily brew even if their tap water is considered clean and safe to drink. Whether or not you pour pre-filtered water into your Keurig, you might be wondering about the … Read more

How Often Should I Clean my Keurig?

how often to clean keurig

For some coffee lovers, the benefits of a Keurig Coffee Maker are irresistible. It’s the ultimate timesaver, it accommodates all the different coffee flavor preferences cup-per-cup, and you don’t ever have to worry about having a half-pot of cold, undrunk coffee that ends up going down the drain. However, because the Keurig can brew only … Read more

How to Prevent Stainless Steel Appliances from Rusting

How to Prevent Stainless Steel Appliances from Rusting

Stainless steel appliances and finishings look great, modern, and are built to last a lifetime. However, this doesn’t stop rust from appearing on these everyday items, even though stainless steel usually has corrosion resistance built-in. The name “stainless” steel apparently doesn’t apply to rust! So how can we best prevent stainless steel appliances from rusting? … Read more

How to Safely Clean Electrical Outlets and Light Switches

clean outlets and light switches

Have you ever noticed how dirty your light switches and electrical sockets can get? Light switches and outlet covers are some of the dirtiest places in our homes, given that they are touched multiple times a day but often overlooked, much like doorknobs and appliance handles. But how can you safely clean your electrical outlets … Read more