Can You Clean a Mirror with Bleach?

There are many household substances that you can clean a mirror with. Before restocking on specific mirror cleaners, you may be wondering if you can use other cleaners you have instead. Unfortunately, most common household cleaners, like bleach, are not intended to clean mirrors with, and doing so usually leaves residual streaks that will need to be wiped off anyway.

No, you cannot clean a mirror with bleach. It will not necessarily harm the mirror but bleach will leave residual streaks that will need to be wiped off with a clean, dry cloth making the application of bleach pointless to begin with. In some cases, bleach can cause a mirror or mirrored tiles to become hazy.

It is best to use cleaning products that are designed specifically for cleaning mirrors or other natural alternatives that will not leave streaks or potentially damage the mirror. If bleach is all you have on hand to clean your mirrors, read on for the steps on how best to do so.

Will Cleaning a Mirror with Bleach Keep It from Fogging Up?

Cleaning your mirror with bleach will not keep it from fogging up. Cleaning it with bleach alone will cause streaks that will actually be more apparent once the steam from your shower hits your mirror. To prevent this from happening, you should wipe down your mirror with a clean, dry cloth after using a bleach cleaner to remove any residue that will cause the streaks.

Does Cleaning a Mirror with Bleach Leave Streaks?

Cleaning a mirror with bleach or bleach-based cleaning products will leave streaks on your mirror. The best way to prevent the streaks is to wipe your mirror with a clean, dry cloth after you have used a bleach cleaner on it to remove any bleach residue.

In some cases, bleach will cause mirrored surfaces to become hazy or clouded. For this reason, it is best to use cleaners designed specifically for cleaning mirrors.

How to Clean a Mirror Using Bleach?

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Before cleaning your mirrors with bleach, ensure that you are using cloths that you do not care about as they will be discolored by the bleach. You should also be mindful of your clothes and any surrounding fabrics. If your mirror is placed on carpeting or other materials, move them to a surface that will not be impacted or discolored by bleach before cleaning them.

Always be sure to wear gloves and long sleeves when cleaning with bleach to avoid any from coming into contact with your skin. If you are cleaning a tall mirror or will be reaching up to clean it, it is best to wear eye protection so that the bleach has no chance of splashing into your eyes.

1. Pour Bleach Onto a Clean, Dry Cloth.

Pour just enough bleach onto a clean, dry cloth so that you can wipe the mirror thoroughly. Do not use so much bleach that the cloth is saturated and it is best to use a towel that you do not care about as bleach will discolor it.

2. Wipe the Mirror with Bleach.

Being mindful of the corners and edges, thoroughly wipe the bleach onto the surface of your mirror.

3. Wipe the Mirror Again with a Clean, Dry Cloth.

With a separate clean, dry cloth, wipe the surface of the mirror again to remove the bleach. This will ensure a streak-free shine.

Is Cleaning a Mirror with Bleach Dangerous?

Cleaning a mirror with bleach can be dangerous for a few reasons. It can cause the surface of your mirror to become clouded and hazy. Bleach will also discolor any fabrics if any is accidentally spilled or splashed onto them.

Of course, the biggest hazard with bleach is its corrosive quality. Bleach can cause serious damage to your skin and eyes. If bleach accidentally comes into contact with your skin, you should immediately rinse the area off under running water and monitor for skin irritation which may require medical attention.

If bleach splashes into your eye, you should immediately flush the impacted eye under running water and seek medical attention. Bleach is poisonous if ingested and should be stored in a locked cabinet doubly so if you have pets or children.

What are some Alternative Ways to Clean a Mirror?

Although cleaning your mirrors with bleach is less than ideal, you can use conventional chemical spray cleaners, plain water, rubbing alcohol, toothpaste, vinegar, lemon juice, or even used newspapers instead. These alternatives are safer both for you and your mirrors. Ultimately, however, the method by which you clean your mirror comes down to personal preference and what you have available to use in your household.

Final Thoughts

It is not impossible to clean your mirrors with bleach but it is also not the most ideal cleaning solution for them either. Following the steps outlined in this guide will enable you to safely clean your mirrors with bleach with a streak-free finish however it is better to use specific mirror cleaners or other natural alternatives that are safer and more effective.

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