Can You Use The Pink Stuff Cleaner on Stainless Steel?

A highly popular all-purpose cleaner, The Pink Stuff can be used in a variety of applications and locations in your home. However, you may be wondering whether or not you can use The Pink Stuff cleaner on stainless steel.

So, can you use The Pink Stuff cleaner on stainless steel?

You can use The Pink Stuff cleaner on some forms of stainless steel, but the product does not recommend that you use it on highly polished stainless steel surfaces given its abrasive ingredients.

But what exactly will The Pink Stuff do to your stainless steel surface, and out of all of the varieties of The Pink Stuff cleaner, what ones are completely safe for use on stainless steel surfaces? Let’s tackle all of your questions in this article now.

Will The Pink Stuff Cleaner Damage a Stainless Steel Surface?

It is possible that The Pink Stuff cleaner will damage your stainless steel surface, but it is unlikely. The product recommends use for many different stainless steel types, but you should avoid using The Pink Stuff on highly polished stainless steel surfaces. This is because this particular cleaner is abrasive, and can easily scratch any highly polished surface, regardless of whether or not it is stainless steel.

Does the Grade Stainless Steel Matter?

No, the grade of stainless steel doesn’t necessarily matter when using The Pink Stuff on it. It is the finish or the overall shine that will be affected if you choose to use this particular cleaning agent on it. However, most grades of stainless steel can handle the use of this product regularly.

Are All Types of “The Pink Stuff” Cleaners Safe on Stainless Steel?

There are multiple types of The Pink Stuff cleaner, including a multi-purpose spray, a paste-based abrasive scrub, a lighter cream paste, a toilet bowl cleaner, and a bathroom spray. In terms of these options, the best cleaner for stainless steel is likely their cream product, also known as The Pink Stuff Miracle Cream cleaner.

The Pink Stuff Stardrops Miracle Cream Cleaner, 17.6 Fl Oz


This particular product is a more mild abrasive cream, making it ideal for solid surfaces that may be damaged from abrasive scrubbing. Given that your stainless steel finish is something that can be easily scratched, this may be the best choice for you. However, I still don’t recommend using it on highly polished stainless steel surfaces.

How to Clean Stainless Steel Using The Pink Stuff?

You can clean stainless steel using The Pink Stuff  by following these steps:

  • Scoop The Pink Stuff out of its container using a rag or cleaning sponge. Take care to ensure that your cleaning cloth isn’t scratchy or made of metal, as this can damage your stainless steel finish
  • Spread the cleaning product over your stainless steel surface until it is completely covered
  • Scrub the product into the stainless steel, taking care to remove any caked-on grease or debris
  • Wipe away the cleaning product using a damp rag or towel, and be sure not to leave any residue behind
  • You may wish to wipe down your stainless steel using another multipurpose cleaner or stainless steel polish, just to ensure no chemicals are left behind to cause more damage

While The Pink Stuff may be ideal for dealing with caked-on grime and dirt, you should take care when you are scrubbing your stainless steel surface with this abrasive cleaner. The last thing you want to do is remove any of its protective coating!

Where Can You Buy The Pink Stuff Cleaner?

You can find The Pink Stuff cleaner at a variety of stores and hardware stores, depending on your location. You can also buy the cleaner in all of its forms on Amazon by clicking here. You may want to test the variety of different products offered by this company, as each one is effective for different reasons.

The Verdict – Should I Use The Pink Stuff on Stainless Steel?

If you aren’t sure whether or not you should use The Pink Stuff on your high-quality stainless steel, it may be better for you to pursue another cleaning product. However, The Pink Stuff can be used on stainless steel that doesn’t have a high-quality or shiny finish, so your appliances and finishes may be just fine!

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