Cascade Platinum vs Complete | What’s the Difference?

Of all the dishwasher detergent pods, Cascade carries with it, the clout of its brand name. Sitting at the higher price-point of dishwasher detergents, you may be wondering what makes Cascade one of the top options. Aside from outperforming many dishwasher detergent brands, Cascade offers multiple options itself such as Cascade Platinum and Cascade Complete.

According to Cascade, Cascade Platinum is a top performer because it cleans your dishes well while also cleaning your dishwasher. Cascade Complete cleans dishes well, however you may still need to use specific dishwasher cleaning detergent and rinse aid for optimal overall cleaning.

Cascade offers multiple Platinum and Complete dishwasher detergent options and this guide will help you decide which is the best option for you. If you are interested, we also have an article about Cascade Platinum vs Finish Quantum you can read here.

Cascade Platinum

Are There Different Types of Cascade Platinum?

There are four different types of Cascade Platinum, all of which claim to clean burnt-on messes, working effectively without pre-rinsing your dishes. Here is how they differ:

1. Cascade Platinum ActionPacs  Cascade Platinum Dishwasher Pods, Actionpacs Dishwasher Detergent, Fresh Scent, 62 Count

Available in Fresh and Lemon scents and various quantities, these ActionPacs contain Dawn dishwashing detergent to effectively clean your dishes without needing a pre-rinse.

2. Cascade Platinum ActionPacs + Dishwasher Cleaner Action

Complete ActionPacs Dishwasher Detergent, Platinum (92 Pacs Platinum)

Available in a Fresh scent, this Cascade option contains Dawn dishwashing detergent to clean your dishes and is formulated with dishwasher cleaner to remove limescale buildup, grease, and odors.

3. Cascade Platinum ActionPacs + Oxi

Cascade Platinum Dishwasher Pods, Actionpacs + Oxi Dishwasher Detergent, Fresh, 62 Count

Also available in various quantities and a Fresh scent, these +Oxi ActionPacs offer the same powerful clean to your dishes. They are formulated with Oxi to fight tough stains like tea and coffee and remove residue that may not be visible to your eye.

4. Cascade Platinum Power Dry Rinse Aid  Cascade Power Dry Dishwasher Rinse Aid, 16 Fl Oz (2 Pack)

Available in four size options and one scent, the Power Dry Rinse Aid is designed to use sheeting action to help prevent rinse cycle water from clinging to your dishes. This aids your dishes in coming out of the dishwasher fully dried and free of any streaks or water spots.

Can You Buy Cascade Platinum Gel Detergent?

Cascade Platinum is not available as a gel option and is only an ActionPac format. Cascade gel detergents are available in the original, free and clear, complete, and complete + Oxi formulas.

What is the Purple Solution Inside a Cascade Platinum Pod?

Unlike Cascade Complete or the original Cascade formulas, you might notice that Cascade Platinum contains a purple solution inside of the ActionPac. The purple solution is the dishwasher cleaning formula that sets Cascade Platinum apart from the other Cascade options.

What is Cascade Platinum Plus?

Cascade Platinum Plus boasts many of the same features as the regular Platinum line, stating that no pre-rinsing is required and that it can lift away even burnt-on food stains. The Platinum Plus formula was created with power boosters that allow it to work optimally in either hard or soft water.

Unfortunately, at this time, Cascade Platinum Plus has been discontinued. Cascade recommends using the Platinum + Oxi ActionPacs for the most comparable and thorough clean.

Cascade Complete

The Four Types of Detergents in the Cascade Complete Line

1. Cascade Complete Gel

Available in multiple sizes and Citrus Breeze or Fresh scents, this Cascade pourable gel dishwasher detergent combines with the grease-fighting power of Dawn and claims to clean away 24-hour stuck-on food.

2. Cascade Complete Gel + Oxi Cascade Complete Detergent, Fresh, 125 Fluid Ounce

Also available in multiple sizes and the same Citrus Breeze and Fresh scents as the regular gel detergent, this Cascade gel formula also contains Oxi. The Oxi formula allows it to clean away tea and coffee stains along with any other difficult residues.

3. Cascade Complete Powder

Cascade Complete Powder All-in-1 Dishwasher Detergent - 75 oz - Fresh - 2 pk

This Cascade powder-format detergent comes in four sizes and a Fresh scent, also promising to remove tough stains like tea, coffee, and caked-on food residue.

4. Cascade Complete ActionPacs Cascade Complete Dishwasher-Pods, ActionPacs Dishwasher Detergent Tabs, Fresh Scent, 78 Count (Packaging May Vary)

Available in various quantities, the Cascade Complete ActionPacs come in a Fresh or Lemon scent. Formulated with Dawn dish detergent, the Complete ActionPacs promise to effectively clean dishes without pre-rinsing and in one wash cycle.

Cascade FAQs

Which Detergent is More Affordable?

Currently, prices of Cascade Platinum ActionPacs and Complete ActionPacs vary based on where they are purchased from. Typically Cascade Platinum is slightly more expensive than Cascade Complete. You will also find that the price is better per ActionPac if purchased in larger quantities.

For example, the 63 count Cascade Complete option is about 22.2 cents per ActionPac whereas, the 62 count Cascade Platinum option is about 27.4 cents per ActionPac.  Conversely, the 27 count pack of Cascade Complete is about 49.2 cents per ActionPac and the 21 count pack of Cascade Platinum is about 33 cents per ActionPac. Note that buying location differs the prices and prices are always changing.

While prices vary between pack quantities and where they are purchased, you will usually get the best value when purchasing larger packs of either the Platinum or Complete options.

What Does the +Oxi Mean on Cascade Products?

Both Cascade Platinum and Cascade Complete come with options that say +Oxi. If you see +Oxi while shopping for Cascade, it simply means that it was formulated with a tough stain-fighting detergent called Oxi to lift away difficult residues like coffee and tea stains.

What About Cascade Original?

Cascade Original is formulated with Dawn to clean away 24-hour stuck-on food messes however it does not contain the comprehensive stain fighters or dishwasher cleaning components that Cascade Complete and Platinum do respectively.

Cascade Original is available as both a pourable gel and ActionPacs that come in various quantities and Fresh or Lemon scents like the other Cascade lines. A significant perk of Cascade Original is its cost-efficiency.

For example, the 105 count value size pack of Cascade Complete costs approximately 16.1 cents per ActionPac and the 37 count pack costs about 18.8 cents per ActionPac. Again, there is better value in purchasing larger quantities of Cascade Original.

What Are Some Other Brands of Dishwasher Detergents Besides Cascade?

While Cascade dishwasher detergents are typically rated on the top lists for value and effectiveness at cleaning, there are a few competitors that are worth checking out that also offer similar benefits. Some competitor detergents offer eco-friendlier options than conventional pods that are also biodegradable.

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Which is The Best Cascade Dishwasher Detergent?

As is the case with many household cleaners and detergents, it depends on what you need it for. Cascade Complete might be best for someone with a relatively new dishwasher that runs with soft water and does not experience frequent residue buildup on their dishes or dishwasher.

Cascade Platinum is overall the best choice for removing tough, burnt-on stains and comes in varieties that keep residues off of your dishes while also cleaning and protecting your dishwasher against hard water buildup and odors. With the plethora of options that Cascade offers, determine the conditions you need it for and that should help you determine which is the best format and formula for you.