Is Heinz Cleaning Vinegar Edible?

More and more people are using natural cleaners that aren’t full of toxic chemicals. Heinz Cleaning Vinegar is one of the popular options on the market. I found cleaning my sink and removing deposits from my kettle became easier with it. It is also very good at getting rid of some rather unpleasant scents.

But is Heinz Cleaning Vinegar edible just because it’s natural? Or do you have to keep a bottle of cooking vinegar and also a separate cleaning vinegar?

Heinz Cleaning Vinegar is edible and can safely be used for cooking, pickling, or creating tasty salad dressings. The container even says “Strength for cleaning. Exceptional flavor for cooking.”, so there is no need to worry if you have consumed it.

This, however, does not mean that all cleaning vinegars are safe to eat. This article will give you more information on why Heinz Cleaning Vinegar is edible. I will also explain why it is different from other cleaning vinegars that you should never consume.

Is Heinz Cleaning Vinegar Safe to Consume?

Heinz Cleaning Vinegar has an acidity of 6%, which is slightly higher than most regular kinds of vinegar, which have an acidity of 5%. But it is still perfectly safe to consume.

In comparison: Balsamic Vinegar is also stronger than ordinary vinegar, with an acidity of 6-7%. And nobody would say Balsamic Vinegar is unsafe when used properly.

Is Heinz Cleaning Vinegar the Same as Multi-Purpose Vinegar? 

It might be confusing to see the same product referred to by a different name. These days, you are more likely to see the product “Heinz Multi-Purpose Vinegar” instead of the old “Heinz Cleaning Vinegar”.

It is the same product, and I am sure Heinz simply changed the name to show that consumers can use this vinegar for more than just cleaning. When you look at the new bottle, the words on it make it even clearer:

“Strength for cleaning. Exceptional flavor for cooking.”

What are the Ingredients in Heinz Cleaning Vinegar?

Heinz Cleaning Vinegar is a very pure product without any added chemicals. The vinegar is made with sun-ripened grains, which are diluted with water to achieve an acidity of 6%.

What Makes Heinz Cleaning Vinegar Different from Their Regular White Vinegar?

While Heinz regular white vinegar is perfect for cooking, marinating, and pickling, it has an acidity of 5%, which means it is not strong enough for proper cleaning.

People can use 5% vinegar for cleaning. However, it will not be strong enough to kill certain bacteria, e.g. it does not affect salmonella.

Are All Cleaning Vinegars Safe to Consume?

While Heinz Cleaning Vinegar is perfectly safe for cooking, the same cannot be said for other cleaning vinegars. Let’s have a look at some of them:

Calyptus 45% Pure Super Concentrated Vinegar Calyptus 45% Pure Super Concentrated Vinegar | Dilutes to 9 Gallons | 9x Power Vinegar | Industrial Use, 1 Gallon

This cleaning vinegar is only meant to be used for cleaning. With an acidity of 45%, you don’t want to get this vinegar on your skin or inside your body.

Harris Cleaning Vinegar Harris Cleaning Vinegar, Eucalyptus, 128oz, All Purpose Household Surface Cleaner

With only 5% acidity, you may think this cleaning vinegar is edible. But beware: the Harris Cleaning Vinegar range comes with more than just vinegar in the bottle. It has essential oils added, e.g. eucalyptus, lavender, or lemon. It also has the surfactant Decyl Glucoside added. While this is on the mild side of surfactants, you do not want to consume it.

Mrs Meyer’s Clean Day Vinegar Mrs Meyers Clean Day Vinegar Gel Cleaner, Lemon Verbena, 12 oz, pack of 3

This is a good cleaner with a pleasant scent. There are multiple reasons not to use it for cooking or consume it any other way. One of them is that the vinegar is only one part of the product, which is a gel.

Wendy’s All Purpose Cleaning Vinegar Wendy's All Purpose 30% Vinegar Extra Strength - Concentrated Industrial Vinegar for Home and Garden Deep Cleaning (1 Gallon Refill)

With 30% acidity, this is something you do not want to consume. The strong acid would burn your mouth, damage your teeth, and cause severe damage to your stomach.

Natural Elements Home and Garden Vinegar Natural Elements 30% Vinegar | (4) 1 Gallon Pack | Home and Garden Vinegar

While the name might indicate that this vinegar is suitable for all sorts of uses at home, you do not want to consume it. The acidity of this cleaning vinegar is 30%, which is strong enough to unclog faucets and shower heads. Can you imagine what it would do to your insides?

There are many other brands of cleaning vinegar on the market, but please do not assume that all of them are safe for cooking. Always read labels carefully and have a look at the ingredients. If a cleaning vinegar is stronger than 6% or has other ingredients, you should only use it for cleaning.

Where Can I Purchase Heinz Cleaning Vinegar? Heinz Cleaning Vinegar (1 gal Jug)

Now known/labelled as Heinz Multi-Purpose Vinegar, you can buy it on amazon or search locally in grocery stores or large retail centers.

The Heinz Website has a map tool that will show brick-and-mortar stores that stock the product, but the easiest way is to shop online and get the bottle delivered straight to your door.

Heinz Cleaning Vinegar FAQs

Is Heinz Cleaning Vinegar Distilled?

Yes, Heinz Cleaning Vinegar is made by distilling grain-based alcohol. This gives the vinegar its white color and a more neutral flavor than other vinegars.

Can You Use Heinz Cleaning Vinegar for Pickling?

Like other white vinegars, Heinz Cleaning Vinegar is perfect for pickling various foods to preserve them. Remember that you need more than just vinegar to pickle food. In addition to vinegar, you usually need water, salt, and some sugar for basic pickle recipes.

Can Heinz Cleaning Vinegar Hurt My Stomach?

If you drink it pure and undiluted in large quantities, Heinz Cleaning Vinegar can cause issues with your stomach – just like any other vinegar. You simply should not drink pure vinegar (even apple cider vinegar is not for drinking in large quantities!).

Consuming too much vinegar can hurt not only your stomach but also your teeth and your throat!

 However, if you use Heinz Cleaning Vinegar for cooking, you will be perfectly fine.

Final Thoughts

Heinz Cleaning Vinegar is a great helper for various cleaning jobs at home. As mentioned before, I use it to clean my kettle and to keep my kitchen sink nice and shiny.

I live in a relatively small space, so having just one bottle for various purposes (cleaning and cooking) is a real space saver.

After comparing and trying different natural cleaning products, I found that Heinz cleaning vinegar is one of my favorites. It’s hassle-free to use and contains only vinegar and no artificial scents.

In addition to cleaning, I use it just like any other cooking vinegar and have never encountered any problems.