10 Most Comfortable Bar Stools in 2023

To set the scene, picture yourself out having a drink with some friends and watching the game while you play a round of 8-ball pool. To fully enjoy yourself you need to be comfortable. You don’t want to be squirming on your seat trying to regain feeling in your legs and a bad bar stool will leave you distracted and sore.

If you’re setting up your home with a few social bar stools at a breakfast nook, stocking your bar or coffee shop with beautiful and comfortable furniture, or need bar stools for the outer edge of your open plan kitchen counters we’ve reviewed the best and most comfortable bar stools below with advice to help you in your search.

With such a variety of styles, colors and materials, you’re sure to at least find inspiration for the furniture you’d like to purchase.

What to Consider When Buying A Bar Stool?

Choosing the Right Height

Nobody wants to be dangling their feet off a stool because they’re too high off the ground or to be so low that they can’t reach the bar comfortably. An important factor to keep in mind is the height from the ground, and whether or not the bar stool can be adjusted. This is especially important for catering to a variety of customers versus home use, where you don’t know every customer’s height or preferences. You want anybody to arrive and be comfortable for the duration of their visit.

The Seat Itself

No 2 seats are the same in the selection we’ve chosen because no bar stool fits everyone’s needs and preferences. As well as having unique appearances for a variety of environments and aesthetics, these bar stools have been constructed with varying materials including solid low-maintenance plastic and cushioned fabrics. Whether you’d like a seat that is wooden, plastic, fabric, or imitates leather, we’ve included a variety of fantastic bar stools for your consideration.

Is it a Swivel Bar Stool?

Who here hasn’t enjoyed gently swaying from left to right on a swivel bar stool from time to time? If the environment is suitable for a swivel bar stool, they may appear less formal than the stationary options but there are many positives. As they’re easy to climb onto and can swivel freely on 1 spot these are fantastic for minimizing scratch marks on your floor as opposed to stools that would need to be dragged in and out.

Having a chair that allows for ease of movement is also perfect for individuals that get restless sitting still and there’s the social aspect of them too. Friends can comfortably turn to face each other without awkwardly turning their bodies for larger gatherings.

Does it Have Armrests and/or a Backrest?

Backrests don’t usually rise very high on a bar stool, and in fact, may not be necessary for providing a comfortable sitting position. The great thing about bar stools is that your legs are kept below you and the posture they promote is better for keeping your back straight than on a typical chair Follow this link to read more about the correlation between a good bar stool and better posture.

Having a backrest can provide aesthetic value though, and a level of comfort if constructed well. Personally, I feel more at ease with a backrest that covers my lower back on a bar stool.

Armrests aren’t as common on bar stools and can be comfortable depending on their construction but do be sure that the seat size isn’t sacrificed for an armrest if you need it for a variety of customers. You want all body shapes and sizes to be able to sit comfortably on your bar stools.

Does it Have a Footrest?

Having a footrest won’t always be necessary depending on your usage scenario. Often a bar will have a foot rail installed which can be comfortably used, however as I mentioned when considering the seat height, you don’t want your feet dangling uncomfortably in the air because your bar stool is too high off the ground. Consider the location for your bar stool and it may be necessary to have a footrest attached, to help cater to users of varying heights.

10 Most Comfortable Bar Stools

1. Leick Upholstered Back Counter Height Barstool (Best Value Option) Leick Upholstered Back Counter Height Barstool (Set of 2), Grey

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This stylish item comes in a set of 2 upholstered counter height bar stools. The frame is made with a tasteful, sturdy solid wood and you can choose between the Heather Gray cushions with a woven fabric aesthetic made from a linen blend or blackbean faux leather. These Leick Upholstered Back Counter Height Barstools will prove to be an elegant addition to any breakfast nook or professional setting.

The back supports are padded and comfortable for prolonged use and the frame provides a place to rest your feet at a good height. The faux leather covering is especially easy to clean spills off as the material can simply be wiped clean using a damp cloth.


  • Sold in sets of 2 at a lower price than many similar items
  • Professional looking color options, from warm and cozy Heather Gray to a rustic darker blackbean
  • Perfect counter height with all dimensions listed in the description and FAQs


  • Assembly required that less experienced customers have struggled with
  • Can’t be purchased individually if you require an odd number of bar stools

2. YOUNIKE Modern Plastic Ergonomic Seat Bar Stool (Best Small Seat Option) YOUNIKE Bar Stools Modern Plastic Barstools Adjustable Swivel Counter Height Bar stools with Footrest, Ergonomic Streamlined Kitchen stools for Bar, Kitchen and Home(Set of 2, Black)

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The YOUNIKE Modern Plastic Ergonomic Seat Bar Stool has a fast and easy set-up and an ample 300lbs weight limit. It’s adjustable from as low as 24.2 inches up to 32.5 and features a footrest, swivel, and combination of ABS plastic for the seat with a powerful metal structure. Sold in sets of 2 like the first item I reviewed, this bar stool is available in black with a plain black seat and a seat that has a brown wooden design. This is the kind of stool I’d like to have in my breakfast nook.

This bar stool is a fantastic option that doesn’t take up much space, supports your hips with an ergonomic seat, and your floors are protected from the tough metal base using a rubber ring that lines the edge of the bar stool.

The seat of this bar stool is shaped so that it doesn’t need a cushion which would be vulnerable to wear and tear and since the seat is just a smooth surface it’s a piece of cake to clean it using a cloth – perfect for use in a coffee shop or bar where spills may happen frequently.


  • Easy and quick to assemble
  • Compact size with convenient swivel functionality and footrest
  • Easy maintenance when dirtied
  • Superb customer service agents eager to resolve any and all issues


  • The seat width of 15” may not be large enough for every user

3. Armen Living Toby Faux Leather Swivel Barstool (Best with Arms) Armen Living Toby Faux Leather Swivel Barstool, Adjustable, Gray and Black

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This bar stool offers comfort and professional style at a very affordable price. The Toby faux leather barstool is a gorgeous piece of furniture with the best armrests of any other bar stool we could find. With a comfortable seating area of 20.5” X 21” and a clean faux leather seat, Armen Living has this bar stool in 3 stunning color options: a black base with a gray seat, a walnut base with a grey seat, and a walnut base with a black seat that really pops.

The footrest on this bar stool stands out as you can see with the rectangular shape, meaning that whichever direction you choose to face you can easily position your legs straight ahead. I don’t enjoy how on a curved footrest your legs feel like they must fall outwards to comfortably rest your feet.

I’d place one of these stools in my office to work at for the comfort and professional appeal it carries.


  • Large accommodating seat
  • Neat professional appearance
  • Comfortable footrest


  • Heavier in weight due to durable design


4. AKLAUS 26″ Bar Stools (Best Cushionless Option) AKLAUS 26" Bar Stools Set of 4,Counter Height Bar Stools with Larger Seat,Bar Stools with Back,Black Metal Bar Stools with Removable Back,Farmhouse Bar Stools,High Back Kitchen Bar Stools Chair

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Arriving in a set of 4 bar stools, these 26” stools by Aklaus are an excellent choice if you’re looking for bar stools without cushions. The frame is made from heavy-duty steel with rubber pads on the legs and the seats themselves are made of solid wood. For assembly you need but only add the backrests and seats to the frames, and all tools and materials are included in the packaging.

The backrest is made from steel as well which will ensure that you can comfortably and safely lean against it without fear it may collapse, and in fact these Aklaus bar stools have an incredible safe weight capacity of 330lbs.

Each bar stool has been coated with an anti-rust and anti-scratch paint to weather the elements, so these make fantastic outdoor furniture too and are ideal for a coffee shop or your kitchen counter. If you need a different height, they are available in 24” and 30” as well, and there’s a range of colors including white, black, and distressed gold.


  • The large variety of colors and heights
  • Solid frame and construction fitting of outside furniture
  • Reinforced x-brace supports under each seat
  • Footrests at a good height


  • Only available in a set of 4
  • No swivel functionality

5. JONAFORS Premium Adjustable Swivel Bar Stool JONAFORS Premium Adjustable Swivel Bar Stools,Kitchen Counter Bar Stools PU Leather Padded with Back, Set of 2, Khaki

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JONAFORS provides a plethora of colors and faux leather designs with this product. They’re made with a metal frame and the cushions are padded with foam and covered with PU leather for a comfortable seated experience. This bar stool features a backrest and footrest, and the seat is adjustable from 22.5” to a height of 33”, all with a weight limit of 250 lbs.

If you need an odd number of bar stools then you’re in luck as you can choose from sets of 2 or purchase these stools individually from the seller. The base on these bar stools is a sturdy 16.3 inches in diameter and sits atop a rubber ring to protect the flooring.

These stools provide warm colors to help build a professional environment and the sleek design makes them so very comfortable. Be advised though that they are only meant for adult use and won’t easily support a child climbing them, with a risk of them overturning.


  • Professional design and warm colors
  • Backrest and footrest included
  • Sold in sets of 2 or individually


  • Not child friendly
  • Lower weight tolerance than most bar stools reviewed

6. Brage Living Adjustable Bar Stools Brage Living Adjustable Bar Stools Set of 2, Modern PU Leather Swivel Barstools with Back, Armless Airlift Counter Height Bar Chairs for Kitchen Dining Pub Cafe (Black)

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For a room with a contemporary and modern design, a set of 2 or more Brage Living adjustable bar stools will be the perfect fit. Featuring a backrest and footrest like the above bar stool, this product is available in 7 different colors matched with a chrome frame or a black cushion with a black frame.

The backrest isn’t very high, but the great thing about any good bar stool is that if your weight is well supported your back will naturally straighten so the backrest isn’t all that important. The sides are open and the seat’s dimensions are 19” X 14” for a comfortable rest, and the PU leather is water-resistant and easy to clean. With the color options available this product is very versatile and could fit almost any room theme!


  • PU leather is easy to clean
  • These bar stools are well balanced and have 360 degrees of rotation


  • The PU leather can be torn if used recklessly
  • Backrests aren’t very supportive because of their height

7. Homall Walnut Bentwood Modern Barstool Homall Bar Stools Walnut Bentwood Adjustable Height Leather Modern Barstools with Back Vinyl Seat Extremely Comfy Bar Stool 1 Piece (Black)

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The bold wooden backing on these bar stools is so gorgeous. They stand out even more thanks to the deep rich colors Homall Barstool has chosen to cover the seats with, all 6 colors complement the wooden backrest well. If you have any exposed wooden furniture in the room such as wooden counters or cupboards then I’m sure you’ll resonate with this product.

The seats aren’t very large, around 16 and a half inches deep and wide, so make sure they’ll be right for you before purchasing. Since the wood extends to the sides, there isn’t any extra give – avoid buying a chair that would be an uncomfortable squeeze. However, if it is the right size for you and your family, you’ll love the comfy cushions!


  • A strongly supported backrest that curves around the bar stool for extra support
  • Armrests on the side are thin enough to not get in the way
  • Lovely leather-like look and feel


  • Small seat size is limiting

8. DUOMAY Swivel Bar Stools DUOMAY Swivel Bar Stools Set of 4, Modern Velvet Adjustable Counter Height Bar Stool with Back, Armless Kitchen Island Bar Chair, Ergonomic Barstools with Golden Base, White

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The elegant design is the defining feature of these beautifully sculpted bar stools. Their plush velvet cushions covering feels gentle and soft to the touch while the frame is made to sturdily support 275 lbs. The Nail-head trim makes even that darkest seat shine and stand out and a button-tufted backrest provides breathing room for your back for extended periods of time seated.

The extravagant appearance of these DUOMAY swivel bar stools makes them ideally suited for an elegant café scene or high-tea room in your home.


  • A useful and interesting looking pull ring at the back
  • Many options for color and stool type from swivel to standard wooden leg base
  • Footrests across the whole selection


  • Velvet material will easily soak up spills and be difficult to clean
  • Smaller seat than most at 15.4” X 15.4”


9. ALPHA HOME Swivel Bar Stool ALPHA HOME Swivel Bar Stool Adjustable Airlift Counter Height Bar Stool Kitchen Dining Cafe Hydraulic PU Leather Bar Chair with Padded Back and Chromed Metal Base, Grey.1PC

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Now, this is a stool that offers loads of style and comfort. The ALPHA HOME Swivel Bar Stool has PU leather that is easy to clean while looking fantastic and the buttons in the backrest add character to the bar stool. The seat depth is 18.1 inches and it’s 18.89 inches wide which offers plenty of space for most users plus the seat material is soft and comfortable without being slippery so you can use the backrest without worrying about sliding off.

The armrests are also lovely on this bar stool as they’re also padded for extra comfort, while at the same time the backrest reaching around to the armrests ensures that the backrest doesn’t lose strength over time.


  • Water-resistant and breathable material covers the chair
  • A large chair area means most users will fit this one comfortably
  • 350lbs weight limit


  • A larger seat area also means a larger overall area is needed for the bar stool

10. Angel Line Cambridge Padded Saddle Stool with Cushion Angel Line Cambridge Padded Saddle Stool with Cushion, 24", Espresso/Black, Set of 2

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If you’ve gotten this far and still haven’t found the bar stool for you, then perhaps a simple hardy design approach would suit your needs best?

With a strong wooden frame and simple design, there are no parts on this chair that could be too finicky or difficult to assemble. And with a sturdy wide base for the legs, you’ll have no fears of leaning too far and toppling over!

The Angel Line Cambridge Padded Saddle Stool has a faux leather covering for the cushion with a nail-head trim to give it a clean and rugged appearance and it comes in a few colored choices for your consideration.


  • No fuss from levers or swivel issues
  • Easy upkeep and cleaning
  • Available in 24” seat height and 29” seat height


  • Doesn’t have adjustable height

Related Bar Stool Questions

Are Bar Stools Bad for Your Back and Posture?

No, bar stools have been found to offer better support for your back than other chairs by improving your posture. When sitting on a bar stool your legs are kept below you and this helps to keep your back upright. Conversely, if you sit on a couch or desk chair and have your legs in front of you and your back pressed back to the backrest it’s easier to slouch and cause damage to your back and spine over time.

What Does an Ergonomic Bar Stool Mean?

The word ‘Ergonomic’ when describing a product relates to efficiency and comfort. In the context of an ergonomic bar stool, this refers to the design being one that supports your body effectively and gives you the most comfort possible. Using purposefully designed seat shapes, backrests, armrests, and footrests with carefully chosen materials, ergonomic bar stools aim to give comfort and support for extended periods of time and to a wide variety of users.

Final Thoughts

There is truly a plethora of bar stool types available to fit every possible need. In reading through this list of the top 10 bar stools you can find, I hope that the right one for you caught your eye and that my advice helped you on your journey. Any piece of furniture is a long-term investment for your future comfort and ease of mind so I thank you for reading through each item carefully and with great consideration.

Whatever you decide to purchase, please do leave a review for future buyers so that we may help each other make informed decisions in our future endeavors.

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