Is Dawn Dish Soap Antibacterial?

So, what’s really inside one of the most popular dish soaps in North America? I’ve often wondered, is Dawn dish soap antibacterial?
Dawn dish soap contains ingredients with antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, which makes some products suitable as both dish and hand soap.

Does Dawn Make an Antibacterial Soap?

Yes. There are lots of different soaps to choose from if you’re a loyal Dawn customer. Dawn has several product lines and labels for those who love having plenty of products to choose from.

Some of Dawn’s products are advertised as being antibacterial. That means that, in their fight against grease and food stains, they can also double as hand soaps and keep your hands clean and disinfected.

Dawn Dish Soap Pack of 4 Dawn Dish Soap, Antibacterial Hand Soap, Dishwashing Liquid, Apple Blossom Scent,19.4 oz, Pack of 4 + 2 Sponges

For a really good price, you can get a pack with 4 bottles of Dawn antibacterial soap with a very pleasant green apple scent. You will also receive 2 new dish sponges. The soap is designed to help you clean dishes with 50 percent less scrubbing required.

Dawn Ultra Antibacterial Soap – Apple Dawn Ultra Antibacterial Apple blossom Dishwashing liquid Hand Soap 90 FL OZ

Did you know that Dawn also makes dish soaps that can be used to clean your hands? Such is the case of this product right here, offering the same apple blossom scent as before, but with more benefits for the user. While you’re cleaning the dishes, you can also disinfect your hands, which means you can kill two birds with one stone (horrible saying, by the way, but you get my point).

Dawn Ultra Antibacterial Orange Scent Dishwashing Liquid 2 Pk. Dawn Ultra Antibacterial Orange Scent Dishwashing Liquid 7oz. (14 Fl. Oz Total)

Another great product in Dawn’s Antibacterial line is a dish soap that smells like fresh oranges. With this purchase, you will get a pack of two Dawn bottles that serve for cleaning the dishes and your hands at the same time. It’s a great buy for people who love the citrus fragrance.

Dawn Ultra Antibacterial Soap – Orange Dawn Ultra Antibacterial Hand Soap, Dishwashing Liquid Dish Soap Orange 19.4 oz (Packaging may vary)

Don’t want to buy multiple bottles of Dawn Ultra? You can always choose to buy just one to test it out. This is a single bottle of Dawn Ultra Antibacterial soap that also works for sanitizing your hands. It comes with an orange scent and promises twice as much power in helping you get rid of nasty grease and food stains.

Dawn Antibacterial Dish Soap Ingredients

Dawn is a company that’s committed to transparency when it comes to product formulas. Every ingredient in Dawn products has a very specific role that’s designed to target grease and germs, while also having a minimal impact on the environment.

If you visit their website, you will find a full list with each ingredient that’s used across Dawn products, as well as explanations on why that ingredient is needed in the formula.

Dawn’s product formula doesn’t contain any phthalates, phosphates, or triclosan.

Some of the ingredients you can expect to find in Dawn’s products include:

  • Water – acts as a solvent and holds the ingredients together.
  • Sodium Lauryl – surfactant that acts as a cleaning agent.
  • Alcohol Denat – also a solvent that stabilizes the formula.
  • Sodium Chlorite – a viscosity adjuster that thickens the liquid.
  • Glycerin – formula stabilizer.
  • Tetrasodium Glutamate – a water softener that boosts soil removal.

Does Dawn Dish Soap Disinfect Hands?

Yes. Several ingredients in Dawn’s dish soap can help disinfect hands while also cleaning the dishes. One of these ingredients is chloroxylenol – an antibacterial agent that makes Dawn suitable as a hand soap.

Is Dawn Platinum Antibacterial?

Dawn Platinum Dishwashing Liquid Dish Soap, Refreshing Rain Scent, 54.9 fl oz (Pack of 2)

Dawn Platinum is one of Dawn’s dish soap product lines. It is not labeled as antibacterial. However, according to Joy Phillips, Ph.D., research assistant and professor of immunology at San Diego State University, any soap can be effective in the fight against bacteria.

Is Dawn Ultra Antibacterial?

The Dawn Ultra product line has products that are labeled as being antibacterial. That means they can disinfect your hands while also cleaning the dishes effectively.

Is Dawn Powerwash Antibacterial?

Dawn Powerwash Spray Starter Kit, Platinum Dish Soap, Fresh Scent, 1 Starter Kit + 1 Dawn Powerwash Refill, 16 fl oz each

Dawn Powerwash is very effective at getting rid of grease and food stains from your dishes. It is not, however, listed as an antibacterial product.

Is Dawn Free & Clear Antibacterial?

Much like the other products listed above, Dawn Free & Clear does not possess a specific antibacterial label. that doesn’t mean it can’t get rid of grease and germs from both your dishes and your hands.

What’s the Difference Between Dawn Antibacterial Soaps and Dawn Regular Soaps?

Regular Dawn soaps are just as effective as your average hand soaps. That means it doesn’t have any added ingredients that are specifically labeled for antibacterial purposes. So, if you’re thinking about the Dawn original soap, then you should know it’s not antibacterial.

Final Thoughts

Dawn is a very well-known dish soap brand found in households all across the US. Some of its product lines are focused on delivering the promise of an antibacterial experience that cleans dishes and hands alike. Even if their other products don’t contain ingredients listed as antibacterial, that doesn’t mean they are not effective in killing germs and viruses.

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