What Happens If You Put Tide PODS in Dispenser?

Doing the laundry is one of the run-of-the-mill chores in every home. Thus, the technologies involved in simplifying it are never-ending. The PODS are innovative laundry products that may get you scratching your head if you are using them for the first time. Wondering what happens if you put Tide PODS in a dispenser? Our guide includes all the information you need to know.

A Tide Laundry POD may not fully dissolve if you put it in the detergent dispenser. It is meant to be placed directly in the back or bottom of the drum where the water can pour directly over it. Laundry pods will dissolve in all water temperatures, but they need enough water to disintegrate.

A POD is a term trademark by Tide referring to the single-dose detergent packs. Each pack is a concentrated formulation of laundry detergent, stain remover, and brightener. It is enclosed in a special type of film that breaks down upon contact with water, hot or cold. Thus, when handling this product, make sure that your hands are dry when picking it up from its container.

Are Laundry Dispensers Designed for Tide PODS?

In standard front-load and HE (high-efficiency) washing machines, you will notice slots for the detergent and fabric softener. But this automatic dispenser only works well with liquid or powdered detergent and not with laundry pods. Tide PODS are designed to simplify your laundry work without the dosing and measurement. It simply goes into the back or bottom of the drum before putting the laundry in the washer for an easy load-and-go routine.

Can You Damage Your Washing Machine if You Place Pods in the Dispenser?

There are complaints about Tide POD deposits that accumulate at the bottom of the drums and ruin the washer. So, what happens if you put Tide PODS in a dispenser? The build-up of undissolved Tide PODS will clog up the dispenser as well. Eventually, it will wear out the drawer and reduce its ability to dissolve the detergent after multiple washes. Undissolved detergent can damage the fibers of the fabric causing stains and streaks in them.

What to Do if you Placed a Tide POD in the Dispenser?

Whether it is accidental or just an incorrect laundry practice, you need to avoid it next time. Tide PODS that are not fully soaked may not end up in your laundry and fail to fulfill their purpose. Since it is pre-measured for a single load, less of the amount will end up in the water. It can result in streaked and smelly clothes that need re-washing.Tide PODS Laundry Detergent Soap PODS, High Efficiency (HE), Original Scent, 96 Count

How to Use Tide PODS Correctly in a Washing Machine?

Tide PODS is a breakthrough technology in laundry intended to minimize the process of doing the chore. To use it correctly, check the instructions on the packaging for the right placement or number of pods to use. Here’s a detailed tip:

1. Determine the load or size of your laundry.

2. Use the dosing guide on the package depending on the load size and soiling.

3. Remove the Tide PODS from the container with dry hands.

4. Place the Tide PODS at the back of the machine for front-load, or bottom for top-load washers.

5. Add in the laundry and select the appropriate wash cycle.

6. Tide PODS look a lot like candy and may interest little children. So, close the Tide POD container after every use and keep it away from their reach.

Do Front Loading Washing Machines Have Problems with Tide PODS?

Tide PODS are compatible with all standard and HE washing machines, including front-load washers, and has no problem with that. This innovative laundry detergent technology is convenient and easy to use. It is the ideal product to bring to your local laundromat. With its dissolvable packaging, it also means lesser packaging waste for the landfills. When using it with a front-load washer, put it directly at the back of the drum before adding the laundry. It will ensure proper dissolution and distribution of the formula for a thorough and precise cleaning.

Final Thoughts

Single-dose detergents like Tide PODS are innovative products that are already outselling powder detergents. It is a simple, convenient, and environment-friendly laundry solution to minimize the hassle of laundry works. On the downside, Tide PODS can be expensive and improper use can leave clothes in a bad state.

With this guide, we hope that we cleared any misconception or incorrect practice in using the product. Tide PODS are meant to simplify your work. So don’t bother about the dispensers and throw the PODS right before your laundry into the washer.

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