Cascade Platinum vs Finish Quantum | What’s Better?

If you are shopping around for a reliable dishwasher detergent, you have no doubt seen Cascade Platinum as well as Finish Quantum. You may be curious how they are different, and certainly which option best suits you. So, what’s better: Cascade Platinum vs Finish Quantum?

Overall, based on many product reviews and tests, Cascade Platinum wins time and time again, both for its power, ease of use, and value. However, Finish offers many products that Cascade does not manufacture, making it a great contender.

But what products suit your lifestyle best, and what are some of the key differences between these detergents? Let’s take a look now.

What’s the Difference Between Cascade Platinum and Finish Quantum?

When shopping for a new dishwasher detergent, it is important to know how products differ in order to find the best option for you. So, what’s the difference between Cascade Platinum and Finish Quantum?

While they are both reliable and innovative products, there is one primary difference between the two. Cascade offers a wide variety of detergents, while Finish vouches for more preventative maintenance and water softening options.

Both make products that are manufactured exclusively for dishwashers. You will find a product that suits your style of dishwasher and commonly washed dishes. However, you may be searching for a product that also assists in your dishwasher’s overall functioning as well.

There are also different scents, styles, and strengths available depending on what brand you go with. Here are the available products, depending on what brand you prefer.

Cascade Products

  • ActionPacs (a capsule or pod form of detergent)- available in different strengths (Platinum, Complete, or Original) as well as two scents. These pacs also offer a dishwasher cleansing option
  • Detergents (both liquid and powder forms)- available primarily in gel or liquid form, and has a few scents, including a “free and clear” option without harmful chemicals
  • Additives (liquid or pod form)- these are specifically designed to assist your dishwasher in its daily functions and are not made to clean your dishes

Finish Products

  • Powerball Pacs (a capsule or pod form of detergent)- Finish offers a similar pod to Cascade, though it often has both a liquid and powder capsule element to it. They are available in varying strengths (Deep Clean, Max-in-One) and three scents
  • Detergents (both liquid and powder forms)- while the detergent pacs are most popular, you can still purchase Finish’s powerful detergent in liquid or powder form. It is also available in three scents
  • Additives (liquid, powder, or pod form)- Finish offers far more additives than Cascade does, making them a better manufacturer for dishwasher maintenance. They offer Rinse Aids (which better assist your existing detergent and dishwasher functions), Dishwasher Cleaners (perfect to run while your dishwasher is empty), and Detergent Boosters (made to improve your existing detergent)

Depending on what you are looking for, you may find your best choice in either Cascade or Finish. However, let’s take some time to address the actual performance of these products.

What Dishwasher Detergent Performs Better? 

When it comes to choosing a reliable product for your home, it’s all about performance. Value is one thing, but often paying a bit more will get you better results in the long run. The last thing you need is to buy an inferior product and waste extra electricity and hot water running your dishwasher over and over!

Let’s clear things up with a cost-per-pod comparison, as this may make the decision for you in terms of which product is best!

Let Us Look at the Cost Per Pod Comparison

Searching for the cost per pod of these top two dishwasher detergent brands? Look no further! Here’s how much a single pod currently costs, based on product and brand. Keep in mind that buying in bulk will drive your cost down.

Cascade Platinium Latest Price on Amazon – Click Here

Finish Quantum Latest Price on Amazon – Click Here

Prices in the charts below are subject to change daily and the numbers below have been gathered on the date this article has been published. They may or may not be related to current prices found on Amazon websites.

Cascade Pod Products Price
Cascade Platinum ActionPacs Common price is $16.97 for 62 pacs = Approx 27 cents each
Cascade Platinum Plus ActionPacs Common price is $13.11 for 30 pacs = Approx 44 cents each
Cascade Free and Clear ActionPacs Common price is $16.99 for 62 pacs = Approx 27 cents each
Cascade Original ActionPacs Common price is $16.94 for 105 pacs = Approx 16 cents each
Cascade Platinum + Oxi ActionPacs Common price is $18.93 for 62 pacs = Approx 30 cents each
Finish Pod Products Price
Finish Quantum Common price is $15.45 for 64 tabs= Approx 24 cents each
Finish Quantum Infinity Shine Common price is $18.99 for 70 tabs = Approx 27 cents each
Finish Powerball Common price is $12.14 for 94 tabs = Approx 13 cents each
Finish All in One Gelpacs Common price is $12.98 for 84 tabs = Approx 15 cents each
Finish Max in One Common price is $11.39 for 63 tab = Approx 18 cents each

Related Questions

Still have questions about which of these two efficient detergents is right for you? Let’s take a look at some other possible answers.

Cascade Platinum vs Cascade Platinum Plus

The primary difference between these two Cascade products is that the Platinum Plus option is 16 times more powerful than the Platinum option. It is capable of cleaning burnt or greasy and caked on messes without the need to pre-wash or rinse!

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Finish Quantum vs Finish Quantum Infinity Shine

The main difference between these two Finish products is that the Infinity Shine gives your dishes an added gleam. It is better for glass dishes, as it prioritizes shining over degreasing. Quantum on its own is perfect for the average load of dishes- Infinity Shine is better for glass.

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Are There Natural Dishwasher Detergent Alternatives?

There are indeed natural dishwasher detergent alternatives if you are hoping to avoid harsh chemicals and fragrances. Both Finish and Cascade offer “Free and Clear” options, which means that these products utilize essential oils and avoid anything too harsh in their chemical makeup.

However, they may not be entirely all-natural products. Some popular brands of natural dishwasher detergents are Seventh Generation, Ecover, and Puracy. All of these brands offer both liquid and pod natural detergent options and are worth trying, especially if you are unsure about the chemicals used in Cascade or Finish.

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Final Decision: Which Should You Buy?

At the end of the day, Cascade has been lauded for its performance, time and again. If you find yourself constantly struggling with caked or burnt grime on your dishes, Cascade has many reliable options for you.

However, if you are looking for something that shines your glassware and better maintains your dishwasher, you may want to go with a product from Finish. Finish also offers more affordable pod options too!

No matter what, any one of these products will offer you a superior clean, all in a convenient pod form! Doing the dishes is easier than ever with one of these reliable detergents.