10 Best Cleaners for Quartz Countertops in 2023

Quartz countertops are part of the house that you are probably cleaning daily whether you believe it or not. Unless you eat take-out and grab a to-go coffee every single day, you likely make a small little mess that requires some form of wiping.

Every single morning I wake up and make coffee in my Keurig coffee maker, but for some reason, I can’t figure out the pour. I either spill some down the side of my coffee mug or it leaks down the coffee pot right onto my quartz countertop. Either way, I am making a mess within the first hour of being awake.

Quartz countertops can handle a spill here and there, with just a paper towel and some warm water you can quickly clean up a small mess. However, after a few spills, a day of cooking, maybe even cutting some cheese up directly on the counter… which I do not recommend doing, it is highly recommended to use a real quartz countertop cleaner to bring back that shine to your kitchen.

That is why I have pieced together a list of the 10 best quartz countertop cleaners you should be using to protect and truly clean your quartz. Check out our list below!

Can’t I Just Use Dish Soap and Water on Quartz?

Yes! You can use a mild dish soap diluted with warm water on your quartz countertops. It is best to use a microfiber cloth, soft rag, or a piece of paper towel. Using any abrasive sponges or similar products can damage the glossy surface of your countertops. Just be careful!

Using this combination on a daily or weekly basis can really allow you to preserve the quality of your countertops. I often use dish soap and water for quick clean-ups and regular cleaning, but when it’s time for a deep clean and shine you need to take out the good stuff. Using a real stone countertop cleaner is what works best, that is why I have researched and even tested products to provide you a top 10 list below.

Real quartz and stone cleaners help you clean your countertops to that level of shine where you no longer see streaks in every last wipe. These products are designed to properly shine and clean without causing any deterioration over time. We consider the pH levels to ensure they aren’t eating the surface of your quartz protection! Let us get into it.

10 Best Cleaning Products for Quartz Countertops

1. Weiman Quartz Clean and Shine

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This specific product is unique because of its non-acidic and non-toxic ingredients. Your quartz countertops will glisten in the sunlight peaking through your kitchen window after cleaning with Weimans! The manufacturer has made this product pH-neutral – which means its formula is perfectly balanced and not too abrasive.

If you are looking for an ultimate shine – this is your go-to. One other unique feather is that this product provides a protective resin layer on your countertops that protects it from light and direct sunlight, giving its original color some long-term protection. That’s amazing right?!

2. Black Diamond Stoneworks Granite Plus 2 in 1 Cleaner & Sealer

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The Black Diamond 2 in 1 makes it a convenient product for its users. This specifically mentions granite-safe but is also great for cleaning quartz and marble countertops. Combining the cleaning and conditioner together saves you time, as well as giving you that shiny end result. Specifically, this product helps protect any types of spills, like oils or peanut butter slithered across the countertop by your toddler.

Now, that can be painlessly annoying. But worry not, because this product also claims to be hypoallergenic, giving it the safety and comfort of use around your kids. The 2 in 1 comes with a sealer, which helps in making your next messy spill MUCH easier to clean. Having a pH-neutral formula as well, rinsing is not required directly after cleaning your countertops with this product. It can be used directly onto surfaces.

3. HOPE’S Perfect Countertop Cleaner and Polish

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Who doesn’t love a 100% streak-free cleaning spray? This ones for ALL types! HOPE’s cleanser gives a sleek finished look to your countertops. But also, unlike others, “fragrance-free” for my fellow cleaners who don’t like to use scented products. It’s a multi-surface cleaner and can be used on other types of countertops, such as laminate granite and marble stone.

 4. Granite Gold Daily Cleaner Spray/ Refill Pack

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Another non-toxic ingredient-based formula! The Granite Gold offers a safe and toxic-free cleaner spray with a refill pack. You get a 64-ounce refill container along with the original daily cleaner spray bottle – now that’s a money-saving DEAL! So you don’t have to worry about buying another bottle. This granite cleaner is also safe to use on quartz, possibly even perfect since it contains a non-toxic formal.

However, there were some small issues experience by a few customers. Even though this quartz cleaner has amazing reviews, some thought that using this on black countertops was not ideal. Also, many reported the spray nozzle not working properly. The product itself is great and its safe, but there were some issues with the presentation of the bottle itself, as well as it not being suitable for every type of quartz countertop.

5. TriNova Granite Sealer & Protector

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Another sealer and protector perfect for more than just granite countertops. One of the best “shine-free” product available online. TriNova not only allows for a perfect clean, but also enhances the countertop shine as well. It can be used daily leaving surfaces residue-free. Because of its claim of being “ultra-resistant to staining”, it has become a best seller.

Other products can leave behind streaks, but this product wins in that category. It is easy to use and has a pleasant scent; a fresh, clean fragrance for your kitchen or bathroom! There’s a plus though – it’s citrus-scented for all my tangerine-lovers!

6. Supreme Surface Granite, Quartz & Marble Treatment

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A technology-driven cleaning product is something different to consider on the market today. This Supreme Surface treatment allows for refined surface cleaning on a whole different level. Some of the basic key things about this product, similar to many others on this list, is its protective formula, polish, and cleaning technology within the solutions. It’s also streak-free! Another unique fact about this cleaner is it uses a different type of solution technology – ioSeal’s wax-free elements – to counteract tough stains on countertops. Unheard of usually. The main downside to customers would be the price – but if it’s worth it to you, just go for it!

7. MORE Stone & Quartz Cleaner + Protector

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This product also tackles dirt, grime, and stains. The formula is pH-neutral, like the others, preventing harsh effects on your countertops. MORE stone cleaner is combined with a protector as well, bringing in the convenience factor for the ideal customer who is in a rush or doesn’t want to use multiple steps to clean their countertops. It’s very understandable -it’s a busy life. However, there was a user complaint on potential streaking with this product.

8. Rock Doctor Granite Cleaner

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Another amazing item that is streak-free AND non-abrasive to countertops and other stone-type items in your household. You are able to use on a variety of stone countertops, for example, Marble, Granite, Silestone, Corian, travertine, and quarts – safely. Let’s also mention it is priced very well!

One unique feature this cleaner offers compared to some of the other ones listed is that it can also be used on vanities, tabletops, and types of ceramics, like travertine and porcelain tile. If you have multiple stones in your home, the Rock Doctor cleaner might be an all-in-one for all your products.

9. Better Life Natural Granite and Stone Cleaner

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Bringing you a different type of cleaner from the rest! The Better Life Quartz cleaner is completely natural and does not utilize petroleum in the making of this product. It’s also abrasive-free, skin safe, and very versatile. Makes up for an easy clean, along with its natural and safe formula.

10. MiracleWipes for Granite and Stone

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We’ve been talking a lot about cleaning sprays and sealers, but this product deserves a shout-out. These wipes do the exact same thing a cleaner spray and a paper towel would achieve, but its simpler and doesn’t require the extra steps. It removes grime, spills, dirt, and even leftover residue from food.

Wipes are becoming more and more suitable for cleaning household items because of their accessibility and how tremendously well they clean. This one, in particular, has a marvelous canister, which gives it faster access for customers. Each wipe is an 8×8 size.

Can you clean quartz countertops with any other types of cleaners?

Lysol wipes

These types of wipes CAN be used for a quick and easy cleaning, like for small spills or instant clean-ups. Something to be aware of is to get ones that are bleach-free. Continuous use with products that have bleach ingredients can fade the color of your quartz countertop over time.


A simple glass cleaner can be used to clean small spills as well. For heavy, dried stains, you can spray directly onto the stain and allow for it to soak up the product for 5-10 minutes prior to wiping.

Vinegar and water

Vinegar is very acidic in pH and can be quite brusque for countertops such as quartz. Even diluting with water can result in lightening of countertops’ color and fading over time. Although, vinegar can be a powerful household product that can quite easily be used for cleansing certain things, but it’s not ideal to use to clean a quartz countertop. It can interact with the resin that is usually present on these types of countertop materials, slowly deteriorating it over time.

Baking soda

Ah, the return of the baking powder! This common food ingredient has so many benefits. Not only can we use it in food, but for many decades has been used in certain products due to its components for cleaning and whitening. This is an excellent natural ingredient that can be found in almost any household to use to lift some dried stains. Follow these easy steps to achieve this natural cleaner at home for your quartz countertop!

  • What you’ll need: baking soda, a small bowl, warm water, & a dry, soft cloth
  • The goal is to form a pasty-like consistency by mixing baking soda and water
  • Use a soft cloth to apply the paste directly onto any stains; rub until the stain lifts – you can also allow it to sit for a few minutes for most tougher stains
  • Use a wipe to wipe away the grime, easy peasy!

Granite cleaner

the best way to protect your quartz for a longer period of time is to use a granite or stone cleaner. Some of the ones listed in this article have proven to be safe and efficient in not only cleaning dirty countertops, but also enhancing and preserving its shine and longevity.

3 Tips For Preserving the Quality of Quartz Countertops

  1. Using paper towels can be kind of like a habit. For this type of countertop material, the best way to clean would be to use a soft, non-scratch cloth. Paper towels can leave lint behind, causing the natural shine of the quartz to look as if it’s dirty still.
  2. Liquid soap and some lukewarm water can really prevent any long-term damage happening to your countertops. The best way to clean a quartz countertop is by using the most natural products to keep the quality looking spectacular. Just warm up some water in a bowl and add some dish soap. Use a wet cloth to gently wipe away any staining happening. Easy and convenient!
  3. A quartz countertop can adhere to some other types of damage, especially in the kitchen. Protecting it from extreme heat is a must! Keep any hot plates or microwavable Tupperware off direct countertops.

What Type of Cleaners Should You Avoid Using on a Quartz Countertop?

Anything that contains alcohols or too acidic/basic pH’s are too abrasive long-term for quartz countertops. They lose their shine and overall longevity. Some of the ones listed below should be avoided:

  • DIY vinegar and water solution
  • Bleach
  • Nail polish remover
  • oven cleaners
  • dishwasher detergents
  • Any high acidic cleaner
  • Any high alkaline cleaners
  • Wax or Polish not for stone

Can You Fix a Burned or Stained Quartz Countertop?

Burns and stains on quartz countertops can be scary, countertops are expensive and play a huge role in your kitchen or bathrooms value. Yes, I said value. Having nice clean and in-top shape quartz countertops increases the value of your home. A burn mark or a bad stain could be a problem in value, but not so much function.

Can you fix a burn on quartz? Often a burn on quartz can’t be saved. Really it depends on the total damage the burn has done. If it isn’t too bad you may be able to use a bit of steel wool (or a scrub pad) with baking soda and water. Scrub the area and see if any burn removes. Next, use some white whitening toothpaste, wipe it on the area and let it sit for 30 minutes. Finally, wipe it away with a paper towel or rag and hope for the best. If this doesn’t work reach out to a fabricator to see if they can help fix the burn mark.

Most stains are removable with either stone cleaner products or mild dish soap and lukewarm water. Being gentle with an area that is burnt is the key. Consult a professional when dealing with bad burns – it’s the smart thing to do.