Scotchgard vs Guardsman | What’s a Better Fabric Protector?

Spray-on fabric protectors are an easy, first-line of defense when it comes to preserving the appearance and longevity of your clothes, carpets, and furniture. These products are specially formulated to coat fabrics with a fine mist that bonds to the individual fibers.

The beauty of these products is that they provide noticeable protection from spill-stains and moisture damage, all without sacrificing the soft, comfy texture of the fabric. A quick coating can turn a tipped-over glass of wine from a panicky rush to find a stain remover, to a calm clean-up without the fear of instant, permanent splotches.

Unfortunately, just because a coating of fabric protector will ease your mind about spillages, this doesn’t mean your fabric is now invincible. For a protector to provide 100% stain resistance, the product would have to render your fabric into a stiff, plasticky material. For this reason, even the best-quality fabric protectors require some level of caution, care, and an occasional re-application.

Nonetheless, the added protection goes a long way to maintaining the overall appearance and longevity of your fabrics.

Since fabric protectors are a proven product, there’s a plethora of brands and varieties to meet any need. The two most lauded fabric protector brands are Scotchgard and Guardsman. While some people can easily go either way, a lot of us like to know which product can protect our beloved clothes and furniture the best. So, below is a comparison of the two for anyone who’s on the fence about which to use.

What is Scotchgard?

Scotchgard is a name that’s as commonplace as Clorox and Styrofoam. This brand is produced by the 3M Company which is known for its endless line-up of effective and reliable household products. Scotchgard products cover all the bases: clothes, shoes, upholstery, carpeting, and so on. What makes Scotchgard great is that you can feel confident that you’re buying a product that satisfies your basic needs.

How well does Scotchgard work on furniture?

Scotchgard has a few options when it comes to furniture. These options are formulated for specific needs, such as all-white upholstery, color upholstery, and outdoor furniture. They’re all reliable products. Be sure to use the right variety for its intended purpose to prevent unwanted discoloration.

What Fabric Products does Scotchgard Sell?

What is Guardsman?

At first glance, Guardsman is no different from Scotchgard. It’s a reliable, time-tested brand. However, Guardsman is a furniture-focused company. They’ve been in the furniture repair and maintenance market for over since 1915. This means that Guardsman offers a lot more than a quick-and-easy spray that you can snatch off the shelf. Fabric protector is more of an addition to their variety of care and repair services.

The bottom line is, their fabric protector products are professional-grade, offering serious protection for high-end furniture, carpeting, and other interior fabrics.

How well does Guardsman work on furniture?

Because furniture is their specialty, it’s safe to say their product formulas have a higher efficiency than many other general fabric protector brands. So, while you might not want to spray your shoes with Guardsman, you can be certain this brand will do the trick with your furniture.

What Fabric Products does Guardsman Sell?

What’s the Verdict – Scotchgard or Guardsman?

Scotchgard is a tried-and-true brand. In fact, many people refer to all fabric protectors as simply “Scotchgard spray”. As a product that’s produced by the ubiquitous 3M Company, many shoppers prefer Scotchgard for its familiarity and reliability. If you’re looking for a brand of fabric protector that offers products for every type of fabric, Scotchgard will likely have what you need. It’s your versatile, reliable go-to brand.

Guardsman, on the other hand, is better if you’re looking for a niche brand that specializes in professional fabric care. They even have a Guardsman Protection Plan that’s a valuable investment for anyone who’s serious about keeping their furniture in perfect condition.

So when it comes to who’s the better fabric protector, the answer is dependent on your specific needs. For a quick-and-easy grab, go with Scotchgard. For a more specialized brand, Guardsman is the way to go.

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