Can You Clean a Mirror with Soda?

On the quest to find household and kitchen items that double as effective cleaners, one surprising option is soda. Cola beverages have a low pH meaning their acidic nature behaves similarly to better-known cleaners like vinegar. While it eats away at any residue or staining on surfaces, the sugary syrup base makes its use less efficient.

Yes, you can clean mirrors with soda however it is not an efficient cleaning solution. To clean a mirror with soda, you should pour some onto a cloth, wipe the mirror, then follow it by wiping it again with a clean, damp cloth moistened with water. The last step is necessary to keep your mirror from being sticky and streaky.

While it is possible to clean a mirror with soda, the necessary steps of wiping the mirror again after with another dampened cloth make the cleaning task redundant. If you want to try cleaning your mirrors with soda, read on for directions and other natural cleaning alternatives.

Will Cleaning a Mirror with Soda Keep it from Fogging Up?

Cleaning your mirror with soda will not prevent your mirror from fogging up. If done incorrectly, soda residue will cause your mirror to be streaky and sticky which will be pronounced once the hot shower steam hits it. To prevent this from happening, you should wipe your mirror off with a clean, damp cloth after wiping it down with soda to remove any excess sugary residue.

Does Cleaning a Mirror with Soda Leave Streaks?

Cleaning a mirror with soda will leave streaks if it is not wiped off correctly. While the acidic pH of soda makes it effective at removing gunk and residue on mirrors and other glass surfaces, the sugar and syrups present in the soda will leave your mirror streaky and sticky.

a variety of soda cans

To prevent this from happening, you should immediately wipe your mirror with a clean, damp cloth (moistened with water) to remove the soda residue from your mirror, revealing a streak-free shine.

How to Clean a Mirror Using Soda?

1. Pour the Soda Onto a Clean Cloth.

You can either add soda to a spray bottle or pour it directly onto a clean cloth just enough to dampen it. The cloth should not be dripping or completely saturated with soda as this will result in a sticky mess.

2. Wipe the Mirror Thoroughly.

After you have dampened the cloth with soda, wipe it onto the mirror, paying attention to the corners and edges. Be careful not to get any soda onto the mirror’s surroundings (especially if it is framed).

3. Wipe the Mirror with a Damp, Clean Cloth.

Finish cleaning your mirror with a clean cloth that has been lightly dampened with water. This will remove the soda residue so that your mirror will not be sticky to touch.

4. If Needed, Wipe Your Mirror with a Clean, Dry Cloth.

Give your mirror one last wipe with a clean, dry cloth. This will ensure a streak-free shine and remove any leftover water or soda from the previous passes.

Is Cleaning a Mirror with Soda Dangerous?

Cleaning a mirror with soda is not dangerous because soda is made to ingest. You should be cautious about not allowing excess soda to drip into any crevices around the mirror or onto any surrounding surfaces as it will leave a sticky residue and attract fruit flies.

When cleaning with food items such as soda, it is important to store them separately from chemical cleaning products and ensure that everything is clearly labeled. If you have children in your household, store chemical cleaners well out of reach so that they do not confuse soda which can be ingested for other cleaners which cannot.

What are some Alternative Ways to Clean a Mirror?

If you do not wish to clean your mirror with soda, you can use conventional chemical spray mirror cleaners, plain water, rubbing alcohol, microfiber cloths, vinegar, lemon juice, or even used newspapers. The method by which you clean your mirror comes down to personal preference and what you have available to use in your household.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning your mirrors with soda is certainly one of the most creative cleaning methods. The acidic nature of soda allows it to eat through residue and grime on most surfaces, making it an effective cleaner. The sugars and syrups that are present in the soda do however need to be wiped off afterward to avoid being sticky to touch. If possible, opt for other mirror cleaners which will leave a streak-free finish without the sticky mess.

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